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On Thursday, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter was indicted by Special Counsel David Weiss on three federal felony charges related to his purchase of a .38-caliber handgun during the height of his drug addiction in 2018. The counts allege that Hunter lied about his history of illegal drug use on a background check form while trying to buy a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. Another count indicts Hunter for possessing the handgun while he was addicted to and using illicit substances.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, of course says the federal gun indictments are “politically-motivated” by MAGA Republicans but legal expert, Mike Davis says these indictments, made after Hunter’s previous plea deal collapsed last month are actually a gross cover-up of Biden Family crimes.

Notice that they’re not charging Hunter for being an unregistered foreign agent or for tax evasion, or for foreign corruption or anything that could tie to Joe Biden. They’re pretending to be tough on Hunter but this is just more of their fake justice.

Legal expert, Mike Davis thinks that House Republicans should flip the script and grant Hunter Biden immunity from these gun charges and have him testify about the Biden Crime Family’s rackets and if Hunter lies or obstructs, Trump’s acting Attorney General can indict Hunter for those in 2025.

David Weiss’ indictments say nothing about the 20-odd shell companies to launder millions of dollars to almost as many Biden family members. Nothing about Hunter’s biolab company, Metabiota, studying bat coronaviruses in Ukraine in 2014.

Nothing about the pedophile material on Hunter’s laptop or about Hunter’s texts, like this one from 2018 that reveal that Joe Biden had been availing himself of Hunter’s Wells Fargo bank account for the past 11 years:

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally announced an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, due his alleged involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings but this was too little, too late for Congressman Matt Gaetz.

For its part, the White House retaliated against McCarthy’s announcement of an impeachment inquiry by sending a memo to U.S. news organizations, calling on media to “scrutinize House Republicans’ demonstrably false claims” surrounding their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and they basically told the media not to cover it. Because the only thing that matters is Ukraine, right?

The official Ukrainian Military spokesperson is American transwoman, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who just went on this cringe-soaked rant about “hunting down all Russian war propagandists”. Your Tax Dollars at work!

Oh! Was that not weird enough for you? Well, then how about the latest installation of the Alien Distraction Operation?

Earlier this week, a pair of “non-human” corpses were displayed to Mexico’s Congress, with suggestions the bodies could be from another planet.

The specimens, which were found years ago in Peru were unveiled by self-proclaimed ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan in front of an audience of lawmakers and scientists on Tuesday.

Maussan told the congressional session in Mexico City:

“They are beings, non-humans who are not part of our terrestrial evolution and that after disappearing we do not [think] there is a subsequent evolution.”

We saw these desiccated Nazca Mummies six years ago, back when Jaime Maussan first trotted them out in 2017 and the Peruvian government officially called them a hoax and then other investigations supposedly revealed this to be the remains of a 2 year old boy.

My advice to Jaime Maussan is to get his hands on one of the hundreds of red-haired skulls from Paracas – also in Peru.

Cranial deformation was practiced by ancient peoples all over the world. While cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter its volume, weight, or bone density.

The Paracas skulls have a cranial volume that is 25% larger and 60% heavier than average human skulls, because the bone is much more dense. Also, the foramen magnum, which connects the skull to the spine is in a totally different place from where its located at the base of the human skull, because their heads had to cantilever differently.

The Paracas skulls also contain only one parietal plate, rather than two. They are definitely alien and almost nobody talks about the Paracas skulls!

With that alien distraction aside, just because it’s not in the news, doesn’t mean that good things aren’t happening!

Yesterday, former CIA contractor and host of Tore Says Show, Tore Maras posted on TRUTHSocial that she had just given Congress evidence for demonstrating how Joe Biden knew and participated in Hunters’ business dealings while using our tax dollars (beyond such bank accounts as the one referenced in Hunter’s text, above); Evidence that Congress can subpoena certain people and things (like Barack Obama) – but which they’re failing to do.

Tore reinforced her “big guy” theory with evidence. Tore is convinced that the “Big Guy” referenced repeatedly by Hunter and his associates specifically refers to Barack Obama – not to his father, Creepy Joe.

Meanwhile, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes’ ongoing “positive PSYOP” campaign continued on Sarah Westall’s podcast earlier this week.

Sarah asked Dr Jan to elaborate on her role in a 12-member DoD task force that’s advising a US military PSYOP team, to help them to determine their next moves in the current 5th Generation War.

Dr Jan talked about the total brainwashing of a large segment of the population and the increasing demoralization of the more “awake” population, who haven’t seen enough pushback from the RNC or anything stopping this Fascist takeover and who, after those post-election PSYOPs that told us that Trump would be sworn-in by April of 2021 have since come to distrust anybody who tells us to “Trust the Plan”.

Sarah asks her, “Is this just a PSYOP on top of a PSYOP? Or are there really people trying to defend our country or is just those of us, out here, on our own, trying to do it?”

(You know the feeling?)

Dr Jan keeps recommending this book, ‘Double Crossfire’ by AJ Tata, who was #3 at the Pentagon while all of this was happening at the end of the Trump administration and who Dr Jan seems to be suggesting is a part of Q.

Then Dr Jan reminds us of that crazy time after the election and before the inauguration, when there were so many PSYOPs and lies about what was happening.

Remember, when we were hearing about arrests? Steve Pieczenik was telling us that the stolen election was a giant sting operation and that the valid ballots were watermarked, Juan O Savin was telling us that Trump would be sworn back into office by April etc., etc., etc. Dr Jan explains that disinformation was necessary and that even her team was duped.

Speaking of Q, Sarah refers to Operation Trust, the fake anti-Bolshevik resistance movement that convinced their members to wait for the “secret anti-Bolshevik forces” to save them. Operation Trust was created to help the Communists identify the monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks while convincing the resistance to stand down. Many people, like Alex Jones, James Corbett and others denounced the Q movement as a latter-day Operation Trust.

Dr Jan’s response was to directly address and validate Q (!)

The sense I get from Dr Jan is that we needed to suffer in order for us to get involved with our own self-governance, because as citizens in a Democratic Republic, this is our responsibility. We have arrived at this terrifying juncture in our history because we were not involved or paying attention and we delegated our responsibilities of self-governance to the criminals who are now stealing our country out from under us.

So, I started to get involved about a year and a half ago and I recommend that everybody watching this do the same!

They say hindsight is 2020 and it’s weird how after going through the entire COVID-19 PSYOP, we can better understand what happened to us on 9/11.

9/11 was an inside job that ushered-in the Surveillance State. The perpetrators of your enslavement are walking around free. They’re many of the same people pushing the COVID- and the Climate Hoaxes and other PSYOPs being blasted at us, in between.

Tore Maras was a teenaged Navy Recruit in the 1990s when she was tapped to become a private intelligence contractor. She worked for two firms controlled by former CIA Director, John Brennan, The Analysis Corporation and Global Strategies Group.

On the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, she shared a new documentary called ‘9/11: The Plan’ in which she shared her firsthand details about the strategic roles in 9/11 of Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior, George Tenet, John Brennan, James Clapper and Don Rumsfeld, as part of what was called “The Plan” to institute a One World Government.

So many of the players in the Russia Collusion Hoax were players in 9/11, like Robert Mueller. All of the infamous “19 hijackers” who we’ve heard about for the past two-plus decades were individuals given US visas by John Brennan. John Brennan was the CIA Station Chief of Saudi Arabia, in that nation’s capital of Jedda.

Brennan had a “Visa Express” program starting in the mid-1990s, in which he approved of 22,000 US visas for Arabs with zero background check – even after the deadly Khobar Towers bombing, which we learn was a trial run for 9/11 facilitated by John Brennan, who allowed the perpetrators onto the grounds of Khobar Building 131.

So, 9/11 brought us where we are today. They took all our 4th amendment rights away by putting us in fear about an enemy that they created, that didn’t exist. People in our own government orchestrated 9/11 and COVID.

Tore says, rightly, that what all of us should be doing as a nation on the Left and on the Right is to demand that these people be held accountable.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • In my esteemed opinion, I hope that an elite and bored Russian squad captures Zelenskyyy’s Traitorous Threatening Transsexual, gives it a sexual transition, and manufactures a Nazca Mummy out of it, very slowly and tediously, then sends it back to him in an appropriate box.
    That should be America’s very last contribution to Zelenskyyy’s Ukrainian Forever War.
    If it was left to me, I wouldn’t send “Democratic” Ukraine a loaded Paintball gun. FJB, & FTW!

  • Dear Alexandra, please elaborate on what “started to get involved” involves; (as you advise “everybody watching this do the same!”) it would be nice if “everybody” was given a clue what “the same” entails.

    PS. IMHO, the whole point of “Q” (which is, POSSIBLY coincidentally, the name of an NSA department) is to keep the “awakened” comfy on their couches, while the NWO wraps up its little tasks leading up to the “grand unveiling” of the structure that has been being built (by “the masons”) for at least hundreds of years. I believe that the 95% of us slated for extermination need to AT LEAST get themselves their own damn political party based on (7/8s) CONSENSUS, and that THAT is what “Trump” and “follow the plan” are attempting to forestall. Maybe they will be successful, maybe not: “Time makes more converts than reason”.

  • 911 did not involve airplanes hitting buildings this narrative was injected by the video editors . The personal videos taken on scene show explosions only no planes and the networks showed us holographic fake planes disappearing into buildings and one video of an engine at street level from the wrong kind of plane and no black box data verified to come from united or american airlines planes . The hijacked planes if they existed at all landed at military bases on the routes chosen to match the flight paths . The worst response ever of air force fighters to intercept said missing airplanes is explained by not having anything in the air to intercept . The fake hijackers were a bunch of stooges who could not fly at all . The crime of 911 is still unsolved and has not been investigated . The 911 commission report was as bad as the warren report on JFK murder as far as solving anything and was as far from the truth as possible in fact the authors of said report said it was impossible to believe and denounced their own findings . 911 was about wrapping up a bunch of crimes that were coming out and blowing up the paper trail from DOJ and SEC investigations to hide it all and steal a pile of gold sitting in the underground vault nearby and start a neocon wetdream never ending war on terror ATM cash machine for the MIC . The dustification of the towers and melted cars where the trees were the papers that woodin’t burn what an amazing cohencidence .

  • All TV drama…Trump, Hunter, Pedo Pete…will anything change…No, nothing changes…Just good old fashion television drama…everything is scripted. TV viewing is a narrow view on a reality that is fabricated by the high paying intelligence officers from the CIA. As the United States crumbles before our eyes…my best advice is to grow your own food and support your local farmers…start to exist outside of the “system.” If your still watching TV…stop that shit right away do not buy into this narrative. You can’t vote your way out of this shit, stop believing in Saviors…All Saviors…As the Hopis say “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” It is time to step up to the plate and speak Truth. Truth is opposite TV for starters… All TV news anchors are criminals. All politicians are criminals! There are no good guys in government, just sheeple and criminals…
    Good Luck and watch your back!
    I so enjoy Forbidden Knowledge

  • Everything in this presentation is so spot on. But we should not forget who was actually running boy bush, That would be Dick Cheney,One of the most evil people on the planet.

  • All that fake hopium is getting old. Dr. Jan is full of it, and so is Q, and X22,…..Trump gives Fauci a medal, and then says he doesn’t know who gave him the commendation? The left say trust the science and Ben over, and the right say trust the plan and Ben over. When are you ever get tired of being effed by the right and left?

  • 🙂 Hi Alexandra !
    I just have read your article, and agree on the misengaging that those Nazca dessicated corpses “disclosure” brings to the Pentagon actual Tictac stuffs. But i followed Thierry Jamin, french archeologist when he brought some similar specimen to light, months before GaiaTV tryed to take on this evenement (GaiaTV ? You remember the Max Spiers story, his death in Poland (?) around the circle from wich came the new boss ? Hum hum…).
    Dessicated Squeletons : Vaqueros sell them since long on black market, (I wonder about Spielberg having a look at such specimen) radiographies are real, implants too (so AI’s story imbeded ?), and some MIB surely visited the gene lab before the press release and consecutivly the deny; same as for the Paracas skulls and “momies” and other non human “artefacts”, Brien F. may be able to support my claim.
    I really liked your simple assertion : cranial deformation isn’t volume gaining, between the other peculiarities. Some Remote Viewings (TI Technical Intuition ? Dick Allguire ? Farsight ? …) talked also about the ‘Josephina & C° momies, her human-hybrid foetus, the reasons for this dessication as punition for having breaking ‘their’ law that ‘forbbided’ “hybrid relation” between ‘them’ and us. (At least, no abducto-hybridation involved, with this specie ? Even some are reptilian / ovipares / and with earthian DNA, if i well remember… ^^
    Thanks for your shared vigilence ! 😉 ^i^

  • Based on her recommendation last week on the Sarah Westal show, I bought the book “Double Cross-fire”

    As far as political intrigue novels, it was pretty good, though a bit predictable. That being said, the characters are loosely disguised. for example, the first lady is described as an international fashion model, the President is a billionaire business man that is an outsider.

    There is an Uma Abidine character and an Anthony Weiner type. The loser of the election to this outsider is of course a Hillary Clinton copy.

    With all that in mind, the author takes care not to offend any listeners of either side of the aisle, and is careful not to politicize or preach.

    I recommend it. No fear of being offended by some author’s politics which might not agree with yours. I lean to the right, but even lefties will enjoy this book.

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