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    Are you “awake” or are you AWAKE?
    Let me know after running through this Thread 💉🧵


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    Appealing to the old sparkys – Malone,McCullough, ADAMS , Ruby, JONES, PETERS,ZEEE…. – 802.15.6-.5.-4. IEEE – Are We Being Truthful?‽? – WHY AREN’T ANY OF YOU TALKING ABOUT IT???
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    Exposure to rf electromagnetic energy decreases aggressive behavior;2-G
    Why are people so docile and Compliant?
    They are turning humans into 5G-6G-7G antennas and servers/routers with each jab.
    This is the 2030Agenda ultimate goal: to be able to track & trace down to the cellular level and transmit data through our DNA in real time to control nano-robotics inside of us… I.E:
    A.I. Personal “Healthcare”/ “Precision Healthcare” done in your smart home with Biosensors all around you and inside of you!

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    • Eh, you can’t do anything much about “their” planet.
      But you can only protect yourselves from getting affected by their shits (For example, I, alone could still manage not to follow C19 scam protocol, and I did not lose my job).
      Having the right knowledge is important, but no need to overdo it by digging rabbit hole too deep.
      And focus on creating the place you want to be after this life.
      …something like that.

    • I think “ride it on through” is the correct path. . I wasn’t quite sure whether you had been vaxxed or it was your two children who had been vaxxed. If you got the vax, don’t get more, that is what the wise doctors say. Then also realize that your body can eliminate some of this. I have been flipped out since the beginning of the vax rollout because my son went down and got a bunch —like four. There was not one thing I could do to stop him. He was in a deep hypnotic trance and still is, although now it’s climate change. I think he might have gotten spooked by something, though, because he wants to get one of those cold plunges to reduce inflammation. Huh???

    • Times up . Everybody put down your pencils and turn in your test papers .
      Cheating was allowed . Compliance was optional .
      Sleeping through the whole thing was OK .
      Failure comes from getting lost in the game by making the wrong choices .
      Don’t worry you get a do over if you didn’t make it to the next level.
      The whole point of being here was to learn about you , what to do with it comes next .
      You are the galactic’s incarnate heroes here to experience life in the most difficult time on Earth in it’s 3rd density existence. Survival was never an option life and death are fixed points ,in between you play and act your way to complete the script you chose when you decided to come here . Don’t worry real people can’t really die anyway even if you get lost ,some others did though from very bad choices . Things got really out of hand here but the cavalry came and we got restored to our former glory and now we get to check out or stay and live our best lives ever.

    • The sky is falling ! The sky is falling ! Great scare tactics !
      So, what are you going to do about it ??? What is the solution ???
      PINOs (Patriots In Name Only) don’t talk about or think about solutions.
      They just want to depress everyone, because they enjoy it.
      The Big Oily People & the Green New Dealers only want to hang on to
      the thieving crony capitalism that they benefited from.

      If you want to know how any book story ends, you must read the final chapters.
      Likewise, Chapters 21 & 22 of Revelation, the last 2 pages of the Bible,
      describes the far superior benign technologies deployed in the NCJ,
      and the Results of deploying such, i.e., Revelation 21:4
      Phony Christians don’t care to know what is written there.

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