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Thank you very much for giving me this valuable opportunity to send my message about human rights abuse in the time of COVID-19. My name is Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School. My specialty is Molecular Pathology and Medicine.

The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world. A plan was set up to shorten the time to develop vaccines, which usually takes longer than ten years to less than one year. Operation Warp Speed. This operation was used to cover up the misconceptions of the genetic vaccines. Under the pretext of saving time, an extremely dangerous method was selected.

That is, intramuscular injection of viral genes to produce toxic spike proteins directly in human tissues to stimulate immune system. Because this is a completely new method and misconceived method that has never applied before in human history, it is impossible, therefore, for most of doctors to give proper informed consent. However, due to irresponsible government and media campaigns to promote vaccines, 80% of the Japanese has been vaccinated.

Unfortunately, seven shots have been done so far. This is the most and worst in the world. And the result was the induction of the terrible drug induced injury that has never seen in human history. I believe that the fraudulent use of experimental gene therapy to healthy people, particularly to healthy children, is an extreme violation of human rights. However, Keizo Takemi, Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, has been insisting that there is no serious concern about the injury caused by genetic vaccines. And without learning from the current situation of injured patients, they plan to construct a new vaccine production system in preparation for the next pandemic. This is an unbelievable, crazy situation.

The Japanese government is first in the world to approve a new type of vaccine called self replication replicon vaccine, and plans to start to supply it in this fall and winter. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is providing a huge amount of subsidies for this project. And factories to produce new vaccines are being built one after another in Japan. I visited these factories directly.

Furthermore, the Japanese government is currently soliciting large scale clinical trials worth $900 million from pharmaceutical companies that are taking on the challenge of developing vaccines to prepare for the next pandemic by Disease X proposed during the Davos conference this year. It is speculated that the movement by the Japanese government is part of CEPI Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation’s 100 days mission, which aims to shorten the time to one third of Operation Warp Speed. Namely, they are trying to shorten the vaccine business cycle by developing a vaccine in hundreds of days. This is possible only by ignoring the human rights perspective. Amendments to the WHO, International Health Regulation (IHR), and the so called Pandemic Treaty, which are about to be adopted at the 77th World Health assembly this year, are attempting to give rationality and legal binding force to such unscientific and dangerous crazy plans.

If such things continue, there is high risk that Japan made vaccines will be exported under the guise for false trust. If Japan were to become a vaccine perpetrator, it would leave irreparable harm to future generations. Therefore, the actions of Japanese government MUST BE STOPPED by international collaborations.

Although it has already been three years since I started to give lectures to educate Japanese people about the dangers of vaccines, it is still difficult to penetrate through the sound barriers of mainstream media. If we tell the truth about vaccines on YouTube, it is deleted within a day. The reality is that we are facing censorship and speech suppression almost every day.

Therefore, I put my hope in the publication of a book with the last version of speech and published a book with a title “Withdraw From WHO” It is difficult to stop this movement because it is now politically hopeless to change the situation of the Japanese government. The message I would like to cover convey to the world is that when Disease X occurs in the future, you should never trust the Japan made vaccine that was developed in a short period of time in order to protect human rights in cases of control that transcend national boundaries.

I believe that sharing the truth and countries is so important and that this is a step towards unity and solidarity. Only through the process of information exchange between all countries in the world, we can find hope in the midst of despair. I do hope that my statement will help all of you to protect your healthy life and your family. Thank you very much for your attention.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • He’s not a doctor!
    Vaccines are NEVER injected thru and/or into a muscle, never.
    Not even the covid one.

    • Obviously, you are not a doctor, nor do you have any clue as to the administration of vaccines, as vaccines have always been given intramuscular, excluding the polio sugar cubes of the 60’s and the new nasal mists, but NEVER intravenously!

  • The USG is a criminal mafia stealing from Americans. These traitors are taxing us without representing us. We should be killing them, being the traitors they are – especially those who are killing innocent American citizens through the Covid fraud. The time for the USA, Inc. to die is here. Let’s help it go on and kill itself. It’s worse than the worst cancer. Once we’ve killed it, we can rebuild the Republic from the ground up, removing the Satanic perverts & pedophiles, the thieves, hypocrites and traitors, We have a lot of work to do, and we need the smartest, most moral, ethical and spiritual of us to create Numerica.

  • I’ve been trying to whistle blow about this in Canada to no avail. I did not get the covid xxx shot. I did however receive a ‘vaxxine’ injury from a Senofi Tetanus Diptheria within the last year that resembled all of the adverse reactions of a covid shot injury! All the shots have been switched to the mRNA platform spread the word! It’s within the international agreements for one countries vaxx manufacturer to kill another countries population thanks to treaties like the WEF & WHO! Every level of government and my doctors have conspired to cover it up and not send it to the single court in Quebec! Instead firing me as a patient! A court that has already surpassed it’s budget this year for payouts for injury. This is democide! Alexandra, you’ve been pointing it out to everyone for years. I wish I listened to everyone who said they’d pulled the bait & switch on the death shots. I’ve been censored quite a few times now for posting this here on this site. This is an Internet Service(spying) Provider(pervision) defence department national security protecting and steering the democide now. My local health departments have the backdoor capabilities to censor as well! Be aware like this site made me aware! Thanks Alexandra keep up the great work. If anyone has any resources I can search about injuries other than CHD please let me know.

  • Horrifying. I didnt know the genociders had got 80% of the Japan People. In France they caught officially 60% with at least one shot, but the ways of obtaining fake certificates were so numerous that I have no idea how many people were really shot.
    Japanese brother hold on !

    It seems the genociders are (or were) intending to use the fake “olympic games” to launch their X scam. We have been warned that during this period not only vehicles, but even pedestrians would need a pass to walk on the streets in the areas where “competitions” would be held. Expect people to break all the fences in Paris if they block us.

  • This message echoes the message from other activists worldwide as the globalist vermin prepares a new assault on humanity with the WHO takeover in May/June this year:

    International Health Regulations and the proposed “Pandemic Treaty.”

    James Roguski has been fighting non stop since day one and needs help from everyone to stop this coup.

    More information here:


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