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How many bizarre humanoids have been found in Peru, anyway? There’s Ati, the 6-inch long creature featured in Dr. Steven Greer’s documentary, ‘Sirius’, there are the Paracas mummies curated by Brien Foerster – and now this. For whatever it’s worth, the three-toed alien from Nazca does not appear to be a hoax, at first blush.

There’s something unusual about a large corporation promoting non-mainstream material, such as Gaia’s new series investigating a three-fingered and -toed mummy unearthed in Nazca, Peru. One wonders if this might be some kind of controlled ET disclosure?

Granted, with a net annual income of negative $27 million, Gaia isn’t anywhere near as huge as The Walt Disney Company, with $22.45 billion in media revenue, Comcast/NBC with $19.72, 21st Century Fox with $18.67 billion, Bertelsmann with $10.04 billion, Viacom with $9.61 billion or as the “tech” giants, which evade calling themselves media conglomerates, Facebook with $11.49 billion and Alphabet (Google) with $59.62 billion in media revenue.

Gaia is a very atypical company. It was founded by an atypical man, Jirka Rysavy who bench-surfed US airports, bus stations and parks for three months before defecting from his native Communist Czechoslovakia with his sports visa, as a member of that country’s Olympic Team.

“I knew nothing about business,” he says. “In Czechoslovakia, private business was called ‘illegal enrichment’.” However, his math and engineering background enabled him to become rapidly successful in several businesses, founding Gaiam Entertainment from his Boulder, Colorado headquarters in 1988.

In 1995, Inc. Magazine named Rysavy “Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up”, when he grew his office supplies company into a $1-billion business. In their profile, Inc. listed among his hobbies, “…meditation; pursuit of spartan life in mountain home (only available water must be fetched from spring, even in winter; often cooks and sleeps outdoors).”

In 2012, Gaiam acquired a DVD distributor from Universal Music Group, a subsidiary of the financially-beleaguered French media behemoth, Vivendi and merged it with its home entertainment division, forming Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment. The following year, this was in turn acquired by Cinedigm, a company which was a pioneer in networked, digital projection when the film industry moved away from 35mm film projection. Cinedigm immediately sued Gaia for inflating the value of their WWF division, prior to the sale. Yes. Gaia owns the World Wrestling Federation!

Cinedigm is over $172 million in debt. Gaia has next to no budget for its content production arm. One wonders whether they are compromised by this and if a certain desperation underlies their promotion of David Wilcock and Corey Goode…and the three-digited humanoid?

The reason I know about any of this is because Gaia “bought” the distribution rights to my film 2 years ago and will continue to own them for the next 5 years and I have yet to see a dime (no pun intended).

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  • This proves there was for such a long time already conscious life on earth, where consciousness is a combination of intelligence and intellect. This is done by discovering the past.
    Out of this past a consciousness appears, where it evolves by a spiritual evolution.
    My question is, what is there to be discovered for the new human being to come.
    The past has lessons inside of it.

    In my view, the future human being evolves by transforming any spiritual duality into singularity, or said different: from gender fight, to gender harmony to oneness.

    Spiritual life came as alien on earth out of OUTER space.
    On earth this alien can discover who/what he/she is.
    I guess that is why “we” are here on this planet.

    I refuse to accept that we are here in order to make war………..
    If war was the only goal, than all is perfect.

    • This was found in 200 something AD. That’s after Jesus, so I don’t know what the hell you’re on about, it doesn’t prove anything you just said.

      • I am talking over the fact that here on earth, all spiritual beings survive until they die. This death happens by any kind of war. This is the hell on earth, of where you seemningly refer.
        I started for many many years, to find out why people should live in pain and suffer (hell).
        I found my answer in universal love energy which nerver dies.
        So this old phenomenon as shown is just an example of dying beings.
        There are so many proves for this.

        How is it possible to find heaven inside, where wars are over???

  • In the X-ray image of the skull, I noticed something odd about the maxillary posterior teeth, almost look like deciduous teeth of a child with the permanent teeth yet to erupt underneath. But, even that looks odd in itself, the unerupted adult teeth have fully develop roots. I’m not a doctor, but I did study dental science for a couple years (prosthodontist). And, I didn’t see any mandibular molars at all, Or, someone put them in upside down (a botched fake). I’m curious to hear from a DDS about this.

  • THIS is way cool and joins the ranks of the Greer and Foester mummies. (No Virginia, we are not the only species of humanoid to have lived on Earth.)

      • Let’s just hope Gaia is not scamming us. I don’t fully trust them. The release of Foester’s comments today about the skull and the snow-white hand he was given to review lends credibility to the Gaia find.

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