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In 2015, a pattern of poorly-explained deaths of holistic doctors began, spreading panic in this community. According to Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News, the total number of unexpected deaths recently surpassed 80. The cases involving doctors who were studying GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) to treat patients with cancer and autism are seen to be the most significant.

What is GcMAF?

If you’ve had your blood work done in recent years, you may have noticed that your vitamin D level is a now being checked, along with cholesterol, blood sugar and liver enzymes. This is because low vitamin D is an indicator of low immunity and disease.

In healthy people, the immune system is regulated among other things by GcMAF, which is present in the blood and cell surfaces. It’s produced in the liver in a modification of the vitamin D-binding protein (the Gc protein). For this reason, GcMAF is sometimes referred to as “Vitamin D transport protein”.

Nagalase (aka N-acetyl-Galactosaminidase) is an enzyme that’s involved in sugar metabolism. Cancer cells and viruses excrete Nagalase into their hosts. Nagalase prevents the formation of GcMAF. Elevated levels of Nagalase are present in patients with cancer, autism, diabetes, immune disorders and in those with viral and bacterial infections.

Conversely, GcMAF has been shown in numerous scientific studies to lower serum Nagalase activity for a variety of cancer and HIV patients, with no adverse side effects. It is for this reason that some integrative medical doctors advocate the use of GcMAF and other non-toxic approaches to treating cancer and immune-related illnesses and it is why Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet conducted a study administering GcMAF to 40 young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), where it was shown to lower Nagalase to healthy levels in all but one patient. Dr. Bradstreet noted, “These initial observations give support to the notion that autism per se may be the consequence of treatable underlying pathophysiology. Given that ASD are now affecting more than 1% of US children, the observed response to GcMAF warrants urgent and further prospective evaluation.

“Although Nagalase is a non-specific marker believed to be derived from viral hemaglutinin, it may be useful as a biomarker of therapeutic significance in ASD, and as such also warrants further investigation. Regardless of any immediate clinical improvement, the reduction of Nagalase to more desirable levels is of potential benefit to these patients, since Nagalase is known to impair immune defenses.”

So how do young autism patients come to have high levels of Nagalase in their bodies? It’s been suggested that it’s somehow being introduced via vaccines, whose massively-increased schedule in recent decades has coincided with the sharp rise in cases of autism. While Nagalase is not known to be an additive or an adjuvant in vaccines it’s possible that its presence in vaccines is due to the antigenic viral envelope proteins used in vaccine production.

If Nagalase has been inadvertently introduced into the bodies of the youngest generations, causing autism and a host of new pathologies, the vaccine industry would be legally immune from any liability but bad press would still not be a good look.

As for the ability of GcMAF to neutralize Nagalase, Melissa Dykes wrote, “Cancer is big business in this country. We’re talking about a 124 billion dollar industry. A number that big is naturally a matter of ‘national security’. One of our country’s biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me.”

A religious man, Dr. Bradstreet was found dead of a gunshot wound to the chest in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, North Carolina on June 19, 2015, three days after the FDA raided one of his offices in Georgia, in search of all documents related to his work with GcMAF. The local police quickly called it a suicide and the Mainstream Media described him as a quack while his family cried foul. A videotaped presentation he gave at a conference weeks prior to his death did not suggest anything other than that he was a strong-minded, successful man. A further investigation crowdfunded by his family found that the angle of the gunshot could not have been self-inflicted.

The work of Dr. Bradstreet continues with his colleague, Dr. Marco Ruggiero in Switzerland, who has developed a way to deliver GcMAF through a probiotic culture used to make homemade yogurt.

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  • Everybody who has come this far should go to YouTube and watch CANCER THE FORBIDDEN CURES… tells how Rockefeller bought the medical schools of this country to main line medicine, and, especially with cancer, made holistic medicine either illegal or trashed it.
    Look at the present vaccine situation. Ivermectin has been villified even though it cures Covid in 48 hrs. And it’s hard to get. I couldn’t get it, either in NH or FL..and finally found it on line at Americas Frontline…good luck. Be careful. It’s getting harder to find the truth behind this whole mess.

  • Yep, Agenda 21/30/50 et al for human depopulation. Not that there are too many people on the planet, but the so called elite psychopaths are terrified of us, if we unite against them. Their power will be over and be held account for all that they have done. 178 ‘nations’, kakistocracies, signed the Agenda 21. I found out about GcMAF and nagalase last year doing some research. This is why the kakistocracy is murdering natural, homeopathic, alternative medicinal doctors, it is stymieing their population control agendas, and their power base. It is repulsive, but until people wake up to the fact that everything they know is a lie, and that they are indeed amidst a war between the kakistocracy psychopaths and themselves, the Agendas will proceed as planned. Unfortunately. Great article and video Alexandra Bruce, thanks for presenting it.

  • “Melissa Dykes wrote, ‘Cancer is big business in this country. We’re talking about a 124 billion dollar industry. A number that big is naturally a matter of ‘national security’. One of our country’s biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me.’

    Tru dat sister! Anyone who believes cancer treatment is about coming to a cure is completely OTL. Too much profit in illness.

  • The most astonishing part of health is that the spiritual quality destines the biological body.
    For healing an ill body, there is a need for spiritual intelligence.
    So along the biological body, I perceive a spiritual body.
    Such a spiritual body is present as intelligence, intellect, instinct, intuition by thinking, sensing and feeling, developing a body mind, a conscious body mind and a consciousness.
    This spiritual body enters the biological body, where either emotional pains appear by the belonging spirituality or feeling love evolves by the beloning spirituality.
    Emotional pains develop illnesses.
    Love heals.
    I wonder, whether there is a demand for some examples.

    Killing alternative “healers” has been done for such a long time.
    See what happened to Jesus.
    He once throwed the money makers out of the temple.
    Now money has become a religion, where all organised religions take part of.

    The basic issue of spiritual healing is that the focus should be on partnerships.
    As long is said the man is different to the woman, and therefore can not be aligend partners, however are entagnled partners, all illnesses can maintain.

    By this vew:
    The mother of Jesus met him, where Jesus asked: woman who are oyu.
    Christianity speaks over the holy mother, where Jesus was questioning of what a mother is.
    By christianity Jesus hangs on the cross!!
    This is for sure not a loving and healthy affair.

    The betrayers are present everywhere on earth.

  • Got to thinking (yeh, yeh, dangerous business, I know), and took another look at the Cancer INDUSTRY…that 124 billion stat is FOR CANCER DRUGS ONLY, Forbes 2015 article calling for 147 billion in 2018.
    That is a huge number just for drug therapy, so now about the doctors, hospitals, inpatient and outpatient care and all accoutrements. Do ya think the number is probably close to double? I do…
    Which is to say, true healing efforts will never happen without some serious public uprising…then ya have the Hippocratic Oath takers and their consciences. In my experience, docs in their 60’s, smart, long of tooth in practice are followers and believers and rock no boats advocates, save, of course, for a few who are not lost in the the ‘science’ of a failed 60 years or so.

  • No attribution to who is narrating? Sounds like Professor Doom, who ran one of the early constantly censored and defunded channels on YT. He did stellar reporting on the entire Malheur and Bundy events, so, I guess the sensitives in TPTSB block took offense. I lost track of him after his 3rd channel got zapped.
    A hundred and twenty five billion dollar shuck n jive, tagged as an ‘industry’ when it is dealing thru the Hypocratic Oath with the lives of millions should be known as Cancer Healing Practices or some such…Industry and profit, inseparable, make it a crass money oriented endeavor devoid of empathy as basic principle and focused on inflated costs and equally inflated advertising practices. Oh, and uh, massively inflated egos to boot!
    Hundreds of billions and probably into the trillion obsurdity, over 50 or 60 years and we have something like a single digits overall success rate? Like I said, shuck n jive.

  • Marco Ruggerio is a fraud, is not now and never has been affiliated with the late Dr. Bradstreet. Ruggerio’s “Rerum” is worthless and everyone I know who was using it has died from the cancer it had absolutely no effect on. Ruggerio STOLE the formula from First Immune but since he was the SECOND one to attempt to steal it, deliberate errors were inserted into the formula that he was unaware of–and it’s why Rerum DOES NOT WORK. There are sources for GcMAF but he isn’t one of them.

    • Read about this myself. As a personal side note, a friend died last year of throat cancer. He was on a holistic bent to cure himself which I applaud. That was at the time when the public was first made aware of Ruggerio’s mixture. After having treated himself with the yogurt for months, among other holistic approaches, he died. Because of the location of the cancer, traditional treatment would have meant quite undesirable side effects, should he have lived through it. However, the yogurt did nothing to save his life.

    • Amanda, you are incorrect as far as Dr. Bradstreet’s relationship with Dr. Marco Ruggiero. Here is a video of Dr. Bradstreet speaking at the AustismOne conference in May 2015, just weeks before he died. At 28 seconds into the clip, he refers to Dr. Marco Ruggiero as his “colleague” and “one of my best friends,” as well as to the “Swiss Protocol”:

  • Hauntingly interesting. My understanding is a newborn’s immune system is not completely functioning on its own until 6-12months of age. While in the womb mothers pass their own immunity to the baby. So it is the luck of the draw how effective the newborn’s immunity is. Enter number 1 hept. B vaccine within hours after birth and the mother’s passed on immunity is being destroyed. At 2 months the beat goes on and the baby receives the “routine baby shots” and continues with the “series” of required shots. And so it goes.

    • Colostrum, the precursor to breast milk is what passes the mother’s immunity to the baby, no vaccine is required and it should be refused. Nursing the baby the first 48 hours will transfer all the immunity a newborn needs.

  • If he could only not lunge at the microphone it would be easier to listen to him. Don’t get me wrong, this is great info, I just like my ears. GcMAF, no wonder the doctors have been being murdered. And it all leads back to vaccines. One thing that gets me ticked is why give a baby the same dose as you give an adult? That in it’s self is stupid and unthinking. Baby’s don’t have the body mass to handle that much poison all at once, I’m no doctor, but I have common sense, unlike the “medical” professionals witch seem to have none. Now, I think the weight of the person is very important to how much “vaccine” they are given. I apologize for rambling on. But I know I’m right about the weight thing.

      • They don’t want to CURE cancer, they want to TREAT cancer–for big bucks and then we die anyway. Look and how all the pension funds and Social Security/Medicare is underfunded–the scumbag politicians have been robbing us blind and stupid for DECADES and giving it to their cronies. If we don’t die on schedule THEY CAN’T PAY US. If we start asking “Where’s our MONEY?” they get indicted and go to prison. There will never be a cure for ANY chronic illness that is treatable with ever-more expensive medication as there’s NO MONEY IN A HEALTHY POPULATION. They’re keeping us sick for profit and murdering a million people a year with chemo!

        • MMR jab caused Crohns and RA in my dtr – fact-using Sol CBD that Erin suggested a few years ago when she was injured at a health fair and tried it –

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