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A new genre of video is cropping up about the microscopic black strands that are being found in both the swabs used in COVID testing and in the disposable face masks.

Seeing these strands, I was reminded of the strange microscopic objects that have been found in skin lesions of those suffering from Morgellons disease.

What’s even creepier is that these strands exhibit the characteristics of very small-scale micro-robots, in that they move in response to heat and moisture. Are these approved swabs and masks being used to deliver synthetic biology into their human hosts? Is that why Joe Biden issued an Executive Order that disallows bandannas on public transport, in favor of Chinese PPEs?

Synthetic biology combines genetics, robotics and nano-technology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. In 2011, Sofia Smallstorm gave presentations on “The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology”, in which she discussed nano fibers: moving, growing nano-bots integrating themselves with man.

Smallstorm and others believe these high-tech substances are being released via secretive high aerosol spraying programs, causing her to ask whether geoengineering was only about experimenting with weather?

It’s interesting that the discovery of these Morgellons-like strands  is coinciding with a widespread announcement of Bill Gates’ plans to blot out the sun, essentially confessing that the same guy who is the primary financier of the WHO, GAVI, Event 201 and mRNA vaccine technology has likely been the eminence grise behind chemtrails, all along. But it’s all good, because muh Climate Change.

Equally interesting is that these developments coincide with the warning about blue and gray disposable face masks issued by Canada’s health agency, that they contain microscopic graphene particles associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.”

These Chinese-made masks were part of Canada’s public school reopening plan, in which students would be required to wear them in the classroom to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, children have been complaining that they feel as though they were inhaling cat hair while wearing them. It turns out they’ve been inhaling an asbestos-like substance.

The provincial government of Quebec has issued a directive to various ministries of Canada to stop distributing these SNN200642 masks and to “keep them in a safe place now.”

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  • these are LIVE MORGELLONS FIBERS !!!!!! brought to u by your government !! also sprayed all over us via geoengineering !!!

  • I have seen a report in mid-2020 showing the same strands that move by themselves. I nthat report several issues were stated:
    (a) The strands and/or the nanoparticles that were at that time found in a swab contained traces of radioactive Technetium (Tc) with the atomic number 43. It is produced as a side product of fission in uranium or plutonium reactors.
    (b) Seemingly these strand aree heat resistant.
    (c) At the ends of the strands magnification shows finger-like protusions as if they were intended to burry themselves deep into human tissue.
    (d) It was shown that certain “hairs” appeared on tissues that had been exposed to the swab showing that it required substantial force to pull one of these “hairs” out from the skin. It might be assumed that these “hairs” were identical with with strand shown in this video.

    It is important that these findings are scientifically verified.

  • I have these all over my room, I’ve got 1 that’s from a pair of gym shorts,the drawstring, I’ve been infected with what is called Morgellon’s Fungi and nanotechnology.this has been going on for 6 years already ,in fact I’m being attacked by them as I type this

    • im glad to see someone else knowing what these are on here! definitely live MORGELLONS FIBERS!! been going on alot longer than 6 yrs tho my auntie has been pulling them out of her skin for over a decade and putting them under the microscope!! ive seen them tons of times its crazy how when u have them in some tweezers and u putnur finger close to it, the creepy thing moves towards ur finger every time it senses u!!! fkn crazy huh! this is what nightmares are made of. everyone has these morgellons fibers in their body now, but some people like my auntie have them reallllll bad. These fibers have been sprayed on us via GEOENGINEERING for well over a decade. i once saw them falling from the sky at hight when my moms bright ass porch light came on and was pointing towards the sky, i saw millions of them coming down they were almost whiteish yet clear looking, when i got in my moms house i was freakin out telling her about it so she went and saw them too we came back in and pulled them off my babys sweater and had them pinched holding them with tweezers thats when they were going towards my finger🤢🤮🤯

  • It is called “Morgellons”. It is a new type polymer-based of biomechanical, man-made, life-form. I have seen the DARPA patents for them. They call it “smart dust”. This first turned up in America over a decade ago. This was the last MSM news report I am aware of, where a famous athlete and his entire family were afflicted. Total media black out since then. WATCH:

  • It would be helpful if the researchers could provide additional information. This will allow others to obtain similar masks to evaluate. Useful info would be date of purchase, place of purchase. packaging media individually wrapped or bulk box; mask brand, model / style / type, ID or or batch, number. Also useful would be an explanation of how mask evaluated. Microscope brand and model, date of examination, parameters used for examination like magnification and any slide prep. Anything that would allow others to replicate findings. Thanks

  • This is becoming quite frequent now , there is a disease known as Morgellons Disease , these fibres create skin sores and work there way out, sometimes it is painful , there is a natural cure using sea salt , real iodine from sea weed , and brown rice

  • This reminds me of the threads people get from morgellons disease.they need to be compared under microscope.

  • You guys I did it. Yes it’s true. Please do it fir yourselves. Please. Been wearing these sick things off/on over a year! WTf?????!!!!?

  • As people are stating below this is clearly Morgellons. Morgellons is actually the effect of runaway dysfunction of the nano-tech that is being put in our air, water, food and now apparently masks and swabs. The global elite never intended for the nano-tech to become so obvious as we see with the Morgellons black hairs.

    The following video gives the full agenda behind Morgellons and gives the clinical remedy to deactivate the nano-tech that can become Morgellons. The remedy is Boron and apple cider vinegar. Please watch the following critical video and share this with as many as you can.

  • What mask are you referring to ? Does Kn95 have these issues? CDC says it tested these mask and are safest rated. Your opinion?

  • I can not understand why so many people run to get their shots and wear their masks and then fall off the cliff like poor lemmings!

  • These are nanobots created by the Reptilians and the Chinese; the nanobots both control and manipulate human behavior in humans. They are preparing humans to become biological robots. Anyone else with comments please email me at

  • Sure! They are Morgellons and they are not a new parasite. They havew been around for at least 10 years that I know of. They are on some fruits and veggies but also in the chem trail air sprays.

  • Couple of months ago forbidden knowledge posted two videos, one with a German scientist who’s name can’t recall who spoke about Morgellons and showed similar immages

      • do you have a link or specs on the type of microscope to get to start screening items on our own? I saw a few affordable models on AmScopes….? Thank you!

          • Actually, Alexandra, you can buy a very inexpensive digital microscope that will be of very high quality. Go to Amscope to buy them as low as $19:
            They come with software you load on your computer that allows you to both snap photos and make videos. I have had one for 7 years now that still works perfectly. I have had Morgellons for more than 15 years and have been using the microscope to look at my skin and the lesions. It allows me to keep an ongoing library of photos. One thing I would caution people about is to not go crazy thinking everything you see under the scope is Morgellons. You have to use common sense as normal fibers are everywhere in our environment. Many dermatologists use these scopes for helping with diagnosing skin problems, so you can refer to some of those images online to compare.

  • Those that study the Bible ought not be surprised when things are unleashed to change what it means to be human. Satan and his messengers do not want to see the salvation of humankind.
    Jesus warned of the threat to the human status that can cost a soul his or her eternal salvation. He called this the tribulation but for the sake of his elected ones that are not led astray God will intervene before it’s too late.

    “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short,
    But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand.” – Jesus Christ in Matthew 24: 21-25

  • We are in the “tribulation” period that The Lord Jesus spoke of.

    Evil men and their evil technologies are running loose…
    The video is just one example.

    Yes, we must educate everyone while there is still time…

    Solutions to Morgellon’s and every other problem are given at

    But we need to act fast!

    Or at least keep spreading the truth!

    TY Alexandra and you all for exposing the darkness!

    God bless you all !

    John Miller Ph D

  • People around the world in the early XXI century are in a strange and unprecedented predicament. We are all in a state of (undeclared) war against “our own” governments everywhere. Everybody has grown up believing mistakenly that “their” government represented their interests, and this is not so. I
    I don’t know how these challenges will be resolved, but we all better solve them fast, if we humans are to have any future worth having!
    We may well be altogether wrong about the nature of government itself? Governments may well be dysfunctional, antisocial, and even Satanic organizations of pure evil, and we must discover and implement better alternatives!
    Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Hans Hermann-Hoppe, Lew Rockwell, and similar scholars, and writers can help…

    •,,Dt.,,,,Collective,,, ,Books of Enoch,,Kazarians,Cryptojews,Black Goo and Paraguay,operation Bluebeam,Ventura’s book,63 Documents the Government Does Not Want You to See,,,DARPA. Someone posted video of same thing on about two months ago.If it looks like it’s going to rain or is raining,stay indoors.These are nanobots or something Not good.They may be a gmo fungus thing-manmade and harmful. If it gets into your lungs or heart,I would think it would be very dangerous. Believe covd has g.m. Fungus component,thats why the antiparasite,Ivermectin works if taken early enough at proper dose.Not just about anti-inflammatory,many things are anti-inflammatory.All the govt.s are meatpuppets for s.nists/Draco reptilians or insectarins.There Are Aliens.They have bases here.There are many types.Some have made deals with elite or govt. Officials whereby they get bases and abductees/experiments and we get tech.Eisrnhour’s g.daughter can attest to this ad can Jacque Vallee who consulted on E.T. The movie.Nothing is as it seems.There will be more startling disclosures soon.Seek Gd,help each other,pray,meditate,be peaceful.

    Watch “The Dimming” by Dane Wigington
    What they are doing and have been doing for decades now, is called, “Climate Engineering.” If this is not stopped ASAP, the earth will melt from the aluminum. The Bible tells us the earth will melt with fervent heat, and we can see that what they are doing is in line with this fact. They have created this folks… follow the $$$$$$
    Population Control (Georgia Guidestones)
    Read: Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Ed Haslam
    You will find that viruses like AIDS, SV-40, Autoimmune diseases, all herpes were lab created way back in the 50’s and 60’s. Dr. Mary Sherman, working for Dr. Alton Ochsner, was using a particle accelerator to mutate tumors from various animals, for a bioweapon.

      • In addition to being caused by vaccines, there is a guy on the net, Grant Genereux, who believes a great deal of autoimmune diseases are caused by the consumption of Vitamin A and even its beta carotene derivatives, but particularly the synthetic forms like retinyl palmitate.
        He thinks the entire history of this vitamin stands on shaky science and that it is actually a poison. He even has two or three 300 or so page online free books on this subject.

    • Dane Wigington is connected to Bechtel (former employee?–like saying former CIA agent)–don’t trust a word he says.

  • I have had Morgellons from the chemtrails for a really long time, so those strands look familiar to me. I had sores on my arms, legs, chest. Oddly, sometimes the sores were symmetrically placed (like the exact same place on both arms). Sometimes, those strands (in my case, always black and really tiny) would come out of my sores.

    One time, I picked one up and it moved by itself into the tissue of my finger tip. I observed over time that the strands would come to the surface of the skin, when I’d remove them with tweezers and wrap them in tissue and put them in the trash. Another time, one that was deep in my skin moved up into my finger nail so all I had to do was clip the nail to get rid of it.

    The first time I had those sores I didn’t know what they were. I went to a doctor and got a steroid shot. Later on, I figured out what they were and took colloidal silver (10 drops in a glass of water three times a day for about 10-15 days). I was careful not to take too much because it can give a silver cast to one’s skin. I think think this helped me not only physically (to get the stuff out of my system), but also psychologically. Once I knew I could help myself and live my life, I felt a boost.

    I also ended up spending a lot of time indoors as where I was living (Atlanta), has been so, so heavily sprayed. One summer (I believe it was 2011 or 2012), you could see white stuff all over the leaves of the trees and shrubs. It had become part of the texture of the leaves.

    I looked up info on the internet about other people with Morgellons. Some seemed to have it a lot worse than I did. And they seemed to have different colored fibers, whereas mine were always black.

    I did notice in the interstices of my window screen when I was looking through it at a certain time of day when the sun hit it just right that I could see really, really tiny colorful fibers gathered there. At the time, a lot of people didn’t know about this stuff. Now, it’s all coming out, I think.

    I thought all along that there was a connection between the chemtrail spraying and covid. And there is also nano in the experimental gene therapy shots (a nano-lipid envelope encasing the synthetic mRNA).

    I don’t know if a lot of people know colloidal silver is the way to detox from nano-fibers. I also did the raw diet for about four months, which I think also really helped.

  • Morgellons disease?
    DARPA Hydrogel-The Profusa Lumee sensor system consists of a special hyrogel and an emitting device. Together the two can detect and transmit data on subtle changes in the body, including, potentially, infection from diseases and viruses like coronovirus. PROFUSA

    • Heard that the agenda is to turn humans into antennas.We are being mindcontrolled through Hulu-look up the creator and theory behind this.The geoengineering has something to do with plasma tech and Scalar wave tech also,I believe.Nashville was a missile or directed energy issue.Paradise fires in CA last year were directed energy started.Texas was targetted to freeze.9/11Was a ritual killing/blood offering and excuse to take our freedoms away.Pedbidet fakeprez is c.g.i,clone,double meatpupet.Project Mockingbird,Operation,Dark Winter,operation Bluebeam.Zuckerbergs a Rothschild.Tom Hanks Was a Rockefelket.Ellen DeGeneres is a has a chief engineer Rothschild.Merkel is supposedly Hitler’s daughter. Britain was behind the Lincoln assassination and Booth escaped to London.The d.state forced the Unusual resignation of previous pope so they could place a more cooperative pope who would say things like,it’s okay to have jabs with human fetal tissue.

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