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From the Directors of ‘Died Suddenly’, ‘Final Days’ is the groundbreaking new documentary that just dropped, exposing the plan to fuse humans with nanotechnology that is the main agenda behind the COVID jabs.

Karen Kingston gives a star turn exposing the nanotechnology in the Death Shots. The film also features presentations of the research and photographs of physicians, Dr Ana Mihalcea, Dr David Nixon and of engineers, Matt Taylor and Shimon Yanowitz.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I was already researching in 2004 if our govt was using the geoenginering program spraying mass amounts of mystery substances in our sky’s to include some form of smart dust to get it into everyone’s body. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with diabetes and was told I had to inject myself with insulin several times a day. My insulin comes from IHS govt program out of Ft. levenworth.

  • GOD’s blessings flow to the faithful , Karen uses her gifts to point us to the means of our destruction . Modern science is being used mainly as a weapon against us in almost all aspects of inventions . They clearly want to create a new dystopian future bereft of the bridge to the divine
    using anti-KRYSTic technology to reshape mankind into a subhuman slave species devoid of truth and reason . This is the RED FLAG warning in the war against humanity . I see that GOD has arrived in the perfect moment to show us what the enemies of mankind planned for us .
    If we ignore this warning we would surely perish ,except evil has a way of overestimating it’s abilities and plans when universal law is supreme and GOD always wins.

  • Maybe graphene hydroxide. They killed the man who said this. Grounding…touching the soil may help drain or donate electrons and may stop what they are trying to do in our bodies? What is powering the wifi once they are dead? Treason to trash food/fuel/schools/elections/transportation/supplies/sources of energy/weather/health/life to lower the population by 80% and control the rest. Those playing god wanting to change DNA and everything on this earth are not as smart as the real God and are messing up God’s creation. Natural help is God’s way….herbs/plants…supplements/grounding/organic/sunlight/exercise etc.. Man’s way is opposite of God and is not better. Indoctrination/MKUltra etc may have been used on country leaders. Those disconnected from God may enjoy playing god. Elon so far wants freedom of speech and good things to happen in America. Those who invent may get their invention used for harm. Progress is not disconnecting from God and pushing in your own direction without God and hooking up to the “dark side” instead. Hell on earth is not a good goal. Health issues maybe fixed by diet/natural help and not need fancy health monitoring. Narcissism…playing god/may abuse/use/be a parasite on others etc… Low sunlight/Vit D may gluten issues which may affect personality and cause narcissism. Bill Gates is blocking out sunlight which may lower the immune system and make it hard for plants to grow in addition to the weather warfare bringing drought/floods/no water. It is NOT Climate change. Bill Gates using money gotten by government contracts for vaccines etc.. to play god like Sim life/Sim earth video games needs to be stopped. Fauci and others who want to lower the population and control the rest.

  • Just watched the first few minutes. I’ve studied many of the mystical traditions, have taken dozens of entheogens and have a pretty good grasp on history as a Perennial Hippie (b. 1954). In Yogic philosophy there is this concept of an Akashic Record containing all knowledge. I tend to think it may be baked into our DNA and can be accessed through entheogens, some forms of meditation etc. I think of it as but another tool. But like a knife it can be used to cut up your food or to kill. The use of the tool is dependent on who wields it.

    Knowledge (e.g., Gnosis) is a slippery fish. Understanding history is also a slippery fish. In the Upanishads there is a concept called “Neti, Neti” which basically means “not that, not that.” What it alludes to is that, no matter how many layers well peel back from the onion, there will always be more layers. We will never, through study, ever get to the core. But we will always engage in the journey.

    Nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge so long as you understand that every atom in the universe is connected and every atom effects all other atoms. This “connectiveness” is experienced through meditation, entheogens and other methods. I suppose the core problem is the globalists, in their state of immaturity, treat our world as if everything is to be exploited rather than nurtured. Well that is all the time I’ve got. But this excerpt illustrates the concept quite well.

    The following quote is from the beginning of the video. It captures both the viewpoint of a physicist and that of a mystic: everything is connected.

    “The way you design the world in your mind is the way you relate to it in the real world. And when you design it as dead matter, just to be exploited, you will exploit it. When you design it without any understanding of limits you will violate the planetary limits. When you design it with deep recognition of interconnectedness you will nurture those relationships. And this basic recognition is what I drew from my learnings in quantum theory that non-locality. Non-separation interconnectedness — that is the nature of reality. But we have a design in the paradigm of mechanistic thought which didn’t evolve, it was imposed. That mechanistic thought is based first on the assumption that we are separate from nature and nature is constituted of discrete particles separate from each other, who can only relate through violence, through force, through action by contact. In the quantum world there is no separability.”
    Vandana Shiva

  • The movie starts quite interesting but goes into COMPLETE BS with Kingston’s statements!!!!
    Why is this ‘specialist’ not capable to grasp little biology and EXPLAIN how the material alone suddenly drives the genetic coding of human cells??? It is clear that se represents PHARMA to hide part of the real truth!!!! This part here is a real FRAUD.

    • Karen is very smart and knows what she is talking about. She has many years experience and is telling the truth about what is happening. People have proven the magnetism and wifi signals and movies/Olympics show the graphene as they tell you what they are planning. The mRNA is genetically modifying humans to produce snake venom nonstop. Those who died in a spiral were using their cell phone which may have signaled a device to open and release something that killed people instantly. Thank you Karen for all your hard work! God bless Karen!

  • too doom and gloomy for the sleepers, offer some solutions? There are many natural things that will help those who are suffering now, which is many. Also spiritual solutions. Thank you though for the truth always. blessings!

    • The only real solution is to dissolve the Influence of Darkness pervading the world. Since 2006, I have been raising awareness of this dark truth along with a simple yet powerful way to dissolve it. I have links to free eBooks with expanded insights at my website, if you or anyone else is interested. Blessings of The Light in these dark days.

  • Kudos to the producers and to Alexandria for supplying it to her followers.

    We must also understand that all this is little more than sci-fi in the hands of some real evil monsters who are abusing real science in a grand experiment, because they are blinded by their own self importance and untold wealth. A monstrous Frankenstein experiment, driven by fear and hysteria.

    mRna, dna therapy, gene splicing and all the rest is all yet hypothetical and untested to the extent necessary for claims they are falsely making.

    Do they know the long term effect of what they have so recently developed? No, absolutely not! So why are people so eager to jump into their experimental game without a moments hesitation?

    I suspect there are more answers than these – chemical lobotomy by way of aerosols and direct applications. But I am of the opinion that visual imagery is underlying the most of it. That and corporate owned voting machines.

    • “So why are people so eager to jump into their experimental game without a moments hesitation? I suspect there are more answers than these – chemical lobotomy by way of aerosols and direct applications. But I am of the opinion that visual imagery is underlying the most of it. That and corporate owned voting machines.”

      No, these are not primary reasons, secondary at best. Because nearly all people have been conforming with the whims of their leaders for centuries and millennia.

      The primary cause of of nearly everyone’s insanity with their eager conformism with establishment decrees and adoration of “their” leaders is their own “hidden” soullessness, a highly inconvenient truth they are all constantly burying deeply from their own clear view …

      It’s THE cause why humanity has arrived where they are at now. No self-serving religious fantasies are required to “explain” it, or cowardly hiding under to escape this undesired reality.

  • I suggest everyone watches this film. It is the finest concert of spiritual, Biblical, and science (so-called) evidence to date, to explain in laymen terms the onslaught of evil being unleashed on the earth and its people. Too bad that the troll below (strefanesh) missed the forest for the trees.. miring himself in Scripture debate that is moot to the overall point. The film is riveting. I took copious notes. The analysis of the patent history of the devices of the contrived pandemic was worth its weight in gold. Among the places where my hair stood on end, was the Blue Tooth identification of the dead in a cemetery.. the proving of the ‘reactivity to smart devices’ by the injected into the body elements, establishing what the late Dr. Rashid Buttar exposed in his very troubled final address – that people are to be controlled from without – and in like fashion – detonated by an insidious internal ‘payload’. What one comes away with from the film, again, and finally, is the absolute proof of the Biblical prophesies concerning our day.. the deep spiritual character of the battle, the deranged – demonic – ‘spirits’ who “despise themselves and their maker” – and the absolute certainty of their ultimate demise – as the revelations continue to unfold – inerrantly – to their ultimate denouement. Thank you Matthew Skow, Nick Stumphauzer, Stew Peters, et al, for the fantastic, prodigiously enlightening film.

  • We definitely don’t need a-hole like Hariri or Schwab. These godless POS need to be considered filthy subhuman.

  • The opening of this video was the most appalling slop masquerading as bible scholarhip i have ever seen.

    the vid told us that the Bible says that an angel it was that taught us the arts of seduction and war and that the name Tubal Cain meant taught by Ba’al.

    this is simply not so . the Bible does not say these things. And the etymology presented for the name of Tubal Cain is on the level of the kind of ignorant games with the origins of words presented by cranks like von Daniken or Sitchin.

    Maybe the Book of Enoch does say some of the above , but the Book of Enoch was not even named as the source, if indeed it was, and no attempt was made to justfiy that the Book of Enoch was part of scripture.

    The plain fact remains that canonical scripture does NOT say the things attributed to it by this video

    and thevideo also commite gross heresy by saying machines whittle away at our divinity.

    humans do not have divinity to lose. this idea is rank heresy.

    We are made in the image of God but that is entirely a different thing.

    the scholarship presented in this opening segment was utterly dishonest and Peters has shot himself in the foot with this farago of nonsense.

    he or the maker of this vid if it were someone else made statements about what the Bible says in total ignorance of what it does say and expects others to be as ignorant of it as he

    this attempt to provide the Biblical and theological basis for his central thesis utterly failed

    and he has discredited himself for either making these statements or endorsing them

    for shame that the true cause against the vaxx genocide should be so fouled by such shoddy scholarship.

    Stew Peters shows that American conservatives are at their very weakest when talking about religion, God Christianity or the Bible because they (I have seen this often before) only regard Holy Writ as a resource for their ideas to be cherry picked at will, not as the Word of God to be reverentialy and carefuly studied and thus speak in ignorance of it constantly

    • Strefanash
      “Canonical scripture does NOT say the things attributes to it by this video”

      I agree, but scripture does NOT say the things attributed to it by MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY either.

      Much of Mainstream Christianity (41,000+ sects and counting) teaches DOGMA & TRADITION, NOT scripture. For instance, mainstream teaches that in the end, good people will go live forever with The Father in heaven where He dwells.

      The Bible teaches otherwise!
      *The Meek shall inherit THE EARTH, NOBODY INHERITS HEAVEN* where YHWH Dwells.
      No scripture anywhere exists about Jesus taking anyone to inherit heaven, quite the OPPOSITE!

      Psalms 115:16
      The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but *the earth hath he given to the children of men.*

      The Heavens belong to GOD THE FATHER, The FIRSTBORN Son Jesus inherits the Earth with his MANY BRETHREN (elohim), born in heaven & their names recorded in the Book of Life before the foundations of the earth were laid.

      The earth is First a schoolhouse for elohim children of The Most High, and afterwards it is our INHERITANCE, joint-heirs with my older brother Jesus.

      I could go on for hours showing with scripture how Christianity has many things all wrong..

      We are perfected through suffering according to scripture… yet Christianity somehow teaches a “rapture” to save Christians from persecution. The Bible teaches that if we are godly, we will be persecuted, even killed.

      Jesus wasn’t Omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent according to scripture. Jesus wasn’t born perfect, didn’t heal the sick, didn’t raise the dead according to scripture… Jesus said The Father did all of those things.

      Many Christians pray to Mary, Jesus and/or saints .. ignoring that Jesus taught to Pray to The FATHER. Mainstream Christianity has been infiltrated and corrupted; MISLED by the Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 imposters.

      But the TRUTH is still hidden in plain sight right in the KJV, it is just interpreted incorrectly – people have been indoctrinated with unscriptural DOGMA so they cannot see the TRUTH that is written on the pages right before them.

      There are three classes of people:
      * Those who can see
      * Those who can see when they are shown
      * Those who cannot see

      — Leonardo Da Vinci

      Most people CANNOT SEE, and cannot or WILL NOT see when they are shown.
      Which one are you? Can you see when shown?

      “You will never find the truth if you are not willing to accept it”
      — old Iraqi Proverb

      *Mainstream Christianity cannot (WILL NOT) answer 3 BIBLICAL RIDDLES:*

      1. *How can the Messiah be the ancestor and offspring of David and The Root of Jesse?*
      Matthew 22:41-45
      Isaiah 11:1-4
      Isaiah 11:10
      Romans 15:12
      (Spoiler: The answer is NOT that Jesus created Adam; Scripture records that The Most High God (YHWH Elohim -Singular) Formed Adam in Genesis 2:7.

      2. *How can some of the apostles be alive in the flesh on earth to see the Second coming of Christ?*
      Luke 9:26-27
      Matthew 16:28
      “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, *which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.”*

      *Jesus is stating that some of the apostles will be alive on earth to see the Second Coming of the Messiah with New Jerusalem.*

      *How can this be?* Didn’t all of the Apostles die? Crucified upside down, sawn in half, etc?

      3. *How are we necessary for ancient prophets perfection?*

      Hebrews 11:
      40 God having provided some better thing for us, that THEY (prophets of old) WITHOUT US should not be made perfect.

      *What does “that they without us should not be made perfect.” Mean??*

      If they lived before us, how could WE be NECESSARY for THEIR perfection?

      Declare if thou hast understanding..
      Chapter & verse Answers upon request.

      God Bless

      • Hi,
        I don’t like the King James Bible,
        I’d much rather have a Geneva Bible or a Tyndale Bible.
        You seem to be a Nit Picker.

        And just my opinion but I Definitely Think you blew it out of Context about the Meek Shall inherit the Earth.
        Instead of Seeing it as a Literary Sense look at it as a Compliment t o those who don’t sign contracts with The Devil.
        The Key Word is Meek , and Earth.
        Inherit is just describing a Job Well Done.

        Door bell ringing be back later.


      • The JWs used to be fanatics regarding translation of the original Old Testament Hebrew, and they PREVIOUSLY had translated the pertinent part of Zechariah 9:9 (New World Translation, 1961) as “and riding upon an ass, even upon a full-grown animal, the son of a she-ass”, which, lo and behold, has the gaul to actually make sense (in terms of what a grown person would choose to ride upon). So what looks to have happened is, the authors of the Gospels (under orders to reverse-engineer the stories to prove the fulfillment of Old Testament scripture and being not fully fluent in Hebrew,) were able to tease out “the son” and “a she-ass” and decided in 2 cases to include both, and in the other just “the son” (presumably figuring “nobody’s going to say someone is supposed to ride 2 donkeys at once”), missing the “full-grown” part and assuming “colt”. So because of the “mistranslationing” in the Gospels, all the recent versions of Zechariah 9:9 have them on variations of “mounted on a donkey, (“and” is added here in some versions) on a colt, the foal of a donkey”, in order that the Gospels show agreement with Zechariah 9:9 (just not with each other). (Somewhat surprised that none of the Gospel authors had them riding 3 donkeys: mom, colt, and foal.)

        Sadly, The (new) New World Translation has thrown out their good translation and now reads in the same cockamamie way as all the other “translations”. (Looking up the verse in KJV of 1611, looks like it’s been mistranslated since day 1611.) Because if we don’t match Z9:9 to the Gospels, then “inerrancy” goes out the window, and, God knows, when it comes to religions (secular and otherwise), dogma must always trump truth.

        I’m certainly not an authority on anything, least of all The Bible, but I’ve dabbled enough to figure out a couple of opinions about it:
        1. Genesis borrows heavily from the Sumerians’ Enuma Elish.
        2. The Hebrews, like modern-day Zionists, won “their” land by means of cutthroat terrorism.
        3. The main thing I got out of the Gospels besides the errancy and reverse-engineering, is the part about “as you do to the least of these, you do to me”, which I take to me that Jesus was saying that he (Jesus) is literally EVERYONE (since everyone can be seen to be “least” in some way) and, ergo, everyone IS JESUS, and everyone, at every moment, is making (what seems to them) the best decision, given what they have been given (by the Creator) to work with, AND NO ONE HAS ANY CHOICE IN WHAT THEY HAVE TO WORK WITH; thus, “free will” is an illusion.
        4. Lately I’ve been pretty impressed with how accurately Revelations seems to have described these End Times (assuming that that is actually what is going on).

        Regarding your questions, Scott, as I HAST no understanding, I’m hoping you might lay some on me: chapter and verse please.
        Thanking you in advance.

  • Alexandra,

    After fusing/mongrelizing
    the races in America—to
    serve U.N.‘s socialist/
    communist purposes :

    As naval folks would say,
    “We’re dead in the eater!” : :

    “ (What I admire most about third-world
    immigrants is their realization that their
    ancestors were people utterly incapable
    of building a functioning society, and
    therefore, if they happened to find
    themselves in a successful country,
    like the U.S., they should shut up,
    listen and learn.) ”


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