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On May 21st, a citizen came before Florida’s Brevard County Commission to confront them with the fact that alleged victims of the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster are still alive. It appears that NASA is laundering US Tax Dollars and lying to the People – and they’re doing it with Duper’s Delight!

Citizen: I think we all remember the Challenger explosion that took place in 1986 that tragically took the lives of all seven astronauts on board. It launched not too far from where we’re standing here, today.

Well, the interesting thing is a couple decades later, this thing called the internet came about and someone allegedly found almost all of those astronauts alive and well, many using the same exact names.

As you can see here, we have Challenger astronaut Judith Resnick – and also a Judith Resnick Yale Law Professor. Michael J Smith, the pilot of the Challenger astronaut – and also professor at University of Wisconsin, now retired, Michael J Smith. Commander Dick Scobie – who is now president of Cows in Trees.

Now, if you’ll notice, (See video for pictures) they all have the exact same faces, 30 some-odd years later, the same exact name, and they are the same age.

Now, we all have a doppelganger out there, right? No big deal. But to have the same face, the same age, and the same exact name is extremely rare. So rare, I could only find one case in the last 120 years.

And we’re supposed to believe that three people from one space flight have exact lookalikes, have the same age and same exact names?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is beyond statistically impossible. Miss Resnick was questioned at Yale by a journalist and she panicked and ran from the camera. Why?

Mr Michael J Smith was also questioned and he said, “Yeah, we look alike but that’s not me.”

You can see both of these exchanges in a film called ‘Level With Me‘ and you can be the judge. Mr Scobie not only has –

Committee Member: Sir, I’m going to have to stop you.

Citizen: Sir, this is a Public Comment.

Committee Member: I know what it is, I’m very familiar with the Public Comment. And part of the Public Comment is that you’re only allowed to address things that we have jurisdiction over…(discussion with other members ensues; Citizen is allowed to continue).

Citizen: So as I was saying – I’ll just end it with what I was ending with – but the ask is that Miss Pritchett, who knows very well about questioning science, whether it be COVID or fluoride. I’m just asking you all to question the science, here. You’re Goodson and Pritchett. Your district covers the Kennedy Space Center.

This launched from the Kennedy Space Center. You have the ability to help me in sounding the alarm and asking the Federal Government for help. If this is contained in your area I should be able to at least address something that happened here. Don’t you agree? 

Committee Member: That’s not within the jurisdiction or authority of the County Commission. Thank you very much.

Citizen: Will you let me finish for at least –

Committee Member: No, Sir. You’re finished.

Citizen: Thank you. Thank you for taking away my freedom of speech today in here. 

Committee Member: I did not take away your freedom of speech… Officers, please remove this man from the room… (Citizen is ejected from the building).


Citizen: As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted and my First Amendment was violated during a Public Comment period, here in Brevard County. I was saying that Mr Scobie is the most interesting, because not only does he have the same age, same face, same name, same slanted eye and the cheek if you look very closely. Get this:

He created a company called “Cows in Trees” and the promo video has a cow blasting off strapped to a rocket leaving a smoke trail eerily similar to that of the Challenger explosion. You couldn’t make this up if you tried!

That’s why I today am calling on the Brevard County Commissioners to stand with me in demanding the Senate Subcommittee on Space Science open a new investigation into the Challenger explosion because if this is all one big coincidence, no big deal.

But if it’s true people watched what they believed were seven people blown up on live television inflicting emotional and psychological trauma on millions of Americans and we deserve to know why on Earth something like that would be done. 

And like I was saying to Commissioner Pritchett and Commissioner Goodson, the only reason I’m back in here is because NASA ignored my last request and was completely unresponsive about the ISS discrepancies. I was blocked by the Public Affairs Officer after one polite request.

Commissioner Pritchett and Commissioner Goodson cover the area that contains the Kennedy Space Center, so I was just simply hoping that they would be able to help me in some way, since it is their territory. 

I still thank them for their time and I wish I was able to finish my speech but we finished outside and that’s good enough. I hope we can get some transparency with NASA, one way or another.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That looks like a 666 rocket smoke, kind of like the way google chrome worked in a 666. At first glance you notice the pattern of smoke is odd, but it’s more than that.

    • Not supprising that Google would use a triple 6….

      I don’t use chrome, so I don’t know how it appeared.

      It is good that you took notice of it… a conscious manner and not subliminally.

  • yet most won’t question about the shape of the planet, in hope that the same hollywood fakery agency & and their co sci(fi)entists are telling (at least some) truth

  • Hey ed,
    Ya can’t tell people the intellectual equivalent of “there’s no Santa” before they have attained at least a modicum of mental maturity, a rare state of mind anywhere, but most especially in these United States of Abjuration…

    (For those – like myself – who hadn’t a clue, one example of “abjuration” would be “the act of swearing that you no longer believe in all that conspiracy nonsense and can’t wait until you get your very own “mark of the beast”, TODAY!”)

  • Alexandra

    Thanks for continuing to bring mentally stimulating historical events to my attention

    FYI, I’m viewing your interview with Josh Reid and James Grunvig on “Conversations on the Fringe”

    Most enlightened podcast I’ve ever seen hands down

    The 3 of you know so much that yall could barely allow the other time to finish before you’d also speak. 3 Mensas! Ha


  • Clearly, NASA faking it again. How much money has our own government agencies stolen from the taxpayers? America is just a criminal mafia, and it HAS to fall. The USG does, surely.

    Alexandra, another great story!

  • Hoax……if the government spent tons of money on a space shuttle that was designated to blow up, I’m pretty sure that ALL involved in the cover-up would have been forced into a witness protection program, NEVER TO BE FOUND AGAIN!! And this guy just happened to find all the ‘astronauts’, with the SAME names??? Yeah, right. They didn’t even bother to change their names, and NOBODY who ever came in contact with the all these years, had no clue??? Do yourself a favor, get a tin foil hat, take a pill, go to your safe space, and for GOD’s sake……….get some help!

  • And nothing ever happens because the cabal runs the entire show. Anyone that speaks up could be killed and others keep their mouths shut for the paycheck.

  • I’m not surprised that they kicked him out. They don’t want to know the truth and they don’t want anyone else to know it

  • This is very intriguing, but my enthusiasm wanes when I see their vid includes belief in the flat earth stuff.

    • Ignore the flat earth stuff, what is important on many levels is whether or not those astronauts where in that shuttle when it blew up. NASA told us they were, yet there is now possible evidence that at least 3 were not on that shuttle and maybe all 7 were not on that shuttle. If that shuttle was launched with 7 people and it blew up that’s a tragedy if it was launched with no astronauts then it is fraud on many levels. This needs to be investigated because if it is fraud it now opens up a list of questions as too the motive of why NASA would fake their deaths.
      NASA gets Billions of tax payers money for these space programs and if they are not legit that money could be used elsewhere for positive changes. The coincidence of those names and photos matching is statistically impossible. If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck……

  • Well well well, Nasa telling lies. Are they part of Globalists? as it seems anyone belonging to this nefarious party are all Narcissists Offenders and generally insane. Time to lock them up.

    Why are the survivors of Challenger hiding the truth do they not feel they should SPEAK UP?

  • Well said sir. Just MORE government cover up. There is no way NASA will admit to this. Just like the moon landing. Please continue with your message and let us all know how to research these facts.

  • They BS with “jurisdiction” thing. You can comment all you want at such meetings. If commissioners don’t want to hear, they should find another job.

  • Those commissioners are employed by a foreign, international, D&B commercially registered incorporated legal entity, essential governmental services for-profit business organization! A “State of State” municipal corporation franchise…

    • I’ve heard about this before this movie & meeting, probably here thanks to Alexandra! Maybe showing up to municipal meetings peacefully armed like the police to protect the public speaker. Just like how people have been able to feed the homeless with armed protection from the government armed protection. Unfortunately NASA in Florida is a special state like the Vatican in Italy, no one but the federal government has jurisdiction. That’s what the municipal comptroller was trying to express in less words.

    • Like what? Our own government is killing its citizens. It’s been stealing from us, to keep the super wealthy in power. The people won’t even fight for their lives. We might as all lie down and die. Trump isn’t gonna do shit. If he does, he’ll be the greatest hero since,… Jesus. Let’s hope he is Orange Jesus, the savior of humanity. If he’s not, America will be overthrown and gone within the year.

      Where the hell is our military? Was Q just a PsyOp after all?

      • “Q” has been stated to be a government psy-op by the operators and owners of the accounts.

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