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    This clip was posted by Brien Foerster back in mid-February. Foerster lives and works in Peru and he’s been the main force calling for a serious scientific investigation of the Paracas mummies, found all over the world, with over 300 mummified skulls discovered in a single cave near the town of Paracas the 1920s.

    He was given 30 minutes to video two samples from Nazca, Peru of  a different kind of mummy. These appear to be the same type of three-fingered creature currently being featured in a new Gaia TV series, ‘Unearthing Nazca.’ Foerster speaks to my initial reaction to the Gaia teaser, when he says, “I know that some of you are automatically going to assume that what you’re looking at is fake.” My initial reaction was quelled somewhat by the x-rays of the while skeleton and by the words of the doctor analyzing the x-ray, saying that it looked authentic to her.

    In terms of size, the mummified skull appears to be that of an infant or fetus. The brain has been removed but it contains greyish-brownish “skin-like material and bone-like material..with marrow”. Foerster says it looks to be authentic.  The three-fingered hand is covered in the same white powder and is the same size and as the mummy under investigation by the scientific team hired by Gaia.

    Foerster says both objects were found in the same cave or labyrinth in Nazca, Peru along with many other examples. He says that location is being fiercely-guarded by local people who are armed. They’re apparently selling these objects on the black market, which is “highly illegal”. Foerster says that the difference between seeing the video and seeing these objects in real life is “The difference between day and night.”

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    • I have seen, and touched the elongated skulls in Paracas museum, and spent a long time talking to the custodian. There is no way that they are distorted human skulls, all though some tribes did bind the babies heads to elongate them, presumably as a homage.
      Most of the skulls have only 3 plates of bone, unlike the human, the eye sockets and dentition seemed different as well. Some skulls still had hair attached to them. The custodian said the locals all new that they were aliens, and had arrived on flying machines, depicted in some of the pottery he showed me.

    • I’ve been following Brian’s discoveries for years, he does cover a lot of ground with his tours and videos as well as touching on forbidden information and revealing it to the public. We need more people like Brien Forester!! Best wishes for learning all we can from all who tell the truth.

    • I feel Foerster having the snow white three fingered hand lends credibility to the Gaia find. The manner in which the Gaia people handled the mummy bothered me once I understood it was not casted but was that white color. And the rather off-handed remark made by the ?owner? of Gaia about knowing the mummy was real because he’d seen the gray skin before. I didn’t understand that comment unless he’s seen something that has not been made available to the public. Suppose it’s wait and watch.

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