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Leftist Confesses to Charlie Kirk, the plan to steal 2024 Election using Illegal Aliens.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The irony that voting illegally in an election bars one from ever becoming a citizen of this country…

  • Hi Alexandra,

    Just so you know, if I send You a link to something and you like it …..please Post it as, Presented by You.

    I am not about, needing credit for anything.

    As I no longer use e-mail, my communication with You is through your Comment Board.

    I will comment about some of the vids that you post as anyone else.

    A Fan of Yours.



  • I first read the title too fast and thought they were talking about pulling the Wernher von Braun alien plan! Real aliens for 2024 is where I’m putting my illusionary vote! Out of curiosity what would the co-owned American British fascist technocracy of Canada decides to ‘invade’ sending their vast swaths of unvaxxed dissident heathens from the norther boarder as well? Irony is that there are probably just as many illegal Canadians living in America, 2-4 million a year since they last started keeping track. Americans just don’t care about Canadians being illegal, shh if you know a Canadian in America they’re probably illegal. We do this because our dollar is nothing in comparison and our government doesn’t really care either. NY constantly buses their illegals to Roxam Road! It’s all a joke distraction to get us to ignore the real things in our lives. Politics of division instead of seeing that we’re all human and being screwed by every government everywhere, us coming together despite our differences is what they are really afraid of. A Luke and Jimmy Dore interview reminded me of that. So I’ll be waiting at the road now donning my foil for the pickup to my Canadian NWO re-education camp. Hopefully that works for me because the governments only funded MAID(medical assistance in dying) instead of Health Care properly.

  • Comrade Stalin correctly said once: it matters not who votes. It matters who counts the votes.

    In NJ you do not have to show any ID. In fact, all you have to do is to sign a ballot and drop into special mail type boxes placed on public sidewalks. Thereafter, there is no one to verify. NO ONE. There is no protocol to verify at all.

    On top of that, gov. Murphy allowed illegals to have driver licenses, no questions asked (while citizens have to go thru verification process


  • I have to say, Alexandra, that you adjusted your comment board, to show awaiting moderation.

    So the previous video, is the first time that you posted a comment, from me.

    I can’t believe that you never received any previous comments….I will blame my browser, as I just disabled the Secret Agent Extension…..perhaps that is it.

    It gives me a weird feeling.

    • Due to receiving thousands of scam comments filled with ads for Japanese sex dolls, I moderate the site comments. There is an AI installed on my site called Wordfense and if someone uses a *really* bad word, the comment goes straight to Trash and then I don’t see until a few days that this happened and then I usually approve it anyway.

      • I sent many items to you.

        So I have to assume that you never received any of them.

        Previously I used the name Red Bird… I guess it flew the coupe (nest)….. 🙂

      • AB, you can forward all those Japanese sex doll ads right over to my email to add to my collection; speaking of which (sort of), not that I can afford to partake, but with the border invasion has come a BIG upgrade in the products on offer via the “escort” ads for Detroit. I’m considering tryna learn Spanish.

        Jones mentioned the census; the next one isn’t until 2030. Could be a whole different world by that time. AJ

  • This is a typical Alex Jones presentation.

    The people talking, have no authority, mandated or otherwise, to speak officially, it is their opinions only.

    It is a political campaign message from Jones.

    For federal elections, where are the Republicans blocking this illegal voting, with laws being passed.

    The coordination for this scheme, requires a lot, unless it is one of a dozen things to clog the voting pipeline.

    It is empty emotional propaganda and dogma……social propaganda.

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