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by Clif High

One of the world’s most renowned Remote Viewers, Dick Allgire joins Clif High to compare their prognostication methods and their actual predictions about an imminent “world changing event” that they believe is a few months out.

The hope of Clif and Dick, in doing this show together and revealing these intentions is to prevent whatever it is from happening.

Clif says he’s been tracking an event, in which the Emotional Release Language will be 14X than the maximum that he has ever tracked, including 9/11.

Clif is also tracking psychics around the world and he’s seen their predictions in Turkish, Armenian, Malaysian, Thai that independently of each other are all seeing an upcoming “world-changing event”.

Dick, who lives in Honolulu says that in July, while remote viewing the upcoming month for his August newsletter, he saw a “wall of flames and people fleeing for their lives,” causing him to break down sobbing and which he now knows was the Maui fire.

Back in 2022, his group had set out to look at the general safety of the Hawaiian Islands and they looked for any future events they needed to be aware of. One member of his team, Daz Smith saw a coastal town being hit with a Directed Energy Weapon, with massive loss of life and buildings destroyed and mountains to the east of the town.

The scenario seemed pretty farfetched to them at the time and they put it aside. It wasn’t until 2 weeks after the fire that Daz remarked, “You know, I think I saw that,” and they revisited his data.

The group had been looking for financial targets, like SEC cryptocurrency regulations and the date of the the BRICS’ launch of a gold-backed cryptocurrency but nobody got any financial hits and everybody, instead got something about a “world-changing event”.

Dick’s drawings from his reading show an energy event that impacts land and a device with a button that can be mounted on a helicopter to cause a big “BOOM!” with shockwaves and rumbling in a big city at night.

Clif’s web bots, meanwhile are telling him that once this event happens, the world will never be the same and will be different going forward. He says the “irreversibility” of the event has been building up in his data for a year and a half.

Clif suspects that the secret weapon they’re picking up is the one described by the Antarctica whistleblower, Eric Hecker who came out last June to announce that the Raytheon IceCube Neutrino Detector, which is presented as a ‘passive listening device’ is actually a multi-faceted Directed Energy Weapons platform consisting of an array of 5,160 Digital Optical Modules (DOMs) that can actually transmit at 2,057 Volts each. Hecker said that this array was used to create the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in New Zealand.

If there is any possible good news in this, it’s that the Release language is so strong that it may be indicative of a plot being exposed and all of the upset existing in the Release Language, rather than in the event.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The first 2 weeks of next April are particularly deserving attention. Beneficent planets align, then total eclipse cutting across America… then malefic planets align.

  • When Clif High gauges the innate “meaning” of emotive/psychic language — does he make any allowance for prayer? I believe prayer and positive affirmation can affect “raw” Consciousness to “create”/manifest physical reality. Is Clif measuring only how people are sensing what is about to manifest, or is there anything in his “formula” that measures how manifestation can be affected?

    Thanks to Alexandra at Rumble, this is my first visit to Forbidden Knowledge TV and I’m IMPRESSED! Great coverage and broadcasts. Thank you.

  • Ejecta…I’ve never seen u guys b4. There’s a reason I hooked into u tonight. I drew a pen drawing, with available pen colors, in 2012. I was despondent about my situation & frustrated I couldn’t seem to change it, I believe I dissociated as I’ve had multiple brain injuries & I often have spiritual, psychic or “knowing” moments that make others around me uncomfortable. When I thot ” finished” with drawing, I took a good look at it. My instant thought was, what the hell is this? My own Picasso? Triangles, with spirals coming out, a face in the middle of like a tornado 🌪️ in middle of paper coming straight at my face. And things looking sorta like dishes with energy coming out. The faces mouth was a straight line. It all sorta looked Aztec ish to me. Alot of blue, some purple. Lots of triangle & spiral. I’ve never drawn anything like that. However, staring and my knowing kicks in. Electrical, huge wave of energy, from ‘ out there?’ I had been researching Calderas ( absolutely love researching since a child) & it occurred quickly, Yellow Stone? I thought, they wouldn’t Dare. But I knew how horrific that would be. Then I seriously over weeks was interested deeply into ‘ above sea level safe spots.’ Ash propulsion. Extermination events, looking again more seriously at Vesuvius, another huge Caldera in I think Indonesia that took top of mountain off, and is ready to explode again, and that now makes me believe cuz of Christchurch, that might be the possible target. I understand exactly what you mean, “what a man thinketh”, and so knowledge and prayer with faith could stop these destroyers. “Where 1 or more are gathered in my name”, .. I hope who ever sees this will share it & pray that the evil ones are finally revealed And stopped. If that Caldera erupts, unless ur underground, u won’t make it. We need to stop this. Who’s to say they didn’t destroy us b4 with that mountain, and this is why the huge mud flood that destroyed Tartarians. The *Ejecta* was massive. We all are a people living in amnesia. Many however are waking up.

  • Just a thought…….if this is a world changing event, Bulgarian psychic Baba Vanga predicted 2023 would be the year the Earth would shift its orbit, and there are only a few months left if this is true……..not a social or political event in itself, but certainly with political and social implications, especially if ‘ejecta’ mentioned in the video relates to a chain of volcanic eruptions worldwide……….

  • I saw this interview the other day. But Cliff did a longer over 90 minute interview that went deeper on this same topic on “Guy In America” podcast . It is well worth viewing.

  • Remote viewing is an occult practice absolutely forbidden by the laws of God.

    Although demons can’t tell the future, they can often guess it fairly accurately due to their in-depth knowledge of current events, and they are willing to communicate these ‘predictions’ of theirs to those who defy the laws of God.

    Remote viewers may gain many genuine insights from their divination exercises, but they will pay for it dearly with the loss of their souls.

  • Yes, you can scare people, but what can you do about the situation
    to make people feel comfortable & confident that they can survive this ?
    Verbal or written ‘Declarations of Independence’ won’t save you.
    Do you have a viable economic reform program ?
    After a reset, you will still be buying poisoned food, drinking poisoned water,
    and breathing poisoned air, especially poisoned with endocrine disruptors
    that warp your mind so they can continue to control you.
    Where are you going to get clean nurturing food, water, & air, and clothing, shelter, etc. ?
    Not from Monsanto, Walmart, McDonalds, BlackRock . . .
    The Big Oily People & the Green New Dealers won’t save you.

  • Dick Allgire is shilling for Freemasonry and by default all it’s sisters and cousins also in the secrecy businesses, but I’m not naming them here lest I stir up a hornets nest for FKTV!

  • Also, our earthquake/radar signature expert on youtube, Dutchsinse, says there is something natural going on causing the earthquakes & volcano eruptions. Maybe it’s the anger of so many human beings who are fed up, manifesting.

    • Hello,
      I am still listening to this talk but saw your comment about something natural going on.
      It is helpful to hear many sources as we try to understand current events – N

      I first heard about Zeta Tak Newsletter source that reports more earth changes/pole shift info from Klanmother Karen :

      I have looked at the Zeta Talk Newsletters and I have never seen anything quite like it.
      This is their archives link:

      see Issue #856 for one mention of the Turkey quakes.
      I do note that Issues #884 and 885 mention Maui but NOTHING is said about DEW or anything other than these earth changes related info.

      The new one, #889 topics are Dark Twin(my insert Nibiru); Mad Max; Libya Floods..also mention the Moroccan quake…Seems like important information to consider.

      other info about Zetas 25:57 min specifically about Zeta but whole show is educational and in my opinion, it best to see all. Gene says how some Zeta help the Alliance

      see also Lisa Renee who mentions some help like Gene Decode says above.

      Have heard Gigi Young talk about Zetas as from future timeline of earth…as Gene mentioned as well. Grey Alien Technology and Zeta Seal
      shared via creative commons…main website is

      This is Lisa’s September 4, 2023 “Situational Awareness Update”….

      She does start out talking about Maui – N

        • Kerry Talks about Dick and Clif in her new interview. She comes on this long show at the 4 hr 12 min mark. She is asked about Kim Goguen. Kerry mentions there is a grey alien base under the large island of Hawaii (she got this from one of her precog dreams).. She is asked about Charlie Ward. She shares about Ole Dammegard
          and some of his intel….She mentions an interview with Ole with Jaco. I found this one
          they mention fires in Maui:
          Ole Dammegard – The world wide cabal has access to our militaries and intel agencies

          To continue with Kerry on Awake Nation,

          At 4:19 Kerry mentions Gene Decode info about the evidence they were fighting in tunnels…
          Kerry highlights Favish’s information too…and shares her earlier video about it, NORAD ,etc.

          Kerry is asked about Kim Goguen and Benjamin Fuilford.

          4:22 min – I am just now listening to the part where Kerry’s earlier interview with physicist Richard Allan Miller. is mentioned (“Dr. Richard Allan Miller:Coming Event March/April 2024 -Re-release”is also shared by Kerry).
          Kerry(on Awake Nation) talks about it and she brings up Dick Allgire and Clif High….wanted to go ahead and add the link for this new interview to this thread – N

          • There is a new excellent show out by Sarah Westall and Sharry Edwards titled:

            Important Frequency Info: New Jab Chart, Split Personalities & Fake Stories w/ Sharry Edwards

            Sarah wrote:
            Sharry Edwards, Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics and Director of the Sound Health Institute, returns to the program to share important frequency information regarding the latest jab. She gives the entire frequency chart for this current jab and it’s corresponding antidotes. Edwards also provides a vocal frequency reading on a popular conspiracy podcaster that will likely cause some denial and backlash.

            (At 35 min – they discuss Kim Goguen as well as China’s Ji and Joe Biden. It appears supportive of what Kerry Cassidy gave in this interview about Kim Goguen. The voice prints that Sharry used were of an interview Kerry Cassidy had with Kim Goguen. I have not finished the interview yet but wanted to share – N)


      • Please see above my above insert…it should have read( Nibiru-related )and not just Nibiru because it is confusing as if the Dark Twin and Nibiru are the same.)

        I did find a very interesting Gene Decode video on The Solar System.
        Gene Decode Unveils Mind Blowing News On The Galactic Talk

        Classic show from 2021. Gene Decode joined Taino to share his intel on the solar system, Nemesis, the Anunnaki and more! A powerful video clip starring Gene Decode & Taino on The Galactic talk.

        BTW, I noticed that the newest Zeta Talk Newsletter for Oct 8, 2023 did mention something under the Color Coded heading about the Blue Color and Maui.

        Also, there is another show with Gene Decode that has a brief mention about this “World-Changing Event” . Please see for Gene’s current intel on many topics on “Turn the Page with Janine” Gene Decode Voice Only – The Movie Continues

        • Actually, I had time to search for the exact time and because I watched two shows back to back, I got my location incorrect. I’m so sorry…He does NOT mention “World Changing Event” on this one, it is on another member show.

          He does mention the coming CME on this Janine show. If you start at 58 min, Janine tells about opening her platform for those who are offering humanitarian projects…Gene mentions to use care in exact contact info etc,because there are imposters,etc…stay with this for a few minutes and Gene mentions the upcoming CME.

          I have seen this one:
          Rapture/Ascension Decode By Mabel And gene Decode

          Description given:
          Mabel and gene Decode discuss many topics including: Rapture: Biblical Meaning and Purpose; God’s Purpose for Ascension; Ascension: The Physical Aspect; Physics of a Coronal Mass Emission (CME); The Ascension Event Via the CME; Scriptural Mechanics of the Ascension; Aurora Earth; Median Earth; and Ascension Choices for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Density Positive as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Density Negative.
          2 Pet. 3:11 (TIB) “And so since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, godly lives we should be living! 12 You should look forward to that day and hurry it along—the day when God will set the heavens on fire, and the heavenly bodies will melt and disappear in flames. 13 But we are looking forward to God’s promise of new heavens and a new earth afterwards, where there will be only goodness.”

          Links are shared for Gene and one can sign up for Deep Dives with a credit card and cancel within 3 days and have basically, a free sample.

  • I follow a person on GAB named Paul Furber, he is in South Africa, he posts stuff he thinks is intel. One comment claimed something big was going to happen around Christmas. I have been watching Bezos, Spielberg &their giant yachts. I thought maybe they were to aid in trafficking, but maybe they are for these people to get offshore because they know something is going to happen in the US that they NEED to get offshore of.

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