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The United Spot has really outdone itself this time!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • In the UK……..been unable to load the site for months. You are being blocked selectively i.e. selective hit lists and targeting of individuals.
    The wombat koala pox jab is a Bluetooth jab ,digital I D using the graphene. Bluetooth BLE Bluetooth low energy….no one in MSM wants to talk. Test it yourself with a Bluetooth sniffer app.
    We need telecom engineers to spill the beans and to hack it otherwise it will be CDC , biomanipulation as well as dial a plauge ,and or selective assassination.
    Some hotel owners in UK have been reporting arms shipments being delivered to illegal migrant hotels by British army. Looks like a false flag Christian versus Muslim war to justify martial law and in intervention. UK police have curtailed Remembrance Day and sided with violence of the Palestine protestors,mostly Muslim plus white lefties . Deliberate incitements to civil violence by MSM and London mayor and police chief. Soz for posting here but the webpage is so poxed by digital gatekeeper s…,royal signal regiment. Deliberate errors like 404 time out etc part of the blocking interference.
    So millions have been Bluetoothed but have no idea and think wombat koala pox is real ,so sad how lazy and ignorant people are ,it’s costing them their lives and good health

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