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This is the transfer of our sovereignty to the United Nations.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • A MSM interview of the UN Secretary General during one of the Bush regimes revealed the the UN admitted to undermining the US Constitution – SECRETLY!

    It was during the Obama regime that the US Congressional Republican Cows signed the Obamacare bill into law without ever reading it. But only after Obama cut a bigger piece of the government largess pie for the insurance companies; “corporations” for the purpose of identifying enemies of the nation as founded. Corporations guided by bean counters who worship profits and can not see beyond the bottom line. Rudderless, amoral bean counter CEO’s who believe their sole mission in life is corporate profit for which they will sacrifice almost anything including their very souls!

    I warned everyone that if this bill is passed into law every last American might as well be tattooed, “property of the USG” on their butts!

    After much protesting Rush Limbaugh assured “conservatives” not to worry, that he would surely let us know when the nation was in danger of being lost. This gets to the heart of our sorrows.

    I respectfully suggest the following remedial speech given buy Dr, Ben Carson –

    We have been warned, many times and have ignored the warnings many times with the aid of false friends, false conservative friends, false cowardly conservative friends, false Republican friends!

    Alan West comes to mind here. Remember him? He was the new black Republican hope, until he crossed Republican leadership when he said he was shocked to see so many Communists in the US Congress and some were Republicans. The Republicrat Uniparty simply redistricted his congressional district, the Commiecrats then ran a used car salesman against him and dear old Conservative Republican “I’m gonna destroy the Tea Party” Mitch McConnell blackballed him for life!

    These “friends” did the same thing to California US Congressman Bob Dornan, remember?

    Our Communist chickens have come home to roost! What are we going to do about it now that they’ve picked off so many of our leaders?

  • How does anyone take that Ukrainian clown seriously? He shops at the same place Fetterman goes to: the Viet Cong Pajama Fatigue Collection at Ross Dress For Less.

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