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    In his usual lying hysteria, John Kerry, who serves as the first US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate told a series of lies and announced that our government is planning to shut down US agriculture.

    They call it “Innovation”, because they are confident that our pain and desperation will someday give birth to an innovative, new solution – or at least, that’s their cover story.

    Everything out of his mouth is a lie. The exact opposite of what he says is true.

    The scientists that he’s referring to are almost all on the United Nations’ payroll.

    The real scientific community of the world realize that the world’s climate has changed in extreme, erratic ways over the years without human pollution.

    In one of the most recent studies, Aarhaus University researchers found that the Arctic had ice-free summers just 10,000 years ago.

    And ice core samples show that the Earth is in a cooling period, not a warming one.

    But these decrepit, old gatekeepers want us all dead, because the System isn’t giving up control.

    While our food supply is under terrorist attack by our own government, the power grid is being targeted for a false flag and a story is already being spun to blame it on American patriots.

    Meanwhile, the Communist Chinese are meeting their bogus climate quotas in a different way. They are spray-painting rocks and sand green and they are planting vast fields of fake flowers, made of white rocks stuck on the ends of steel rebar.

    According to local translators, this is being done to make local areas look more green for aerial photography.

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    • Climate whore Lurch looks like he won’t live long enough to ever see one degree of change of his precious climate crisis . The reality driven fact checkers are coming for the climate lie next just go eat your bugs in silence and save the planet from of all your hot air and rather large jet setting carbon foot print. That’s right this waste of carbon Lurch is a climate killing hot air gas bag pushing disinformation on the climate hoax for the DS global depop agenda . He needs to be decarbonized , pronto.

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