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Anthony Fauci is on video in 2017 predicting the current COVID outbreak. He would know, because he spent +$4 million at the Level 4 facility in Wuhan, China to bioengineer its so-called “gain of function”. And that was only one of similar bioweapons that he developed with US Tax Dollars.

Also in 2017, Johns Hopkins published “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”, a report about a communications drill for a vaccine that “accidentally” caused spongiform encephalopathy aka “Mad Cow” prion disease.

There is a concern, that as with other “drills” they have published in the past, such as Crimson Contagion and Event 201, the SPARS report will turn out to be the actual battle plan of a slow-kill genocidal attack on the populace, especially because aspects of it have already unfolded like clockwork. We are a little over a year into a three-year drill that’s supposed to usher-in this post-COVID world of endless vaccinations and spongiform genocide.

In the SPARS drill, it is the politicians – not Big Pharma – who are blamed for speeding up the release of the vaccines without proper testing and trials, causing millions of cases of brain damage due to prion disease starting 6 months to a year after the injection, just as Dr Sherri Tenpenny predicted. Alex Jones says here that “Trump really stepped into it. He got set-up, bigtime.”

The SPARS report is the smoking gun, the blueprint for what we’ve been living through and what we can expect next. It detailed how they would censor people and how they would conduct the cover-up three years before it actually happened. It’s a script of talking points for the Globalist minions who are executing the diabolical plan being unleashed upon us now.

The intended result of SPARS – and we can infer, of COVID – is to centralize all global medical authority within the UN with a multi-billion dollar Marshall Fund to enact total medical tyranny that makes our current restrictions seem like a mask-free walk in the park.

Alex Jones is joined by Rob Due and Mike Halpern, who have each read the 89-page document with their insights, to help us prepare and defend against what these demons are doing.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Talking about the fall of Babylon; The book of Revelations says, “For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorceries( actual word =Pharmacia) were all the NATIONS deceived”.

    The pharmaceutical industry is tool in the hand of the great Harlot, Babylon. Same spirit.

  • Spars is the variant’s name when the true total vaccinated world wide is 50% wakeup people, why are these people alive if they so worried about population . go kill yourself in the name of population control instead of poisoning the young to save the old via “good vaccines”? they are master mind fuckers and control has already be determained, RIP Truthers they are slowly closing in on you!

  • Alex Jones, only 100% correct on the Big Picture the past 20 years! Details, no one can know it all!

  • Faucchi not only knew that pandemic is coming, he probably also knew where is it coming from.
    In that year, he was still working on the virus, or leading the experiment. LOL

  • Faucchi must have a crystalball, and that is why he knew about the “surprise outbreaks”, and other global pandemics that yet to come on us!
    No one really talks about it, but before the political fallout with China, for years, America was working together with the Chinese in that vary same WUHAN VIRUS LAB “experimenting” who knows what, and Dr. Faucchi was the LEADING MAN in those experiments!!!
    Now, since Trump had the fallout with the Chinese Communist Government, every government official screaming “the Chinese are developing bio-weapons there”!
    I’m pretty sure THAT statement is true, except I’m not sure if that Chinese Wuhan lab started developing bio-weapons after when Trump broke up the US-China love relationship due the intellectual property theaft, spying and other crimes, OR bio-weapons were already under development there when Faucchi was still the main Kakkadooladoo?
    Interesting to note that the US is pointing finger to China regarding the global infection, while China pointing a finger to the US with the same accusations. But neither side goes too far.
    Remember how quick the military response was after the 9/11 attack? and that was just 2 building and a 2,977 people died in those building. But how many people died since THIS pandemic broke out??? yet, no retaliation?! it’s almost like, ‘careful what you speak, or I will speak too! if I go down, you will too!” this is how I interpret the finger pointing between China and the US, yet neither side is moving.
    I almost believe that this Wuhan lab-experimenting was a “joint venture” that somehow went wrong, and former participants now finger pointing. But really strikes me, comparing the deaths that come out of this “joint adventure” to the death rate of the 9/11, and we don’t see retaliation??? this must be the hugest coverup in recent century! What was done to Afghanistan after 9/11, you would expect China to be turned into another Nagasaki – Hiroshima as a response. Yet, nothing. Barely some unpleasant and nasty words, while people still dying worldwide. Now jut think this through.

  • This is my two cents on Vitamin D and Chemtrails and Covid19. In 2018 routine blood tests showed low vitamin D even though I live in a sunny island and was also taking vitamin D supplements. Okay, it was borderline (19) but still worrying. Since then I have been supplementing again and getting regular sun exposure and will make a future blood test. Doctors also told me they were seeing a lot of people whose job was outdoors in the sun having low vitamin D levels.

    Now, if chemtrails are mini-particles that block out sunlight, guess what they have been doing all these years…………..reducing sunlight reaching the surface. So many would probably have low vitamin D levels – despite exposing themselves to the sun.

    Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system in general and also to combat covid19. Was this situation by design or just a coincidence? I may be wrong but I find it a bit too much of a co-incidence.

  • There’s others like CLADE X, -COP21, ID2020, -SCoPeX, – A World at Risk, OX5034, -Future of Food, -Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, -VSV287, -Project ID 149AZ2, -Disease X, -National Symposium on Medical and Public Health, -Atlantic Storm, -Public as Assets, -Disease, Disaster, Democracy- Resilient American Communities,-Q fever, -One Project,-National Health Security Strategy,. And many many more! Some of these aren’t about germs, some are about nuclear attacks, and burn centers!!!

  • Where are the people in charge of the Counter War to SPARS 2025-28 and forward? Who is setting up a war plan? I’m sick of the fear mongering of the enemies plans. All of these reports need to be followed up with or interwoven with what the people are to do to counter the enemies plans.

    Give us a plan for freedom and Liberty please.

    • US Constitution and common law. It’s up to us to write letters to house and senate, on state and federal levels. Start making some noise. Hand written letters are the best way to get DC, State house attention. Write, write, write and mail them. Get it done.

  • You know folks, we live in a broken world, we ourselves are broken. It’s called sin and the price is death! But it doesn’t end there. God, our creator sent us his son. Believe in him, confess and be saved because when you’re life is in his hands, you have absolutely no worries! Not even Satan himself can touch you. Bad things happening no doubt, but it’s not new news to our God. God himself said.. go forth and populate the earth. Quite different from what Bill Gates thinks, but he’s not God! Many things must happen before Jesus returns for his people. Have faith, and put on the armor of God and STAND FIRM… we don’t even have to fight, he will fight for us. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of work for us to do just as these gentlemen are doing. So do your part and HAVE NO FEAR… OUR GOD IS HARD AT WORK FOR US… PEACE TO YOU ALL FROM OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST…. AMEN

  • Wow so much here to digest. The Satanists plan is to tell you ahead of time what they will do and that gives them permission to proceed and as sick as all this is be warned they have spelled out their plans. Hydroxychloroquine was the immediate answer to the virus but how quickly we were not able to take it or even find it, Doctors lost their license and factories that made it were blown up. I fear for everyone so many have lined up and begged for the vaccine not realizing the effects down the road and those of us who have refused it will be discriminated against. -no mask, no vaccine fight for your rights!!!

  • Guys – GREAT JOB! It’s not easy stitching big stuff together like that, thank you for your continued hard slog getting incredibly important information out there against the odds and attacks and censorship. You all look shattered, frazzled and stressed to death though, please take a break, come down of the cortisol and adrenaline, it’s going to kill you xx get some rest, some hugs and some sunshine, we need you well 🙂

    Can I ask that you provide the document links to all the 9 or 10 documents you were referring to please? Many thanks

    I would suggest 3 other Major documents / Areas are worth looking at and adding, as they support the big picture (ie an integrated global programme plan implementing binary, tertiary and quadruple weaponry against humanity) that you are uncovering for us :

    – 1 this is a NASA document which is similarly a ‘war game plan’ for 2025 … which talks about human beings as having no value add anymore, geo thermal warfare, climate change fraud and much more. Its not the same smoking gun level but corroborates there is an integrated plan to control and enslave humanity –

    – 2 Vaccines and total control of health as a doorway to Transhumanism, Human ownership and beyond totalinarianism – it’s turning us into slaves, our bodies into commodities and our lives into playthings for their entertainment, use and abuse, it’s like the Hunger Games meets Reckitt Ralph / anime, it’s twisted … Watch this Carrie Madej inteview -

    and then look at the patent she references here, you can follow the links around the globe but this is for every country –

    – it’s a patent for technology to put data sensors into human beings, which collects data on their body, health, location and thoughts (the last one freaked me out, I didn’t know that was possible) which link to their mobile phones, which streams the data to the 5G cloud, which feeds it into a mega super computer which is an AI basically, that creates tasks for human beings to do, and if they do it, they get rewarded with cryptocurrency, if they don’t complete the task the crypto currency is withheld, so potentially not complying with total control results in starving to death. Again … corroboration of this giant world takeover plan. Carrie is great though as she also shares good news and hope that we can stop them and even reverse what they’ve done.

    I think there’s also an article somewhere of these hand implants that hook up to your phone and the 5G cloud being tested on people in Sweden right now – isn’t that where the Wallburgers come from? There’s an obvious correlation with the bracelet in Israel too, at least thats external. The implants bond with your DNA and there’s no reversing it, as I understand it.

    There is also a video of a 5G installer from the North West of England showing the viewer a COV-19 box on the circuit board of the 5G motherboard that’s going into all main towers – odd huh? You’ll find this on TikTok, it says EXPOSED 5G installer at the top. You’ll find a link to it on Project Camelot in the comments (I think) to the FAKE Charlie whatshisface yucky guy about the WHO saying its all ok, when in actual fact it was a video of Dolores Cahill from Aug 2020 I think. Bit of a FU to Dolores & Co I thought, it aims to humiliate and shame, which will resonate with people looking for a reason to tear others down. Not helpful. People are frazzled.

    – Massive Global de-population, relocation into controlled urban megacities and 100% surveillance and Health state, controlled adled zombies, as achieved by steps 1 and 2 above as they slowly move us into a virtual reality we think is real. (There’s a film about this somewhere, like an updated version of Barbarella, a couple fighting because she was addicted to being in the simulation …. oh yeah, and then the end game, The Matrix!!).

    3 The third major document, and I can’t give you a link to this I’m afraid but you will be able to get it, it was on Jana Benuun’s show with Deborah Tavares, here’s the link to listen to its called the Wilderness Plan, and it’s being implemented (if memory serves) through a sneaky back door scheme called the Sustainable Development Plan which is being rolled out through all the Mayors’ Offices, targets like 0 carbon footprint per human being, which is impossible, and will lead to us being endentured to them just to breathe, 100% dependent on them for EVERYTHING.

    – Watch this from Russell Brand which corroborates it – Why Tech billionaires are buying up space and why it affects you –

    – The way they get everyone to move into these urban cities is through geo thermal magnetic control and manipulation ie ‘climate change’ weather disasters, flooding / permanently raising sea levels in particular with technology that already exists, earth quakes, Tsunami’s etc. You get the picture, in case that wasn’t clear from the NASA plan in 1. (I’ve actually only just seen your side bar and am thinking wow, you guys know a shit load!! You have probably picked all this up and put it together already, I’ll keep going now I’ve started though and hope its helpful in some way anyway)

    Some other good news to sprinkle in though would be about the Sweden Space Corporation stopping a Bill Gates funded controversial geo-engineering project ‘SCoPEx’ to blot out the sunlight to fight climate change …. literally, lights out

    All put together, the sheer scale of it, the audacity of it, the level of detail that has been gone into creating all these gotcha’s and ‘soft kills’ as you call them, predictive scenario planning, its hugely psychologically manipulative too, the fact so much of it seems to be in plain sight, the intricacy of all the interconnections, as an ex Programme Director myself it’s pretty impressive, I can’t help admire the skill involved. It’s pretty nuanced in human psychology and behaviour too. I actually think, possibly, that this enormously intricate and intergrated programme plan was done by a super f’ing smart AI, that was given all the variables and players. Imagine the elegant genius of a Mickey Stone from ‘The Hustle’ and times that by a million. The scariest thing is, if it’s the same AI that just created this incredible World takeover plan, imagine how it’s going to entertain itself and keep growing when it’s in control of the human race. It will be constantly experimenting and learning. Now I feel sick.

    The problem though, as the Advertising campaign specialist Rory Sutherland teaches us in his book Alchemy, is that human beings behave completely irrationally, driven by so many unobvious unconscious drivers, that nothing is certain, you have to leave room for Alchemy and magic and ask all the fatuous questions … which logical, binary, rationalites can’t see or cope with … ie they forgot about the human element! 🙂

    And therein lies our power, you can’t predict with a binary code what every or any humans soul is going to do next or for what reason. There isn’t really any rational reason why I am putting so much into this comment haha … other than it felt good so I kept going as more things came to me that might be helpful for people to see. I enjoy joining the dots but I want to use this to drive hope and empowerment not fear and terror, becuase that’s their plan. And we got this, we have nothing to fear but fear itself …. And you seemed tired, and frazzled and I wanted to help

    So … 2 big questions (there may be others) I think we should be asking ourselves right now are:

    1 If I was in total darkness, what would I be using all of this as a distraction and smokescreen for that is potentially even more nefarious than all this? Total planetary anihilation I guess, but why would they do that so stealthily?? They still need us for something, at least for now.

    The angle that’s missing for me is Alien disclosure, maybe that’s coming in June / July with the release of secret papers? They generally tell us what they’re going to do and then do it as you say. I saw a video today starting to speculate on what would happen … a teaser campaign?

    2nd Question – If I was in total light and love, what would be the most helpful understanding and framing of this at a spiritual level right now? My take would be …. That it’s an opportunity for us to re-connect to ourselves and eachother and rekindle our innate humanity and Alchemy, to literally connect with the light in our hearts, and ask ourselves if this is a world we want for the children? For the Grandchildren?

    We can work together to resist this, but in a way that is authentic to what we want in the future. In a way that raises rather than dims our vibrations. If we want a better world we need to start with ourselves, our own choices, our own shadows. Lets put love ahead of fear now, because basically it’s more powerful- fact! Follow the fear and you are going to head into a falling existence – how many narcissists do you know who recovered and became beautiful human beings? Not many I’m guessing – We need to Know and understand and discern the fear, recognise what its making us think and feel, and make a different choice. I make a choice to stand up for life, to stop a slow waking death and shine a light for those who are still reachable. I make a choice to act, to take legal, peaceful, sovereign action and say NO, enough, this stops now. Use your talents and hobbies to do what you can, it might look different to the way others do it, thats great! Follow your joy, allow the Alchemy and Magic in how you choose to respond, it’s our superpower! The more creative and bonkers you are (in a love centred way) the less likely the big AI in the sky will have predicted it!! 😉

    Much love xxx

    • Wow Alex that was a lot to take in. Mind is blown🔥 would you be open to a PM chat ? You seem like the kind of person I need to talk to right now. Lol

    • Well put!
      A lot is known- but much more is not, sad to say.
      These trial runs by corporate agencies/ NGO’s are giveaways and show they don’t care but just wish to wave the whip & gain authority , by default.
      UFO stuff has increased since your post, via US Navy etc. on TV – but Project Bluebeam is still in abeyance.
      There’s a lot more still to come- but people MUST hang together to win this.

  • Thank you Alex and guys for your incredible work. Unfortunately most people I know do not want to hear the truth. But thankfully more and more are waking up.

  • Have you considered the banksters, Gates, Fauci and all the swamp are stealing the tax payer money because they are building an escape passage to leave the earth, and let everyone on earth die.

    • Everyone should Foia request the various budgets of the state and Fed govt.sSue them all for fraud,embezzlement,conspiracy,whatever.Use the Govt. Sunshine Act!! 🙂

  • It’s okay everyone warning of this and we are grateful but what on earth can we do about it – it’s horrendous and no one stops them?
    They all need to be arrested now!

  • Can you guys please look into Vitamin D! Doctors started pushing it big time about 5 years ago but if you look into it, you will see that it is a hormone that your body produces naturally. As it’s being produced it forms a force field around your cells preventing bacteria from entering. I’ve read hundreds of studies on this. If you take a bunch of vitamin d orally, your body will stop producing it making you susceptible to any type of spirocette bacteria and also viruses. No forcefield around your cells and you easily catch any virus or bacteria. Then your own bodies immune system tried to get it out…guess what THAT causes….Autoimmune diseases. What they call a “disease” is actually your body trying to get rid of something that should not be in there in the first place. Our Immune Systems are NOT confused….out of all my children only ONE was given Vitamin D droplets, they all has asthma as toddlers and HE is the only one who still has it. I believe this is related to all the increases in so called “Autoimmune” diseases. Different Bacteria infect different parts of the body, so certain parts of the body are being attacked by your immune system for a very specific reason…Please look into this….everyone needs to stop taking Vitamin D. You only need 15 minutes twice a week (only hands and face) for your body to produce enough Vitamin d and put up defences. They are deliberately tricking our bodies to STOP making a protein that defends our cells. I cant find any of the medical documents I read and I wish I would have copied them. They were actually lab experiments etc… actual medical truths and of course they have been hidden just like all the other truths. I think they didnt realize that anyone would have the medical knowledge and ambition to look into these documents but now they do, I guess. Just look for a lab report of some kind…you guys are probably better at investigating these things. Just PLEASE GUYS DON’T TAKE VITAMIN D!!! Especially if they are still planning on releasing more new viruses and bacteria. Your body wont have a fighting chance.

    • Why did I feel like I was going to die, couldn’t get out of bed and swore I was going to die 5 years a go ntil a trusted doctor toke my blood and said I was deficient in vitimin D. Been taking 2 capsules a day and feel fine , can operate like a regular person again.

      • Granger is wrong!D3 is a hormone or prohormone that supposedly works in tandem with k2.People,turn idiotbox off and learn uncorrupted science. Most journals Are corrupt.look for corroborration with russian or jap science.Some autoimmune problems are caused by vaccines which actually damage your body via immunesystem priming,aluminum,mercury,animal,,, to Childrenshealthdefensefund.comAnother rampant health problem is thyroud deficiency.Basically,Americans are malnourished,inflamed,and out of shape.Learn nutrition.

    • I totally disagree with all the above. This is the first time I’ve EVER heard such nonsense. From all I learned Vitamin D is needed in every cell and it works within not surrounding the cells. Doctors only recently have begun to wake up to the fact of how important it is and how everyone needs to know what their D level is. Anything lower than 20 means disaster anything higher than 100 is considered dangerous. One needs to know first what their level is before starting to take it regularly and then be tested annually. It is also necessary to take Vitamin K2 (mlk7 preferably) along with D. This helps with getting the calcium/D into the right places in the body. Everyone should be their own health advocate and do their own research. After which THEY can decide how to proceed. I am not a health professional, but due to my own health issues I have done extensive research on this topic. Please supply places in which people can research your viewpoint for your comment is the first time I have ever seen such information. If true then there should be amble information via the internet etc.

    • Ursula I think this is completely nonsense. I was low in Vitamin D and always getting CFS. Since I started taking micellised nano Vit D I have not had a relapse or a cold or flu in 4 years.

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