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9/11 was an inside job that ushered-in the Surveillance State.

The perpetrators of your enslavement are walking around free. They’re many of the same people pushing the COVID- and the Climate Hoaxes and the other PSYOPs being blasted at us, in between.

Tore Maras was a teenaged Navy Recruit in the 1990s when she was tapped to become a private intelligence contractor. She worked for two firms controlled by former CIA Director, John Brennan, The Analysis Corporation and Global Strategies Group.

On the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, she shared these firsthand details about the strategic roles in 9/11 of Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior, George Tenet, John Brennan, James Clapper and Don Rumsfeld, as part of what was called “The Plan” to institute a One World Government.

All of the infamous “19 hijackers” who we’ve heard about for the past two-plus decades were individuals given US visas by John Brennan. John Brennan was the CIA Station Chief of Saudi Arabia, in that nation’s capital of Jedda.

Brennan had a “Visa Express” program starting in the mid-1990s, in which he approved of 22,000 US visas for Arabs with zero background check – even after the deadly Khobar Towers bombing, which we learn was a trial run for 9/11 facilitated by John Brennan, who allowed the perpetrators onto the grounds of Building 131.

Many of those Brennan approved were not even Saudi nationals but from neighboring countries, like Egypt – so technically, not even in his jurisdiction for him to be approving their visas.

Tore says they did this because, “They’re not going to execute this Plan without having people watching their back, from bag boys to drivers to rentals, to food to anything they’re doing.”

She says, “In order for them to actually execute The Plan for taking over nations, they found that it would be very, very difficult for them to push it through. The Plan was that they needed to ensure the Continuity of Government and [Bill] Clinton was being impeached. And this was a problem.”

Tore says it was George Bush Senior who came up with The Plan to institute voting machines, during a time when the internet was new and Americans were falling in love with technology. She says she was in the meeting about the discussion of the “hanging chads” and funds allocated to the Department of Defense – specifically, DARPA – to come up with how to get it done and to create the software that would assist in getting it done.

She continues, “And you guys have heard [Clinton Eugene] Curtis, himself, confess in Congress, of how he was hired by a Chinese-named company and the Government and he even slipped and said, ‘George Bush’ – he slipped and said it!”

Mainly, they needed to ensure that their own people would stay in power in case of Continuity of Government. She says, “From the moment that Reagan was shot until 2020 was done. They needed to ensure that Continuity.”

Tore says “We had the war plan of what they were going to do in order to dominate for oil and geography, because not a lot of people understand just how important the Middle East and the land of Turkey, geospatially are; how important they are. They link up three continents; Africa, which is an untapped wealthy continent, Europe and Asia. And they give access to it all. And every large nation wishes to have access to that land – and dominance.”

She explains how the Surveillance State was created in conjunction with the British Crown and others, including the Chinese and the Russians, to some extent.

“9/11 was imperative. The market was going to collapse, because they were going to collapse it, because they wanted technology to fizzle and bust and this is why we had the Tech Bubble Bust.” In other words, the Cabal used their standard pump-and-dump model to take over Big Tech.

“So, while we talk about the Guantánamo trials for 9/11, it is incomplete, because the masterminds are missing. You would have to have former-impeached-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, in his capacity as President of the United States and impeached First Lady Hillary Clinton for initiating The Plan – literally, it’s called ‘The Plan’.

“Former CIA Director, John Owen Brennan, in his capacity as CIA Briefer to impeached-President Clinton, Executive Assistant to CIA Director George Tenet, CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, Chief of Staff to CIA Director George Tenet, drafting the Agency portion of The Plan.

“Former DNI Director James Clapper, in his capacity as DIA Director under impeached-President Bill Clinton and as NGA Director, assisting the cover-up of The Plan and Donald Rumsfeld, in his capacity as Secretary of Defense, for implementing the War Operation and the Military-Industrial Complex, privatized side, to facilitate and capitalize The Plan.

“And finally, former President George Bush Jr, in his capacity as President for knowingly and willingly allowing The Plan.

“At the same time, the Department, under Rumsfeld was working really, really hard and fast on biological warfare. This is where anthrax comes in. That is what he was working on.

“He was more of the person thinking, ‘What we have to do is control the people from the inside out, not only from outside forces, but inside. Either we make them dependent on medication or we change them, where the strongest survive and therefore, we can provide everything they need and they’ll be happy.’ I think we’ve heard Klaus say the same words, where you’ll own nothing and love it.

“And just so you understand, Hillary Clinton wanted to do everything that Obama did. In the ’90s when they took office, and when I say ‘they’, it’s because we all know that she manages everything. She wanted to be President but the ’90s wouldn’t let her, so he just pretended to be President, while she was really in charge.

“HillaryCare was supposed to take effect. It was supposed to be put together properly. They needed to propel the harnessing of information. It was impeached-President Clinton that was struggling on how to employ surveillance in data collection systems within the United States.

“And this is where the idea was born: Digitizing citizens’ records from birth to death, monitoring all phone calls and communications, collecting facial recognition, health data aggregation – that would be HillaryCare – but ObamaCare did it for them.

“Controlled and documented travel and doing that with the cyber oligarchs we see today, which DARPA helped create.

“It wasn’t that we advanced in technology; they harnessed all these cyber oligarchs, from people in their garages, like Steve Jobs – all of these people were harnessed and made part of this 4th Unelected Branch of Government to deploy The Plan.

“Bush Senior started the process, Brennan and Clapper were responsible for ensuring the recruitment, in 1995 through 2001 was completed for the terrorists…

“These are the people that gave us vaccines to control us; medications to enslave us; fear, to further enslave us; fear and questions to further divide us, ‘Social Justice’, so they can divide us even more. This is their Plan, straight from start to finish. This was their plan, all along.

“It wasn’t extremely intricate. It was very well-distributed. It was very well-executed and everyone played their part correctly. Think about it. 9/11 happened. We were convinced all of this was OK.

“You know what I did? I watched them do it in other countries. I am not worthy of any redemption. You might say, ‘Why didn’t you say anything sooner?’ Where was I gonna go?

“Was I supposed to go to the President, who probably got the generals that told on Rumsfeld ex-communicated? We should all find out who that is.

“Was I supposed to go to the media, who they own?

“So the question we should be asking ourselves is, ‘Why hasn’t anything been done about this?’ And I’m shocked that those who have been in office since this happened STILL haven’t been able to nail them, because there’s a lot of ‘me’s that have come out. Yes, many of them are gone now, because you’re not allowed to flap your mouth.

“But I’m telling you the whole story; the whole thing that I know of, from firsthand. I can tell you that this isn’t supposed to end well, at all.

“See, there was a cable that was leaked; trying to get them in trouble, trying to make them stop what they were doing, only because I was concerned about the biowarfare, more than anything, because of the programs they were already deploying in Africa through these private companies – and this is why I call them ‘Cyber Oligarchs’, because biotechnology is considered technology, so it falls under that.

“The concerns that we should all have as a nation is that sometimes, we have to start at the beginning to fix things. It’s been over 20 years. There’s a lot of people who could come forward and speak, because of their statute of limitations.

“If anything, there could be a statute of limitation with regard to John Brennan but there’s other things that could tie it back to that, so we’re good – and that’ll come when I have to testify against him at some point.

“They took all your rights away by putting you in fear. They created an enemy that didn’t exist. It was our own people that orchestrated this. And so, what all of us should be doing right now as a nation, both Left and Right is demanding that they be held accountable, because they have planned this.

“9/11, this time around should be around truth.”

Video produced by Broken Anthem.


Tore Maras talks about how the crime scene was packed-up and shipped-off to China and how Robert Mueller, who was sworn in as FBI Director exactly one week before the attacks, oversaw not only the cover-up of 9/11 but he also held the Trump Presidency hostage for most of the term.

The Mueller FBI’s investigation of the 9/11 attacks were wrapped up in 3 weeks, whereas the Trump-Russia Collusion Delusion that he led dragged on for over two years.

Tore notes:

“A few days before Mueller was sworn in, when it was pretty much set in stone that he was going to be FBI Director, John O’Neill was a Deputy Director of the FBI that resigned just a couple of days before Mueller took over.

“He [O’Neill] had everything on Osama bin Laden, from Somalia, that had happened over a decade before 9/11. He was the guy that investigated the bombings of the World Trade Center in 1993 and then, again in Saudi Arabia; our base that was bombed in 1996 – and I’ll tell you that was horrific – he resigned, just as Mueller was going to take office, because he did not approve of where the agency was at.

“He did not like the direction that the Agency, the FBI and the CIA had taken under the Clinton administration and even before that. He was very open about that. That guy took the role as head of security for the Twin Towers, because he felt that that was under threat. He felt that that was the most vulnerable position. Everything in his body told him that if something were to happen, it was going to happen in that building first, because the message, either that be from terrorists – or terrorists aided by our own people, so they can ‘guide to what they need,’ and those were his words the night before would be there. Obviously, he’s dead now. He had information. This is why he took that position at the World Trade Center…

“It seems like every single time there is a tragedy, every single time there is something that has happened in the past 30 years, it’s the same damned people that keep popping up. I mean, when looking into the Taliban and the bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, isn’t it incredible how all of these people that played a role in the Russia Collusion investigations, in one way or another seem to lead back to the same clowns. The same ones!

“Aside from the Clintons being in the center of almost everything, we’ve got Mueller and Comey, like they’re this eternal couple popping up everywhere! There is some direct association between all of these!

“Why did Mueller obstruct Congress from putting forward a 9/11 probe? Ask your self that. Why is it that he blocked the investigation? Why is it that New York law enforcement, New York Fire Department, why weren’t they able to analyze the scene?…

“If we’re awake right now – and I believe that American citizens have opened their eyes – and no matter how terrifying or upset or angry you might be, it is time that you ask these questions and push on these questions. Obviously now, Mueller’s card is that he is senile – ‘He’s totally senile, he’s not going to remember’ – but why not show us the documentation O’Neill put forward. Why not make his resignation public?

“It’s incredible how all of this happened and how everyone targeted the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, who were very rich at the time, had extreme power over the oil industry and monopolized it and this is why were intervening in the Middle East. Because they were a problem for the agenda of this New World Order, on how to grab the Middle East, because if you controlled it, you controlled the direction of nations as a whole on the planet, at least for the next 50 years…

“John Brennan used to be the CIA advisor to Bill Clinton. He advised Clinton of everything the CIA was doing in the ’90s. That was his career. He’s been in the Agency for forever and a day.

“As John Brennan worked as an intelligence briefer, he did it right after he was in charge of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. Under Bush and Reagan, he was a trainee, I guess, in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. He was working at the embassies, etc., etc., etc., because it was in 1980 that he supposedly joined the CIA…and he joined the Directorate of Intelligence in ’82.

“I know this from talking to him. He explained his position as an attaché in Jedda in the mid-’80s, just right before 1985. And then, he started to work on AIPAC, after the end of Bush’s terms. Well, Bush Sr was a 3-term president, we know that but Reagan/Bush, right?

“He, then, under the Clinton Era was moved out of the Counterterrorism Center and moved to be a briefer and in ’95, he got his position as Executive Assistant to George Tenet.

“And one thing I’ve never told anyone is that one of the most important people that I met under my first disguise was George Tenet and he didn’t recognize that I was in disguise, which was the reason I was in disguise.

“In late ’97 is when I first came in contact with John Brennan, he was the CIA Chief in Saudi Arabia. One thing that was being put forward in the conversation was the fact that there was an overwhelming amount of people applying for visas and this was about a little over a year after the Khobar Towers bombing.

“Being kind of wet-behind-the-ears and young and in between training sessions, I had conversations with people there, right before I was leaving for training again, back to the States. And one thing they told me was they found the Station Chief – Brennan – was signing-off visas to people who were barred from entering. Like, they failed or were on a list, from the original list that the State Department had to not give visas – and he clearly overrode them.

“And I thought to myself, ‘Maybe they’re assets. Maybe they’re this, this and this. So, I actually asked that question prior to leaving to go back to the States, where I went to Arizona and then, to two Air Force bases. I remember that one of the guys was down in Saudi Arabia, had come to the Air Force base in California and he was then going to Diego Garcia.

“And I mentioned to him, I found it bizarre, they were probably assets of the Agency and maybe those people that had been flagged were for that reason and he goes, ‘Well, we’ve been told to not allow people with specific skills to go in…

“So people were chatting about it but it turned out, because he was chatting about it, he was now being moved to Diego Garcia. That was funny.

“Fast-forward. The bombing happens. Obviously, the Saudis hate us and the more interesting part was that, a move that was unexpected in ’97, when I was there. They had pushed forward a program of fast-tracking visas. Now, when I tell you fast-tracking visas, we’re talking giving people visas without checking their backgrounds. And that felt really alarming.

“So, just so you understand how long this has been going on, you must understand how this visa program was never actually approved. It was a CIA agency push – and this was done after the bombing – and you would say, ‘That makes no sense. If they hate us, why are we fast-tracking visas for people that hate us and have just exploded us? That makes zero sense! Why would John Brennan step in after the bombing, after being the Executive Assistant to George Tenet, why would he come to Saudi Arabia and expedite visas? And this was unofficial, right?

“In 1996, when the the Khobar Tower bombing happened, the CIA already knew it was going to happen. In fact, there’s evidence of that, that was discovered during whatever investigations they were doing.

“The actual executors of the event were people John Owen Brennan had allowed onto the grounds of Building 131 prior to the bombing. How do I know this? Because it was documented.

“And I have sent out FOIA requests for visitor logs and guests of the CIA Station Chief, John Owen Brennan that have been denied, to date.

“It’s actually an annex in Bahrain that began the operation in ’92 and was alleged to have been the mode of cable communications regarding this incident, which the CIA has denied the existence of. Remember, 19 US service members lost their lives and it was none other than former CIA at the time Director Clapper, along, now with this general, called Dowling, who died of meningitis – whatever – who led the task force in the Khobar Towers investigation.

“Again, the bombing was imperative to excuse the attack on US soil years later. It was during the time of the bombings that the visa applications from Saudi Arabia were being. denied, right? They were being denied, because of the bombing and in fact, visa applications of the hijackers during 9/11 were denied right before and after the bombings – but John Owen Brennan personally overrode the denials and issued the migrant visas!

“In fact, in 1999, myself, I was back in Saudi Arabia when visas applications were coming into question with a large delegation of SASA persons, like myself – which is a group of Security Alliance intelligence contractors, just so you know – so, in November of 1999, I was pregnant and I didn’t know it, I personally reviewed and was made aware of approvals done by John Owen Brennan, who at the time was going to be officially promoted to Deputy Executive Director of the CIA and I was briefed on the Visa Express Program, because that was to be deployed to European nations, as well as Saudi Arabia.

“And like the 19 US service members that died at the Khobar Towers, 19 hijackers helped execute the 9/11 attacks. And all 19 of them received their visas before and after the Khobar Towers bombing and all 19 were done with John Owen Brennan’s stamp of approval from Jedda.

“In fact, the deployment of Visa Express helped the support staff of less than five of the hijackers enter the United States with legal visas, because they’re not going to execute this plan without having people watching their back, from bag boys to drivers to rentals, to food to anything they’re doing.

“So, right before the 9/11 event, right before, over 22,000 visas were issued by the State Department to foreign nationals that weren’t all Saudi, either. They weren’t all Saudis – but they were given the stamp of approval from Jedda – without interviews. So they just went there to apply and it was ‘Here you go. Go!’

“There was a person who I had and I convinced that person to drop a cable that they received. And – just so you know – the reporter was actually detained. He was someone who revealed the Visa Express program, which, unfortunately, it was only mentioned about Saudi Arabia, because obviously, it was people from Saudi Arabia that hijacked airplanes and ALL of those people from Saudi Arabia that hijacked airplanes were not all Saudis and all their visas were personally approved by John Brennan.”

It’s clear that 9/11 was the engineered “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” event required by the Neocons to justify the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions that stole trillions in US Taxpayer money to slaughter innocents, to destroy nations, to create a migrant crisis and to destroy the West, so that they could ‘Build Back Better’.

And to do that, they needed to spy on every one of us.

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  • The Best 9/11 Truth Video You Will Ever See—-Look it up—-perfect synopsis in less than 5 minutes. Just excellent!

  • Do you recall how Bush One’s GULF WAR ONE/Kuwait was used as a marketing demo event for military weaponry (and of course vaccination)? On display there, the items then were offered on the world market. After watching that, my expectations of BUSH TWO and 9/11 were along those lines. What new technology was on display on 9/11 to whet the appetites of the investment capitalists and the arms dealers? Unmanned drones? Steel melting explosives? Obliterating/cremating energy or sound frequency weaponry? Microwave weapons?

    After seeing this film — especially with Trump’s commentary on the outer steel shell of the Twin Towers and how it was breeched — I might add a depleted uranium armor-piercing device of some kind.

    • FYI. It was a DEW. In the footage of the collapse it is in front of the whole world to see what did the destruction. The concrete on exterior (appears to be some kind of masonry?) of structure DISINTEGRATES into powder instantaneously upon collapase…..THE only known weapon to disintegrate material -Directed Energy Weapon

  • Excellent content. Horrible background noise.
    Why do good documentary filmmakers make the same mistake in having their background music/noise turned too loud which is very distracting when trying to listen to the narration.

  • ” planes were flown into buildings on 9/11.”?
    ” . . . videos not fake, but somethings about the planes were fake . . . “?

    “September 11: planes that hit WTC were not Boeing 767s . . .
    Pilots for 9/11 Truth, an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals, has pointed out that, according to the manufacturer, the Boeing 767 develops structural failure and dismembers at a speed surpassing 660 km/h when flying at near sea level in thick air. This has also been certified by a former senior NASA executive, Dwain Deets. ”?

    “13 Witness Reactions to the Planes on 9/11”

    “examination of the option
    23:27 trading leading up to September 11th reveals that there was an unusually high level of put buying this finding is
    23:33 consistent with informed investors having traded options in advance of the attacks in detecting abnormal trading
    23:41 activities in option markets researchers at the University of Zurich used econometrics methods to confirm unusual
    23:47 put option activity on the stocks of key Airlines bank and reinsurers in the weeks prior to
    23:52 9/11 and in was their abnormal trading in the S&P 500 index options prior to . . . “

    “As I was running, parked cars were blowing up and some were on fire, the street was cracking a bit as well.” ?

    “9/11 CNN Pentagon Report – NO PLANE – Only Aired Once
    00:00 actually was bob franken with and
    00:01 eyewitness who said it appeared that
    00:03 that Boeing 757 the American jet
    00:06 American Airlines jet landed short of
    00:09 the Pentagon can you give us any better
    00:12 idea of how much of the plane actually
    00:13 impacted the building you know it might
    00:16 have appeared that way but from my
    00:18 close-up inspection there’s no evidence
    00:20 of a plane having crashed anywhere near
    00:22 the Pentagon the only site is the actual
    00:26 side of the building that’s crashed in
    00:27 and as I said the only pieces left
    00:30 that you can see are small enough that
    00:32 you could pick up in your hand there are
    00:34 no large tail sections wing sections a
    00:37 fuselage nothing like that anywhere
    00:39 around which would indicate that the
    00:41 entire plane crashed into the side of
    00:43 the Pentagon and then caused the side to
    00:46 collapse now even though if you look at
    00:47 the pictures of the Pentagon you see
    00:49 that the floors have all collapsed that
    00:51 didn’t happen immediately
    00:52 it wasn’t until almost about 45 minutes
    00:55 later that the structure was weakened “
    It was available about 3 years ago!
    Now: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.”
    Fossil Fuel Imports Are Already ConstrainedOur Finite World

    “ . . . out of the 4000 Israelis believed to have worked in and around the WTC and the Pentagon only FIVE died. 5/4000 Israelis. Statistically, with no forewarning about 10% (ie 400 of 4000) would have died; a toll as low as 200-300/4000 would not convincingly indicate foreknowledge. But only FIVE Israelis died and two of the five were aboard the allegedly hijacked flights; thus only three Israelis died in the WTC itself on 9/11. NB – this applies to Israeli nationals, NOT American Jews. Many Jews died in the WTC on 9/11.”

    “In this poignant half-hour interview, Peter Michael Ketcham tells his story of discovering that the organization where he had worked for 14 years had deliberately suppressed the truth about the most pivotal event of the 21st century. “

    • I watched a number of the videos of the second attack on TWC, and what I noticed was that the plane in different videos seemed to vary in scale — sometimes one size and then other times much larger. Has anyone analyzed these vids for consistency of that plane’s size as seen in those vids?

  • The Fbi put me on a watchlist shortly after 911. Supposedly a man called and said I had bombs. They laughed it off with me, the 2 agents, then they said I had to be put on a list anyway. Us taxpayers pay over 200g a yr for me. That’s how they made back some of that rumsfeld cash I guess

  • Such a thorough case, too bad it will never go to court. Ya know why? Because this nation is still run by the same group. It’s not just elite parasites. It’s a lot more. David Icke was and is right. Start to read his very well documented books, because until we go there we’re not getting anywhere.

  • If you do your Research, you will find that NYC’s 9/11 and Maui’s Lahaina have a lot in common.
    I can’t help not wondering what “terrorist act” comes next, and which city will burn.

  • I’ve seen enough proof showing that there was not any Arab highjackers flying planes into anything that did. I even seen a video where a lady states she was in the Pentagon at the area of the blast and she states”there was NO plane” when she made her way out of the rumble.

  • Donald Trumps first biggest failure of his presidency was not investigating the actions taken by .gov neocon warmonger event planners and intelligence agency orchestrators to start the self reflective war on terror . The FBI enablers were instrumental in covering up the many mistakes made during this messy poorly enacted inside job terror campaign waged against the american people with foreign actors who were allowed to slip in and out of the country like our border and laws didn’t apply to them at all. The trillions wasted on the persecution of civilians in the war on state funded terrorism would have solved all of our social ills but instead all we got was more terrorism and a huge deficit but we did get some cool new space lasers to play with from our new friends .

    • Donald Trump didn’t do a lot of things he could have. Hillary’s still walking around free. He’s responsible for pushing the vax and still does. RFK Jr maintains that he took a million dollars from pharma for the inauguration and thereafter never opposed the vax, although he well knew better. Trump annointed one deep stater after another into office. Sessions obliged by recusing himself from investigating anything important and Trump kept him for 2 years. Barr stonewalled everything including defending the 2020 election. Pence is a pedo according to witnesses at AMP and he was a viper at the electoral college and since. He was in charge of appointing the covid team including Fauci. He knew it was a ticking time bomb for Trump. Trump knew these men, everything about them. He used them to sabotage the stuff he had no intention to do in the first place. Yes, Trump also put some EOs into place that gave potential, but without anyone to investigate or prosecute, by his own hand, what good were they?

      • The secret state has control, secret state in control, secret state intertwined with other secret states made up of trained, brainwashed professional liars and tricksters hell bent on destroying established institutions, mankind as created – that’s their game plan and they will not permit Trump or Kennedy to stop them! They’ve already demonstrated their willingness to assassinate any opposition and fulfill green leftists stated objectives for destroying all means of sustaining human life as created! Have they not plainly told us their view of humans as a diseased species, a cancer that needs to be excised in order to save their mother earth? That does not require total annihilation, only annihilation of our nature. Only a righteously indignant electorate can stop the real threat to humanity before these loons destroy who and what we are. That is the utopian new world order, thinly populated by former humans, just enough to serve the ruling elite on their privately owned spaceship earth. Ahhh, but how are they going to maintain peace among themselves, eh? Rebellion is bound up in the hearts of those who hate G-d and his instructions for life.

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