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    Deborah Tavares tells Sean from the SGT Report that FEMA is helping the UN with its Net Zero goals and they will be helping to move you into the FEMA Relocation Zones. There is no life with Net Zero carbon.

    Deborah says that 5 large US cities are scheduled to have their water infrastructure turned off and to have all those cities’ residents to be force-relocated:

    1. Buffalo, NY
    2. Pritchard, AL
    3. St Louis, MO
    4. Central Coast, CA
    5. San Juan, PR

    The residents are deemed as being one catastrophic disaster away from a “catastrophic water crisis” and being force-relocated by FEMA into one of the 50 drought-resistant zones throughout the country, one in each state that will be designated as “Safe Zones” and get priority access to Federal funds for “When we’re hit by Directed Energy Weapons.”

    She says DEWs will be used to cause floods and earthquakes, in order to empty out the designated “Emergency Zones” and the “Safe Zones” will be spared the use of these weapons.

    This is how they plan to fulfill Agenda 2030, to herd all of humanity off the land and into these Kill Zones within the mega Smart Cities. Deborah says, “This is the course to where you will own nothing…

    “This is total mass-murder, destruction and theft, at the grandest scale in history.”

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    • this is real and we were told all this over 2,000 years ago. You can read all about it in Revelations from the Holy Bible. However, if you’re a TRUE Christain……… we WIN. Not on satan’s damain called earth, but in Heaven after the ‘rapture’ when Jesus takes his own away from the horribly unthinkable crap that will happen 3 1/2 years after we leave this earth.

    • this is sooo horrible i have trouble recognising it as real…. it is like a bad dream… oh how i wish it is a bad dream,,,, how can i help to stop the deeep state????

    Have you been struggling for years with mystery symptoms, feeling exhausted and misunderstood?

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