The Stew Peters Network is proud to present ‘DIED SUDDENLY’, from the award-winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.
They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now they have this damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

It’s a very important film. Please share as far and wide as possible.

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  • Wild applause and thank you ‘s for the time, effort and resources it took for you to produce this very compelling presentation!

  • This is by far the most important film in recent history. Simply amazing. God bless all of the families effected by this vaccine in such a horrible way.

  • Great presentation! Add to this what Dr Ardis has uncovered about synthetic snake/snail venoms and you get an idea of the degree of sophistication involved with this depopulation endeavor… And Dr Kaufman told us some time ago “there is NO virus”. Need to get Drs Ardis & Kaufman together and I expect even broader understandings will be reached.

  • This film is a real eye opener to what is really going on with drug companies and the covid “vaccines”. My Grandson, a very fit young man with no medical issues, now has myocarditis after being forced to be vaccinated. He is a member of the US army. He had been given leave to come to Ireland for Christmas, but that leave is now cancelled. I got arrange with my own doctor in Ireland to organise tests ( D-Dimer) and examinations to insure he is as well as the army doctors are saying he is. We have not seen this lovely young man for 3 years and now are very concerned for his health and well-being. He believes he is ok and that it what he has been told my Army doctors. His family in the US have been told the same thing. Watching the video, I now have doubts about this. He is serving in Alaska. I need help to help my Grandson. Anyone reading this comment, if you have any idea how to help me help my Grandson I would appreciate a communication.

  • By Anna Von Reitz

    My Fourth Grade teacher, Doris Condie, hated euphemisms with a rare passion. Whenever she caught someone using a euphemism, like “passed on” for “died”, she would quietly correct them — whether child or adult.

    Her argument was simple but devastating.

    When you don’t call something by its real name, you aren’t being honest — not with yourself, and not with others.

    There’s no reason to have fifty words or phrases all meaning the exact same thing, unless you want language to be watered down and confusing, or have some reason to obscure what you are talking about.

    So don’t call inchoate States-of-States “Confederate States”, because they aren’t really States at all.

    Don’t tell me you’re “indisposed”. Tell me you’re sick. Tell me you are taking a shower. Tell me whatever is true, but don’t use a euphemism.

    They make my skin crawl.

    Among all the different kinds of lies there are, euphemisms are the closest to lampreys, and that is ironic, because they are almost always created and invoked to make someone feel better, to soften the blows of reality.

    You’re not short, you’re height challenged.

    You don’t have bad breath, you’ve got halitosis issues.

    You aren’t poor, you’re economically disadvantaged.

    And while all these people are busy pussy-footing around and being so “politically correct” — a euphemism for wishy-washy flannel-mouthed rats, the truth gets bypassed, because the actual message doesn’t get sent.

    A couple months ago another new euphemism leaped onto the world stage: “excess death”.

    What they are talking about is the increase in the overall number of deaths taking place in all age groups and all social strata since the Vermin deployed the “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent transfer of any disease, and doesn’t prevent symptoms of anything, but does appear to be linked– circumstantially– to “excess death”.

    Maybe you or one of your family members experienced “excess death” this fall, one of the 40 percent more healthy robust people to just fall down dead for no apparent reason.

    Forty percent more. That’s a helluva lot of “excess death” above and beyond anything that we would normally expect to see. Almost half again as many deaths as normal. Instead of a hundred corpses at your Funeral Home, you are seeing 140.

    That’s not “excess” that is wild beyond all probability.

    That’s millions of more deaths every week, every month, and, so far, yes, every year.

    The Undertakers can’t keep up. The Coroners either. The Death Business is absolutely booming. The supply chain boondoggles mean fewer coffins delivered. The buildup of “excess deaths” means we are running out of conventional morgue and freezer space.

    Hospitals and Nursing Homes are quietly bringing in refrigerated semi-truck trailers and parking them in the back parking lot, filling them up with “excess death participants”.

    Sounds like the Stiffs were playing a game, or staging a live action play, doesn’t it?

    How about just saying all these beautiful, lively, spunky people died long before their time, taking their skills and insights and talents with them, leaving the rest of us bereft.

    And why don’t we stop calling it “excess death”? Let’s just call it what it is — death caused by for-profit corporations “making a killing”— literally.

  • Great documentary. How long will it take for people to connect the dots? I have a very smart friend that took the shot even though I sent links and warned him. He was even getting boosted. So sad. He said he knew people that died of covid. This was early. At the time I did not know to ask did they die from covid or with covid? This has been a learning curve for many of us. Luckily my entire family rejected any and all jabs.

  • It’s an excellent work, thanks for making it available.
    This should work for those that are curious enough to dig, but unlikely for normal sheep.

    3 years have passed, so far all they learned (?) is that vax doesn’t work great, and they are supposedly “smart” people that went to good school.
    They remind me of Sheep that I heard from news circling the same spot for days in China ( )

  • Dear God it is the vaccine. Thank you Lord for guiding me away for getting any type of vaccine. Through the grace of God I’ve been spared.

  • Very sad. My mum died from a stroke after the AZ shot. I warned her about these experimental shots and the last time we spoke was me being so angry because she told me it was her choice. I worry for my 3 children who have had 3 shots each because they would have lost their jobs and they all stopped seeing me because I was always trying to tell them of the dangers. Seeing this show just confirms what I always believed. This is a way to reduce the population. Its a well produced show and hopefully it will wake some people up. I have shared and shared so much. Everyone treats me like a conspiracy theorist.

    • They’ve given my dad 4 shots now. I sent him Dr Zelenskyy’s Z Stack pills and bicarbonate for removing heavy metals from his system. I hope he listens to me. He has runaway skin cancer now and diabetes. He was fine before these shots.

  • This makes me sad, I tried so many times over the last 2 years to warn people, i lost a few people over the last 2 years, I will share this but will they listen. I will never give up on them, I love you all.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, and don’t be too sad.
      You already did the best as you could, and it’s their problem for not listening.

      Personally, I did not lose anybody close (luckily), but I know some got severely sick after taking shots.
      And it’s true that people actually die after taking shot as I hear from a few people around me, was also on news around early 2021.

  • “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J Edgar Hoover


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