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People are posting this video and saying that the information shared here by Dr Rashid Buttar is the reason why he was “murdered” shortly afterward, nearly two weeks ago.

While the circumstances of Dr Buttar’s death are a bit suspicious, with his family having announced that he’d been “in perfect health” at the time, we don’t know that he was murdered. His official cause of death was heart attack.

But when we recall that Dr Buttar had been an activist physician discussing the link between autism and vaccines for over 20 years and when we recall that by 2017, 80 of Dr Buttar’s peers in that same world had died mysteriously over the course of a two-year period, then his death may appear to fall into that pattern.

His friend, Dr Bryan Ardis said that Dr Buttar had told everybody for the past three months how well he had been feeling, having finally recovered from a major poisoning event this past February.

In this video, Dr Buttar talks about a coming “second wave” of the scamdemic that he says will be triggered by signals transmitted via 5G.

Human nerve and muscle cells are highly electrical by means of calcium ions and Dr Buttar says that the millimeter waves transmitted by 5G cause disruption in our cells’ voltage-gated calcium channels, causing a permeability to many different pathogens, especially enveloped viruses, like coronaviruses.

Dr Buttar, who was a retired Major in the US Army who served in the 5th Special Forces group and in the 101st Airborne Division said he had confirmation from two different sources that the vaxxines contain a payload of “Some type of pathogen that will be activated by a sequence of 5G bursts and these will be of the 16 to 18 GHz frequency and it will be essentially three bursts that will be sequential and last about a minute and those bursts will actually create a signal that will release this payload that is within the hydrogel component of the vaxxines.”

He said he’d heard there were three pathogens and he didn’t know what they all were but one was the Marburg virus, which is a hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola with an 88% mortality rate. He said that once these three 18 GHz bursts are broadcasted:

“When that happens, then everyone that’s had the vaxxine and these boosters will have this Marburg virus released…When it’s inside your body, already-introduced and released, it’s probably going to be 100% mortality rate, meaning that everybody that has it, it’s going to be triggered and it’s going to be released.

“And when that happens, yes, obviously, these people are going to die. So, we’re talking, not hundreds of thousands, we’re talking millions and millions of people worldwide; they’re going to have this effect.”

The mass death from the Marburg epidemic, in turn will be the false flag to activate the World Health Organization and the CDC to impose martial law and to kick the New World Order into the next level, by scaring and forcing more people to get vaxxinated.

Dr Buttar said millions of people would be dying due to the 16 GHz-activated Death Shot and their deaths would be used to justify forcing more people to get the Death Shot.

We can see the WHO relentlessly moving to usurp the sovereignty of all the world’s governments with the latest amendments to the International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Treaty and their constant references to “the next pandemic”. The scenario Dr Buttar describes would be perfect for the WHO achieve its desired goal.

He believed that those who are unvaxxed, with intact immune systems should be safe from this 5G event, as long as they can resist being force-vaxxed.

As for what could be done to help those who had already taken the vaxx, Dr Buttar alluded to recent research he’d been doing, looking into older medical journals. He said he didn’t want to discuss potential treatments in this video, he wanted to save it for his Advanced Medicine Conference in St Louis the following weekend, when there would be a few thousand people in the room, as well as a few thousand people listening to the livestream.

Dr Buttar said, “I will tell you that it’s going to be highly controversial and I will tell you that it’s not going to be a treatment that you have to worry about where you can get it, because it’s readily accessible.”

I think I have some idea about where Dr Buttar was going, based on an interview I saw with his friend, Dr Bryan Ardis with Kristi Leigh. Dr Ardis didn’t totally come out and say it but he did mention that before the St Louis event was cancelled, the title of his presentation this past weekend was going to be “Nicotine: Addictive Toxin or Miracle Healer?”

Dr Ardis referred to NIH studies conducted during the pandemic, in which patients were injected with venom that caused three irreversible diseases, Parkinson’s, Type 1 Diabetes and glioblastoma brain cancer – all of which were successfully treated and reversed in 72 hours using “just one thing”, a highly-demonized substance that he doesn’t name but which we can guess is nicotine, which, the more you look at it, the more fascinating of a substance it is – and I’m guessing that we’ll be hearing more about it soon.



“Of course there’s going to be a second wave but it’s not going to be from the virus, it’s going to be from the vaxxine-induced injury, which will compounded by the fear that they’ve created, which will be further compounded by the introduction of new technology, i.e., the 5G, which some people are saying is going to cause COVID – of course, it’s not going cause COVID – but the science is clear that it causes a disruption in the voltage-gated calcium channels, causing a permeability to many different pathogens, especially enveloped viruses, of which coronavirus is one of those types but for any type of pathogen.

“So, this is what the concern was back then and of course, we’ve seen that that happened and the multiple waves that came out.

“Well now, there’s something that’s going to be taking place – and I’ve had multiple confirmations of this and actually, heard a video and talked to one of the parties that had put that video out – and to say that at least, it’s disturbing.

“But I’m going to go ahead and just read this to you and some of you may have already heard about this. So essentially, what appears to be coming down the pipeline is that, what has been introduced, as far as the vaxxines, as we know them, the COVID vaxxines, regardless of the type. They have introduced into individuals through these vaxxines and through these subsequent boosters, other components.

“We have all heard of some of these components. We’ve heard about the nanotechnology and of course, there’s the spike protein, there are all these different things that have been found. There’s been the graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide. There’s been all sorts of different things that have been found within these vaxxines – and still, things that we haven’t discovered.

“I know that about a year ago, they found Round Up – that’s glyphosate, that’s a weedkiller – in the vaccines. Now, what is Round Up, a weedkiller doing inside of the vaxxines? We don’t understand that but obviously, there’s all sorts of things being found that shouldn’t be.

“But this portion that I’m going to talk about now is something that had been – I guess the right words are, I had suspicions that they were introducing something into the vaxxines that are designed to cause a detrimental effect at a time when they want the detrimental effect to take place, meaning that it’s almost like a sleeper cell within your own body. It’s there. You don’t know it’s there, there’s no effect from it but then, it can be called upon or triggered based upon a type of signal, a chemical or maybe two inert, relatively innocuous ingredients but when they come together, they cause something to happen and that would be the trigger, if you will that would cause these sleeper cells within your body to awaken.

“Now, I felt that, in fact, even before COVID, that there were things being introduced into our bodies that shouldn’t be introduced into our bodies but now, we have confirmation of this and I’m going to go specifically and talk to you about what is actually in there.

“So, essentially, now from two different sources, we have confirmation – and I’ve talked to one of those sources, myself – that there’s something within the vaxxines that is being considered as a ‘bioweapon’, which again is not a new term but that this particular component within the vaxxines, it’s almost like a payload.

“Now, think of a payload, what does that mean? A payload is like when there’s a detonation, you have a truck or a trailer and it’s got a bunch of dynamite or explosives. It’s called a payload. It’s designed to deliver a massive eruption or detonation. So they call it a payload. It wouldn’t be like a normal onslaught, it’d be like a massive onslaught.

“And so, there’s going to be a payload with some type of pathogen that will be activated by a sequence of 5G bursts and these will be of the 16 to 18 Ghz frequency and it will be essentially three bursts that will be sequential and last about a minute and those bursts will actually create a signal that will release this payload that is within the hydrogel component of the vaxxines.

“So, what, exactly is in there? There’s supposed to be three pathogens and these three pathogens are – I’m not 100% sure what these pathogens are but one of them is what they call the Marburg virus, which is essentially is a pathogen that…creates the hemorrhagic fever component, it’s similar to that and according to – if you look that up – it says that there’s a 22% to 90% mortality rate and Google said that it’s 88% mortality, meaning that out of 100 people that get it, 88% or 88 out of a hundred will die…

“Once that release has taken place, once that signal from the 5G tower signals this release – let me take that back – it’s a sequence in three bursts that lasts a minute long in the 18 Ghz frequency or maybe it’s the 16 Ghz frequency, I don’t know specifically, yet which one but it’s between 16 and 18, it will cause the hydrogel to release this payload of a virus, a viral load, and there are supposed to be three different types, I don’t know all the three different types but Marburg is supposed to be one of those.

“When that happens, then everyone that’s had the vaxxine and these boosters will have this Marburg virus released. And again, we know that 22% to up to 90% mortality rate but that’s when somebody encounters it in a natural way, if you will. When it’s inside your body, already-introduced and released, it’s probably going to be 100% mortality rate, meaning that everybody that has it, it’s going to be triggered and it’s going to be released. 

“And when that happens, yes, obviously, these people are going to die. So, we’re talking, not hundreds of thousands, we’re talking millions and millions of people worldwide; they’re going to have this effect. 

“But what’s even more concerning than that and what could be more concerning than that? Guys, remember: everybody had a choice. Some people chose to take this. People ran for it and I can’t say that I’m disappointed, because when you’ve talked as much as I have about this issue and tried to warn as many people as I have tried to warn and they still do it, at a certain point, there’s only so much I ca do and I’m not going to sit here and have tears that are being shed, because people were not smart enough to use their own brains and look at the science and instead, they just jumped on the bandwagon and believed the BS that was being fed to them, because that point, people have to be responsible for themselves.

“You reap the rewards and pay the consequences of your actions, so this is something that – most of you know this and many of you have been talking about this just as long as I’ve been talking about it, over two years, at this point – and I can’t feel sorry for those people and now of course, there may have been some people that were forced to do it but then, the warnings were out there.

“When people said to me, ‘Oh, what am I supposed to do? I have to do this, it’s my job. If I don’t do it, then I’m going to get fired.’

“It’s your life! You’re telling me that having a job is more important than your life? So you’re going to go ahead and do that job and then take the shot, because you’re saying, ‘Well, I’m being forced to do it and I gotta do it for my job’?…

“People tell me, ‘What am I going to do? I’d end up homeless!’ Well, my God, at least you’re alive. Homeless and alive versus the shot and being dead in the next 6 months to two years – I don’t think there’s much of a choice there. How can you even say that, ‘Oh! They’re forcing me!’ What do you mean? Unless they tied you down and put a gun to your head and said, ‘Take the shot, or else I’m going to blow your head off, that’s the only way you could say ‘forced’.

“And I would say, ‘Then, blow my head off!’ I wouldn’t take the vaxxine. That’s just me, though. The point that I’m making: I can’t get sad at this juncture anymore about the people that have had the vaxxine but here’s what the real issue is: So, yes, millions of lives will be lost and yes, it’s disappointing and yes, it’s saddening and yes, it is what it is. There’s nothing that I can do to change that. I’ve tried everything that I could and many of you have done the same thing and many other doctors and researches and scientists tried to do the same thing but what’s the most concerning, beyond that – because, again they chose that, they took that option.

“The most egregious thing is that those massive numbers of death will then cause a sequence of events to start and once these cells burst and release the Marburg epidemic, then the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization will assume control, because there’s massive amounts of death taking place.

“And that’s where that massive danger lies, because if they can now justify, ‘Oh my God! There’s a massive hemorrhagic fever!’ and they’re going to take it to the next level, to scare more people, to force more people to get vaxxinated, your going to have all those people dying and they’re going to try to justify forcing individuals to get the vaxxine. And that’s where the real danger is.

“So, I don’t know when this is going to happen. I think it’s going to be sometime this year. We’re already approaching the second half of the Second Quarter, now. In another 15 days, we’ll be in the second half of the Second Quarter. So as of July 1st, we’ll be in the Third Quarter.

“So, it’s more than concerning, obviously, so the question is, what can be done and when is this going to happen? So, as I said, I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I would assume that’s going to be sooner rather than later, only because they’re really, really losing control. They’re losing control because more and more people realize the BS…that’s going on that’s about us, around us and with this recent strikedown of the face mask mandate on planes and transportation here, in the United States, they are even more, I think, frenzied and panicked.

“And yes, they’ve still got a lot of control. There’s only about 5-, 6-, 700 people that are controlling this entire narrative. And then, the rest of the people that are following along, they don’t know any different, they’re just peons and they’re following orders and they’ve been bought-out or they’ve been bribed or they could have been coerced or manipulated or threatened but I think not. I think it’s probably more that they’ve been bought-out.   

“And this is many of the medical research scientific community and many of the politicians and decision-makers and leaders of countries and I really don’t think they know what the full implications are. I think some of them may but most of them probably don’t.

“So, when is this going to happen? I think it’s going to happen probably sooner than later, sometime this year and what can be done about it? What can be done about it?

“So, for those people that – let’s talk about the people that haven’t gotten the vaxxine or a booster: I believe, for us, we are safe. We’re safe from the hemorrhagic fever, we’re safe from the fallout from this, if you will. However, if this is going to become that virulent, you could pick up hemorrhagic fever from somebody else around you but if your immune system’s intact, you should be – I would be confident that if your immune system’s intact, you don’t have anything to worry about – because you don’t have that massive payload that’s been introduced into your body.

“But for the people that have had the vaxxine, what can be done? Is there anything about that and I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they wrote something about anecdotal evidence, that we’ve been working on this for the past two weeks to see and I’ve been looking at the research and looking at a lot of the older medical journals and again, I don’t have any conclusive proof of any of this but I also don’t want to talk it out openly, only because I think that this is all being listened to – in fact, I know it’s being listened-to.

“It’s not that I’m concerned whether the message is being listened-to or not by the Powers-that-Be, it’s that, if I don’t have a large enough venue to say it, that message could get stifled. So I want to release it at the Advanced Medicine Conference when we know that there will be a few thousand people in the room and there will be a few thousand people listening – hopefully, many thousand listening live.

“Because once we release it, then everybody will have access to the information. I will tell you that it’s going to be highly controversial and I will tell you that it’s not going to be a treatment that you have to worry about where you can get it, because it’s readily accessible.

“What’s interesting is that today, I saw a report…and it’s very interesting because it talked about how ivermectin…Basically, there was a federal panel that was put together that recommends – a federal panel recommends against using ivermectin to treat COVID-19 for the first time. It’s the first time that they’ve come out officially said that ivermectin should not be used for the treatment of COVID-19.

“Whereas, in fact, in Japan, if you go back and you look at some of the things that are happening in Japan, Japan is very, very conservative, when it comes to making any type of medical recommendations and Japan came out and recommended to all doctors to use ivermectin to treat COVID.

“So, it’s very interesting, how we see this juxtaposing of medical opinions being given, whereas, in fact, the science is very clear. Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs on the planet, it’s one of the most researched drug – if not the MOST researched – drug on the planet, it is extremely inexpensive. The people that developed it won the Nobel Peace Prize [sic] and it’s been used throughout decades as an anti-parasitic and it’s been used in all different countries and you can get it over-the-counter from feed stores and such and when I was first asked about ivermectin, I said I have a lot of experience with ivermectin in all sorts of animals: dogs, cats, zebra, camels, [unintelligible], black bucks, yaks, cows – every type of animal you can imagine, I’ve had experience with ivermectin.

“I don’t have experience with ivermectin with humans but as far as with animals, I’ve been using it for probably 15 years or more and so, it’s a very, very safe drug. I’ve used it intramuscularly, I’ve used it subcutaneously, I’ve used it transdermally, you know, many different parenteral forms, as well as of course, oral. It’s a very, very safe drug.

“So, they’re coming out and saying you shouldn’t use ivermectin and yet, other countries have already said that it’s very safe to use and we know how safe the drug is. But: ‘Don’t use a drug that’s cheap, that’s readily-available, that has a massive safety profile, that has been extensively published, that has over 10,000 different studies that have been published about it – don’t use that!’

“But use and experimental vaxxine that was developed a year or two ago, that has all sorts of problems with it, that has had the FDA say that they’re not going to release the information in the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that was filed, then finally said that they needed, I think they said that they needed 74…years that they needed to release the data, even though it would only take them one year to develop the drug and release it to the market – but to release the safety data to the public, they needed 70-some years, which of course, thank God, the Federal judge that was listening to that suit said, ‘Ah-ha! You’ve got 8 months to release that information!’

“By that time, 70 years, if you have a newborn child that’s getting the vaxxine, in 75 years – whatever it is – that person’s going to be 75 years old, assuming that they’re going to survive the vaxxination damage.

“So this is how ludicrous it is and…when people say, ‘Trust the science!’ Well, forget about the science, for a second. Trust your common sense! The science is settled but people using that stupid slogan, like ‘evidence-based medicine’ – evidence-based medicine has nothing to do with ‘based on the evidence’. ‘Evidence-based’ means ‘based on the evidence’ but the way they use ‘evidence-based medicine’ – it’s everything BUT based on the evidence!

“Their definition of ‘evidence-based medicine’ is double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, multi-standard trial. Well, remember this about a double-blinded, multi-standard, placebo-controlled trial is that it’s designed to accumulate facts. There’s no argument there from me. It does collect a lot of facts but to call that ‘science’, to call an accumulation of facts and label it as ‘science’ is like taking a bunch of bricks and calling that a building.

“Yes, a building is made of a bunch of bricks, just like some science is made of facts – I agree with that – but you can’t take a bunch of bricks and throw ’em there and call that a house. That’s what they’re doing. They’re taking a bunch of facts, like bricks, throwing them together and then calling that ‘science’.

“That’s like taking a bunch of bricks, throwing them together and calling them a ‘building’. No. You’ve got to lay the building the right way, you’ve got to create a foundation and use the bricks to build the building up and that’s why facts are sued to build science. You don’t just throw them together in a pile and then call it ‘science’, because that’s not science.

“But that’s what they call it. They accumulate a bunch of facts and call that ‘science’ and that’s the definition of ‘evidence-based medicine’.

“So, it’s this hijacking of terminology and the articulation of that technology is now bastardized and they manipulate it and that’s exactly what they’re going to be doing now. That’s what they’ve already done.

“So, saying that taking drugs like ivermectin, that are safe, that have extensive profiles and then saying not to use that but say, ‘Take these experimental drugs,’ i.e., these vaxxines that have caused all sorts of problems and we’re finding out all these components that are in there that they haven’t divulged. They haven’t given us the informed consent.

“They haven’t told people that this stuff changes your DNA – even saying things like, ‘Of course it doesn’t change your DNA!’ – THAT’s what messenger RNA does! The job of messenger RNA, naturally is to re-write and repair DNA. So, you’re re-writing your DNA.

“And now, all the other components that have been found; the nanotechnologies, the metal particulates, when people have the magnet aspect going on, all the side effects that people have experienced. All these ingredients that people are finding; the graphene oxide and all these other things that have been found, the glyphosates and all these things and now, discovering that there’s a payload of pathogens that’s been introduced into the body, like a sleeper cell, waiting for it to be triggered by an electromagnetic pulse at 16 to 18 Ghz, 5G signal that’ll be one minute duration, a sequence of three pulses, that’l cause the hydrogel to release this payload and those individuals that have already had – and they’re walking around with this payload of pathogens in their system and it’ll erupt, it’ll release and there…it’s basically certain death.

“But then, they’re going to use those millions of people dying to justify the World Health Organization and the CDC to take over and impart martial law – whatever they’re going to try to do – to take control of over everybody. That’s what they’re going to do. It’s another false flag-type event.

“So, I just wanted to make sure that I get this out to you guys. Again, my audience isn’t like the millions on YouTube and Facebook before they took me down but this video is going to go on my Rumble channel and I would ask for you guys to find that channel and tell people to go there, so they can hear this firsthand.”

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  • heard on 1530 am the Y A ( STATE OF STATE FRANCHISES subsideraries doing child trafficking by way of unlawful conversion) calling itself YOUTH AUTHORITY is claiming it is closing…. good, slavery must end.
    the question i have for the sheriffs is why are they building another court house in THE CITY OF SACRAMENTO inc.? to enforce more maritime, municipal, admiralty law? on living people?
    that is the wrong jurisdiction for people. Are you going to continue to claim plausible deniability while hunting for birth certificates? it is an international crime to convert people into PERSONS without full terms of the contract and by threat of violence ………are you not going to enforce the private UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES on the public in this private venue? ? who will enforce these commercial codes for the registered british acredited regency entertainment theater?
    as you can see I am a little upset when Americans continue to be converted into legal fictions( U S CITIZENS)years after the fraud has been revealed . these are my people. my Brothers and Sisters

    I read Isaiah 27 1 this week
    In that day the Lord with his sore and great and mighty sword shall visit Leviathan, that piercing serpent, even Leviathan, that crooked serpent, and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

    this prophecy reveals the beast system in the sea of commerce, law of water where dead things are ….artificial PERSONS , happening now
    and the dragon will be slain

    the whole world is under a spell
    it is called spelling
    look at all of your bills …
    is that your name in English ?

  • Time to Break free of this SYSTEM of CONTROL. To get out of the Cities and build Places ofvRefuge in the country. To be under the banner of God’s divine government. To walk in love one foe another. To break all ties with the p2b.

      • See Clif High’s protocol, using N-Acetyl Cysteine, which helps to unravel the mRNA. Private research into this indicates that supplementing with bromelain will work with the NAC to break down the mRNA. As to the other ‘contaminants’, research detoxification techniques. The nanoparticles and graphene compounds are going to be the most difficult to deal with.

        This is not merely a global depopulation program – it’s a spiritual war. So get right with your Maker.

  • Thank you FK for bringing this info to all of us readers.
    Dr. Buttar does not look sick at all in this video. I’m inclined to think as well that that he was poisoned.

  • You are too deep into rabbit hole, becoming more like conspiracy than factual.

    “So, they’re coming out and saying you shouldn’t use ivermectin and yet, other countries have already said that it’s very safe to use and we know how safe the drug is”

    -It’s safe, because it doesn’t do anything other than placebo or prove it isn’t.
    -No, you don’t need any drugs; in fact, just follow what your grandparents have been telling you.

    Too many false narratives covering main scam narratives, including with this one.
    It all originates to fraudulent germ’s theory, especially after Rockefeller took control over medicines.

  • Watch his eyes, how many times can one blink before it looks suspicious.
    He most likely is not dead.

  • He’s right over the target and they killed him for it,if everybody vaccinated die at a certain time,they’ll say it xyz,but it will be a triggered sequence of actions. GOD bless this world and the devils minions can go to hell.

  • I hope his spirit is at peace. He, and others like him are the first line of defense because they are or were (before being censored) in positions to do something about the evil being perpetrated upon humanity. He paid the ultimate price for his integrity and concern for his fellow man. He was brow beaten and ridiculed for a few years over simply questioning the narrative of b.s. Most who dwell in these positions are cowards and sell-outs. Some are immoral and some fools, but they all had a responsibility to their conscience, to their fellow mankind and mostly to the almighty Himself to speak out and/or act against the tyranny. From the lowliest intern journalist to the POTUS and beyond. From the Neanderthals arresting unmasked, free citizens to the most honorable judges who refused to hear cases against the infringement of constitutional rights, and the overpaid public school, freeloading administrators on the fast lane to the top of the political spectrum, they will all pay the same ultimate price and then some, for their folly and dancing with the devil. To hell with them all.

    • Dr. Buttar was a brilliant man. He simply made sense of the scamdemic early on.
      His spirit is at peace, now it is our turn to expose the corruption to those who are having trouble connecting the dots.

      This video presentation is much appreciated, thank you Dr. Buttar

  • This totally rings true. I’m sorry he lost his life over trying to help us.
    What he is saying makes sense when you look at what information we have in front of us today.
    1) The towers went up around the whole planet in 2 weeks. Why is no one talking about this!
    2) Fauci gave the command to lock up down. We couldn’t leave our homes for two weeks. But those assembling the towers did so through the dead of night.
    3) No one is speaking about the fact that the Prep Act includes Marburg!
    It’s all set up.
    I would suggest that the whole planet focus on the payload as per Dr Buttar. The economy, gay rights , the trans and CRT all won’t matter when this goes down.

    • those towers are microwave towers, they were designed by the miliary as a weapon. Even Microwave ovens are illegal and not sold in several countries.

      • Hi Carol ,

        The towers that are named cellphone towers Actually CONTROL TOWERS.

        Don’t have the article 8n my keypad it’s in my email.

        But this video which I fo have in my keypad covers it also.

        It’s long but very well worth it Great information.

        Uh oh no not here can post it tomorrow…

  • This man has worked tirelessly for the good of humanity and now is advising again not to take the Covid shots. If you are lucky enough not to be vaxxex, listen with your ears. What a wonderfully brilliant man to keep fighting for people. R.I.P Dr. Rasheed.

  • In short, the 2023/24 “cold and flu season” will be the greatest mass casualty event in recorded history, all pre planned and executed as intended!
    The WHO will assume control of all nations, declaring that the massive death toll is due to the purebloods, a campaign to force the jab will be launched, any refusing will be forced into the camps they have been building worldwide.
    This explains the reason they have little concern about an uprising, as the numbers will be few, those remaining will live in fear of the virus and/or the government, their depopulation and one world government achieved, as none can resist!

  • Hi,
    Well yes DNA aka: Chromosomes are being altered by those Covid-19 Vaccines.

    I have to share this article about IoT Internet of Things / I’d Internet of Devices,
    Looks like is going to be soon.

    This last article covers 5g cell towers and how They are actually Just Sound Control Towers.


  • Local people are bought out because they promise 4 generations of their seed will be OK. They don’t care about your GGG generations, blue! Trust me. You middle class guys need to unite and figure out where your money is going. Who do you pay your dues to?

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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