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They called it a conspiracy. They ignored the evidence.

But they can’t change the truth.

Dr Bryan Ardis returns in this closing chapter to ‘Watch the Water’, reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary.

From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am curious of the daily amounts needed of each:
    Vitamin C
    Thank you. Can you email me an answer?

  • Remember:
    “Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize!!!”?

    For SURE it was in the sanitizing products, AND the cleaning products (and undoubtedly still is)!

    Good rule of thumb to get through this with as little damage as possible:

    Do and believe the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever MSM is hawking.

    Thank you AB for bringing this information about the actual cause, and cures, and about all the naked Emperors to my attention.

    Here’s the thing: it’s okay to be completely wrong or partly wrong or somewhat right, but being COMPLETELY RIGHT can get you completely killed or at least your lucrative career completely destroyed. The word “crucified” comes to mind.

    We’ll never get justice until all 99% of us get on the same team (a CONSENSUS PARTY) and quit looking for “leaders” in people who have too much to lose to “rock the boat” very much. WE are the leaders that we seek. Nothing of note will happen before that. Except more culling.

  • Who, what was the impetus for that Biblical bite of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge?
    Hmmmm, you dirty ol slithery dee…

  • Dear Stew and Bryan, God bless you and thank you. We’ve been watching you all along. We love you. Another piece of the puzzle seems to be related to getting enough / more electrons into the body to oxygenate the red blood cells, overcome rouloux / blood clots / heal / IE, anything that also donates / delivers electrons (negative ions ?) which probably includes the four things you mentioned to fight venom, but also things like (carbon)C-60, earthing / grounding, and ?????
    Stay safe and be well,

  • It is true about the water. I remember in the winter of 2021 our city got the government to pay for a multimillion dollar water facility. We are a federal national park. I was very suspicious of this because we have never had water issues AND we live in a lake region. 4 lakes surround us. We now have fluoride in our water which we did not when I was pregnant with my children who are 10 and 12.. And anytime I drank tap water, over the last year, I would get terrible symptoms that was talked about in the first installment of WTW. This guy is right. They have put it in all GMOs, packaged food, and water. It isnt just venom. It’s also a biosynthetic parasite that is controlled by AI run by a synthetic demonic entity. This is a plan of the elite to take over humanity and further enslave humans. Demons and satanic cults are fully responsible. We must take a stand and fight this evil!!!

    • A Sierra lake, Woods Lake, 8,200 ft, had a well, pure water for over 120 years and the USDA in cooperation with US Forest Service put a chlorination system in…
      beautiful clear water now smells like a swimming pool. WHY?!!


  • Thank you Alexandra for posting together these two most important videos.

    Immediately after watching WATCH THE WATER 2 , I watched it again and picked up some things I missed. I will be watching again. IMO this is the most significant information almost no one is talking about.

  • This is kinda insane. My Father who died of pancreatic cancer over twenty years ago would always tell me that everything they give him(medicine ) was all snake oil. What he said here puts my thoughts in a new light.

  • think I know why all the doctors are rejecting your very fine and provable theory—or should I say “report of the facts.” My wife died on a ventilator and had blood clots throughout her body. They were misdiagnosing and therefore mistreating what they said was a respiratory virus, when in fact it was a blood clotting disorder. I was fighting for her life with all kinds of alternative treatments—which they wouldn’t let me use once she was in ICU and ventilated. One nurse, who previously worked in the business side of the hospital said, “Covid is getting us all our of bankruptcy.” The medical system, just like the government is way overinflated and going broke. These hospitals got nearly $1/2 million per person they put on a ventilator and died. These monsters in the medical industry went way beyond their creed of “first do not harm”, and have now graduated to genocide of perhaps millions. They are being paid to go along.

  • After my prayer for discernment about Robert Malone…..
    I see Pride
    I hear Lies
    I smell deep state/Babylon
    Yahushua said….
    You will know them by their fruit.
    Truth is the Light
    Love is the Power 💕

  • Wait, is this in us even if we are unvaxxed due to municipal water, food prepared with tap water or through shedding?

  • A great science-fantasy book to read about people with pure genetics: Radix, by A A Attanasio.

  • The venom theory is not surprising, given the fact that the pharma companies always have people in the jungles finding plants and extracting the benefits of these things and synthesising the active ingredients.
    The research for everything is far beyond what any of the research crowds are admitting, so don’t be surprised what you see next.
    I think Ardis is right on the bullseye, else someone would have appeared to discredit him.

  • I just finished viewing an hour long interview of Senator Rand Paul discussing Fauci and the CCP way of dealing with Covid.

    What a disappointment!

    The enemy has Senator Paul running around in circles, chasing after paper documents while government departments defer to other departments and committees which in turn defer to yet other departments and committees – and Paul is playing that shell game while the meter keeps running – relentlessly! To our great loss and misfortune!

    The old saying that the wheels of justice turn slowly has been replaced by the wheels of justice have fallen off the liberty wagon.

    Who at the Senate level is going for the jugular, namely the Fauci protocol that is responsible for murdering emergency room patients? Who is nailing down the evidences that Fauci was responsible for terrifying American medical practitioners? Who is collecting the evidences we all saw this man perpetrating daily on TV and the internet? Who is collecting all those video clips where Fauci dissed known remedies for covid while insisting upon following his protocols that murdered patients? At the time, I could not find a single medical doctor in my city that would prescribe either of the known to be successful remedies for covid! What does one call this? It was all witnessed by millions on the internet and TV. You don’t have to search and search and search for a paper trail, we all know who and what Fauci is! It’s all been recorded already for Senator Paul.

    And poor ole Senator Paul running around in circles trying to find an elusive paper trail.

    What a disgusting waste!

    • JD,

      This scribbler had warned of the Covid-19
      H O A X—from the GET-Go !

      And had been
      stating ‘NO Virus Exists”—arguing that the
      DEEP State
      had WEAPONIZED the normal
      Year-to-Year FLU phenomenon,
      for which
      this scribbler had found a Two-Hour CURE
      in 1990, premised on using extreme alkalinity :

      —Update : 2023, Former Pfizer Officer ( no virus existed ) :


    • Dr, Paul’s wife sits on the board of directors of Gilead so he doesn’t really pursue this with vigor. He knows and had proof Fauci lied to Congress so he could have him arrested but then that income from Gilead might dry up. It’s all theater. Ron Johnson had some heavy duty hearings about the whole plandemic and took zero action afterwards. I mean, Ron Johnson supports the war in Ukraine, so the funding for the DOD can’t be decreased and the hearings implicated the DOD. They aren’t trying to get to the bottom of it.

      • They know if they push for atonement they risk losing the security detail and they will get antifa parking on their doorstep. One ass whuppin is all it takes for the brave to leave their bodies same tactics were used on the post 9-11 .gov heros who wanted answers for all the obvious loose ends on that inside job. The agency goons are playing hardball to keep everybody on the reservation. You see them taking a fall on the gym equipment alot.

  • Amazing Truth !! Dr. Ardis has been given the divine gift of seeing or knowing. He shows the industry goof balls practicing to be docturds what is obviously been happening with COVID disease for 3 years now. He was right the first time ,this time he nails it to their foreheads and gives them the antidote. The misdirection counter force will not be able to spin their way out of this corner. The only answer to what it is ,is, it is a bioweapon and the death penalty is the only solution.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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