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    by Waking the World up

    Biden read this from a script so it’s not one of his dementia acts. They don’t fck up on these, this was intentional.

    “I also convened my entire Cabinet as part of a whole-of-government response. And that response is to [the] increase [in] the number and intensity of the extreme weather events and be wary — we’re going to be — use all the resources available to the government to do it.”

    Here is the White House Transcript.

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      • Was the Taliban trolling Joe Biden with an ice cream pic?

        The far-right thinks Taliban-ice cream photo is secret message to POTUS.

        (B : far- right? Coz the left can’t meme? The Tailan gots the chops, apparently.).

        David Covucci Posted on Aug 20, 2021 Updated on Aug 20, 2021, 11:19 am CDT

        If there’s one thing President Joe Biden loves, it’s chomping down on some ice cream. Pictures of him enjoying a cone constantly go viral, it’s become a comparison meme, and he once managed to deflect a question about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot but saying he was just trying to get some ice cream.

    • I’d love to have Amazon deliver unto him and the rest of DC a 5 Megaton “Extreme Weather Event”.
      “Climate Change” would then become an accepted fact, but they wouldn’t be around to promote it.

      • Don’t pay too much attention to it, because that’s exactly what they want.
        Negativity affects our vibration, and it does also affect other people around us.

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