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    Snordelhans aka the Snordster (aka Les Visible, aka Stuart Wilde – or in this piece, “Brandon Smith” – which I think is funnier than Snordelhans) is a remarkable spoken word artist, whose powerful work I’ve forgotten to broadcast in a while. I was reminded of him late last night, while manually deleting the 10,000 spam posts to my comment boards, which began flooding my site last January but are now finally under control.

    I found a comment from him there, rebutting my inaccurate statement, in a recent posted interview of George Webb by Max Igan that Igan was Snordster. He assured me that he is not.

    I hope I can be forgiven for the confusion. I picked up the rumor from people re-posting his clips in the past and ascribing them to Max Igan. My confusion was compounded by his profusion of pseudonyms. I thought the Snordster (“Igan”) was one of those Aussies, like Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett who can perfectly replicate any accent of the English language but it turns out he is a South African with this talent.

    The accent he affects in his brilliant YouTube clips, with his incomparable basso profundo are spoken in “Received” English from the south of England, which apparently just 3% the UK’s population speaks. It used to be called “The Queen’s English” and “BBC English” – until the latter started letting all of these presenters with wacky regional British dialects host their shows. (I am that weird American who can actually tell the difference between and understand all of the above).

    That being settled, the Snordster hasn’t been posting as much lately because he’s frustrated with the “all-talk, no-action” on the part of the Liberty Movement. He is not a buyer of Trumpism and he thinks that the Chinese and the Russians have been owned by the Central Bankers. (I’ll have to drill down on my research into that).

    Anyway, about this great piece, which was posted 2 years ago and which was quite prophetic about what we’re beginning to witness now, with the battle between factions of the Deep State being played out in the news media, the collapsing official narrative and the people divided against one another, as they take sides.

    It is definitely worth a watch. Here’s the Crescendo:

    “If the Globalists were truly as omnipotent as they pretend to be, if they were truly all-knowing Philosopher-Kings, born to rule, then they would already have their New World Order.

    “They would not need lies. They would not need the threat of force. The undeniability of their ideology would be enough, if their ideology actually had any validity…

    “What may appear to be the thoroughness of the elitist con is actually a form of micro-management, that exhibits a fundamental doubt of success.

    “The Globalists wish they could predict the future. But they cannot. So they are just as afraid as most of humanity.

    “I believe we are entering into an era in which they will feel the stark pain and shattered illusions and the destruction of their own fantasies, no less-felt than the pain of the rest of the world.

    “Our mission, as an opposing force to Globalism is to come to terms with with our own illusions and to erase them. Stop compromising and to stop waiting for the final to shoe to drop and to take positive action now, rather than after the “Endgame” develops. This means preparation and organization for the worst case scenarios. This means making one’s family, neighborhood and community as self-reliant and secure as possible. The excuses have to stop…

    “Hard work and risk are all that is left. All that matters. If we do this and if we do it now, then victory is possible.

    “In any contest of strength and will, he who knows himself best, he who sheds all illusion will be the winner.”

    To see all of the Snordster’s great videos, visit his YouTube page:

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    • What a GREAT video (well, a great voice-over with nice backing photos.). Ol’ Snordelhans/ Wilde/ Igan (ha!), I resonate with his thinking. Nice find, Alexa, and REvolt 2020?

    • I’m currently reading The Disappearance of the Universe for the second time. It is based on A Course in Miracles. They both basically hold that it is healthier and more real to come to understand that nothing outside our mind exists. It is interesting to entertain the idea and its implications. The Disappearance book it truly mind blowing.

      • Sounds like magical thinking, Michael. The Course, like the Bible (or a cult), may offer contemporary Christians and religious folk the ol’ thought panacea. But, that’s really more of an antidote, not a cure. And like a monastery, when the violence comes, the meek get murdered. So don’t be meek – be armed, with more than faith. Be armed with science, data, logic and reason. And at the center of it all, be armed with a heart, to weigh the truth.

    • Values, principles, ethics, morals, doing the right thing and the truth shall set you free…BUT, we all still have to live through the experiences of doing that in the face of the certain resistance of the insanity being exposed…Man, know thy self.

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