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What did he know… and when did he know it??

(The music is priceless!)

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • to pull or not to pull that is the question . did lucky larry help the wandering artist crew wire the basement of the building to blow on the satanic day of rage and revenge also know as Yeshua’s actual birthday . after the demolition party the satanic mobsters moved the NYSE to isrealhell to protect their interest and hide the insider high frequency frontrunning trading racket from the SEC holdouts . the bad apple AKA NYC is toast with nothing left for the jews to loot . the movers came in to cart away the gold before the building fell .

  • Funny guy….he should be on exhibition at a zoo, a human zoo. We need to round up these inbred psychotic freaks and put them behind monkey bars and have it open to the general public. Bring your own tomatoes, or buy there on the spot. They need to be made an example of…brutally so for the millions they have killed or maimed.

    All for the love of money and control. They are parasitic for they only survive by feasting off of others.

  • If the sun ☀ is so bad for his vampire ass, he should just live in a cave. What’s up with all the squinting? Can we get a lie detector over here please!

  • What a nasty looking humanoid. No wonder he’s Larry the Cockroach. Imagine having to seat and eat facing that thing. You’d need one of those salad bar spit guards. Reminds me of Al Davis and Janet Yellen.

  • Did I hear correctly that Lucky Larry also has a financial interest in the Francis Scott Key Bridge? Wow, that is super lucky!

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