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by Greg Reese

The solar eclipse on April 8th is becoming a major event. The National Guard is being deployed and the people are being advised to have two weeks of food and to fill their fuel tanks. This could all be explained due to the fact that tens of thousands of visitors are expected along the path of totality. But many people believe they could be preparing for possible earthquakes due to the Devil comet aligning with the April 8th eclipse, and due to the fact that in 1811, a comet also appeared in the skies during a solar eclipse on the same path and was followed by the biggest earthquakes in American history.

Known as the New Madrid earthquakes, around 10,000 earthquakes occurred in just three months time. The biggest being measured at 8.8 magnitude. They were the most devastating series of earthquakes in recorded history. But it was a different comet. And while some claim that a solar eclipse can trigger earthquakes, this scenario seems unlikely.

This eclipse season is however, a very rare event. The recent eclipses in August of 2017, and October of 2023, along with the upcoming one on April 8th, forms an Aleph and a Tav over the United States. The Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. These eclipses mark the end of the Great Year, a twenty-six thousand year period that starts anew with the dawning of Aquarius and a new golden age.

Manly P. Hall wrote that high level Masons designed America for a “peculiar and particular purpose.” A secret destiny to bring about a new Atlantis, or a New World Order, where in a King descended of a divine race will rule over all. In rituals, this King is symbolized as Apollo, Horus, or Nimrod, the father of Freemasonry. And is thought to be a descendant of the biblical Nephilim, or the Sumerian Anunnaki. According to Thomas Horn, this will happen in 2025. Which corresponds to several documents published by Intelligence agencies, such as, Global Governance 2025, Global Trends 2025, and the 2025 Deagle Forecast on world population.

NASA is notorious for performing Masonic rituals based on the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Apollo being the same character as Horus. Sirius representing Isis. And Atlantis being the new golden age they hope to restore. And during the eclipse on April 8th, NASA will fire three rockets named after Apep, the Egyptian serpent god whose goal was to devour Ra, the sun. And when the sun re-emerges after three minutes of darkness, it will be likened to the rebirth of Horus. Their new King of the golden age.

CERN, known for practicing occult rituals at a statue of Shiva, the Hindu god who symbolizes death, destruction, and the end of an age, will be firing up their Large Hadron Collider to full power during the solar eclipse.

And Israel, who is in the midst of committing Genocide, is preparing to sacrifice a Red heifer. A ritual sacrifice to prepare them for taking back the Temple Mount.

“Red heifers, to be precise. Some Jews and Christians believe they’re the key to rebuilding the historic Jewish temple in Jerusalem. And to beckoning the Messiah. To understand, you have to go back nearly 2000 years when the ancient Romans destroyed the last temple in the city to rebuild it. These believers point to the Bible’s Book of Numbers. It commands the Israelites to sacrifice a red heifer without defect or blemish, and that has never been under a yoke. Only then can the temple rise again. Those sacred cows were showcased in Washington at a recent prayer gathering. Many evangelicals believe these red heifers will usher Christ’s second coming.”
– Chris Livesay (CBS News)

“We need the Messiah to come, right? So for me, the red heifer, it’s red for the blood of Jesus Christ.”
– Evangelical leader

“A massive altar already awaits where the heifers are to be burned. According to some believers, the ceremony needs to be performed right here on the Mount of Olives looking directly into where the temple once stood. But something else now stands in its place.”
– Chris Livesay (CBS News)

Once they forcibly take the Temple Mount away from billions of Muslims worldwide, it will predictably thrust the world into the peak of chaos that these secret societies have been designing for centuries. And their plan is to bring order out of this chaos with their divine King to rule over the world.

But these are just rituals, and fear is an illusion. We can always choose love.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Obviously Reese is just another agent of the fear-porn network, since Mike Adams is also pushing identical fear rousing topics: “CONVERGENCE: The Solar Eclipse, CERN, Lucifer, The Vatican, And Reptilian Venom Peptides”.
    Agents are all regularly ‘converging’ towards the same CIA scenario.
    It is about time to compile a multi-screen talking heads video (like those MSM’s ‘democracy-in-danger’ videos) with all these alt-media agents are ‘jumping the shark’ in unison, completing each other’s fear-mongering sentences.

    And like agent Mike Adams, agent Reese also ‘substantiates’ his fear-porn by referencing to documents printed by … intelligence agencies. Nice. A closed looping between the printed predictive programming by the intelligence agencies (‘experts’ foretelling the future) and fear mongering actions in the present by the intelligence agents. A technique which pacifies the bulk of population by making them feel helpless, entrenching people’s learned helplessness.
    A recipe to stall any revolt in its tracks, or to be more precise, a recipe to derail any grassroots revolution is simple:
    firstly, compile a printed book of “Revelations” printed beforehand by The Agency (elite’s long-term plan, their ‘manifest’ destiny)
    and secondly, direct thousands of agents to begin converging onto the word of ‘experts’ at appropriate moment in time, when third-class people from the back of a train are about to storm the locomotive and its first-class compartments.


    “[…] The country has been run by unelected trillionaires since the beginning, so voting can’t touch them. As they have gotten more corrupt and more psychotic and more incompetent, they have also gotten more adept at hiding. The media is used to hide them, and the media is an ever-expanding monster. As the mainstream media dies, it is being replaced by this fake alternative media, which is even more slippery. It hides behind this veneer of revolution and tells you what you want to hear, while making sure you never touch reality for a single moment. […] Jones, Adams, and these other “alternative” guys are always interviewing some “ex-CIA agent” who is allegedly spilling the beans, but that shouldn’t fool anyone. […] All these people in the alt-media are constantly interviewing and promoting one another: Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Mike Adams, Larry Johnson, Joe Rogan, Steven Crowder, and all the other big names. They pretend to be part of a “conservative” reaction to the liberal, blue party, communist takeover of America, but that is all a mirage. They are there to move you right into the open arms of the old Republican Party, who will save you from Biden, Obama, Hillary, and the WEF. The levels of naivete and historical ignorance required to believe the Republican Party is a friend of the common man are astounding, but in some ways it is working. […] They are herding you away from the vaccine genocide and toward the Republican party, so they need you in a constant state of panic, to avoid thinking rationally. No rational person would be a conservative or vote Republican (or Democrat), and no rational person would put up with being sold a deadly drug as safe and effective. Any rational person would revolt immediately, arresting everyone in both parties and in government as an accomplice in this crime. It isn’t just elections being stolen, it is the entire government that has been stolen. The entire world has been stolen. But you can get it back the moment you quit being afraid and quit believing their lies. At that moment the whole thing comes crashing down, for the better.”.

    🙂 Remain standing firmly on your boulder (of doubt and inquisitiveness) in the middle of the Phoenix river and reject Siren songs coming from both banks, MSM and ‘alt’M, enticing you to jump back into the stream of Phoeny reality. Stay clear of endless stream of lies, partial truths and misdirections … and
    … reject (as being mere foul tasting snake oils) all anti-deep-state Q-tonic swamp-waters Alex Jones is selling.

  • the F’d up sacrificing of the red baby cow by the Baal worshipers in isrealhell to recall their Antichrist messiah back from the dead , they do it all retardedly backwards, this gives sum perspective to the mass murdering maniacs now finally failing to permanently finish us off . the passing eclipse sign in the heavens marks the ending of this sad story and signals the beginning of a period of peace on earth an end to nonstop useless war and the end to the tribe who couldn’t figure out that they were going to have to answer for all the suffering they caused in the world , congratulations assholes enjoy the barbecue bonfire , go snort sum of the ashes or whatever makes your completely crazy ass ready for the battle of your lifetime when the magnificent seven + the 1 show up to collect their dues .

  • Blah blah blah!
    Just another ‘event’ to have us on our seats!! ..
    Remember to have your ‘special glasses’ on if you look straight up at it!!..

  • The eclipse is natural and it would really be interesting if the aligning of the planets creates an earthquake that would be natural. But the occult part that is overlaid this natural event is not natural and it’s not supernatural either. The occult can be a lot of things but it was infiltrated heavily by Frankism, the 18th century Jewish heretic, who had a religion based on redemption through sin. This started with Sabbatai Zevi in the 17th century but really took off in Europe through Jacob Frank and Frankism. The Frankists and their redemption through sin believe that breaking the laws of the Torah will bring on the Messiah—so killing is good because it is breaking the laws, etc. We have to consider this as a possible influence on what is going on in Israel and in western occultism—not all obviously but definitely some occult societies are Frankist.

  • Read for yourself Numbers chapter 19. This was before there ever was the first temple (while the tabernacle was in use under Aarons son), and has nothing to do with the temple. The temple was not till Solomon. The red heifers’ ashes were about the cleansing process of anyone or thing having been in contact with a dead person’s body, bones, or grave.
    I never cease to be degusted with men who claim to be Christian leaders, and they don’t even have knowledge of The Holy Bible (God’s word). The blind and ignorant leading the blind and ignorant who follow them.

  • I don’t know about the degree of probability of all the more esoteric and negative potentials that are being attached to this solar eclipse but I do know that the degree of probability is high that the masses of people gathering along the viewing path to experience the eclipse on the 8th will cause some adverse effects.

    I live East of Russellville, AR that is in the top 10 viewing locations for the eclipse in North America. Russellville’s population is 30K. They’re expecting 120K (give/take) visitors over a three day period. They are doing a lot to prepare for this huge tidal wave of people but there is no way that their infrastructure cannot handle this. I went to Russellville this past weekend and already the camp sites and overflow sites are full. In Paris, AR a little town 40 miles East of Russellville, their 3 local factories are closed on the 8th because they expect the volume of traffic to be so bad that their workers won’t be able to get to work.

    While in Russellville my wife and I had lunch at the Old South Restaurant. Following is information provided to us by our waitress, Cindy. Note: I have not verified any of it. I wonder about some of these figures. I suspect some exaggeration but, who knows, the figures Cindy provided could possibly be understated. In any case, the potential circumstances make me think of a concert called Woodstock back in 69 and how a small country town got overrun with unprepared people.

    – The city of Russellville is expecting 120K visitors for a 3 day solar eclipse festival. 120k visitors + the 30K locals is going to be a great strain on the existing infrastructure. Per Cindy The city is taking drastic measures to cope with this (no details were given).

    – 8,000 porta potties are being brought in.

    – The Fairfield Marriott hotel across the street from the restaurant is charging $3,500 per day for a 3 day minimum.

    – Motel 6 is charging $750 per day during the 3 day festival.

    – The local hospital is bringing in more staff and 3 additional helicopters.

    – Various on/off ramps to the interstate will be blocked off.

    Well, that’s it. All and all, from my point of view, Russellville, and any other town located anywhere near the path of totality is a place to avoid on the 8th.

  • I concur with what TruthisSimple (username) had to say about this:

    “There are speculations that a false flag event will take place, that the government issuing a warning for this april’s solar eclipse is unusual since we had other events take place with no problems at all. personally i think this is an IQ test to gauge our reactions to their suggestions. they can monitor people withdrawing money, increased grocery purchases, more drinking water and how much gasoline we buy. depending if we pass or fail this upcoming test will dictate what the government will do next be it a false flag or the real thing a biological attack, cyberattack or a nuclear attack. let me clarify the difference, a false flag will involve only a TINY portion of the population while the ‘real thing’ will involve millions either way it will be orchestrated and planned. don’t think governments do such things? i say you then haven’t been paying attention to recent history. expect this to take place in the coming months before the election. they are testing if their propaganda apparatus is still functioning while the moon crosses the red states to the blue states, the influence of politicians, the ‘intel’ agencies, the msm news … all of it.”

  • Well it definitely won’t have anything to do with a comet as nothing passes through the firmament. It’s all smoke and mirrors lies and deceit the powers to be might pull off a false flag event as usual.
    Happy eclipse everyone.

  • Did anybody see the 1963 Day of the Triffids?
    More fear porn from the Globist for their entertainment…
    Another Y2K production…

  • Another hype up event that they are trying to created for more fear mongering. Just like they did with the emergency broadcasts system when everyone got an alert on their phone and people saying that something bad is going to happen and nothing did as usual. Stop with this crap already. It just a solar eclipse. It’s just another way of keeping the masses in fear. By the way, how can the moon move on front of the sun if the moon and sun is in our atmosphere and not millions a mile away as we have been always told? How does the moon move that fast? Does the moon even move at all or is it something else that has been going in front of the moon all this time. I don’t. believe about the moon going in front of the sun anymore as we have been made to believe. I just don’t. believe that the moon can cross that fast in front of the moon and stop just perfectly in the center of the sun every time. What is actually blocking the sun during this event? I just don’t. believe the moon theory at all. Just my own thoughts on it.

  • It is not like someone pushed the moon into certain position to have eclipse path align specific way?

  • “But these are just rituals, and fear is an illusion. We can always choose love.”

    Thank you so much Alexandra.
    We can choose love because this is OUR WILL, our pure intent, our path.
    Elections can be rigged, but our will cannot.
    So let us vote four us, Peoples, and let the winners acknowledge their own power once and for all.

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