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    Clif High joins the Leak Project for an exciting, mind-expanding, high-energy session, discussing the Earth’s plasmic core, the Expanding Earth Hypothesis and how this relates to the erupting Kilauea Volcano, the cometary/vortical model of planetary movement, the Solar System’s current transit through an area high in charged particles, causing irreversible alterations to the planets, the cyclical release of “grey matter” every several thousand years, catastrophic Earth Changes, mass extinctions, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and much more!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • If you spread this High grade horse shit on your flower garden you’d get bigger blossoms. There is too much raw bullshit in the mix to use it on your vegetable garden.

    • For the water on the ear, grab a bottle of alcohol, remove cap and pour a little alcohol in cap. Tip the affected ear up towards ceiling and pour alcohol into ear. Put a small towel on ear, Keep for maybe 30 seconds then raise head upright to drain ear. Water along w alcohol should be drained. I have used this for years w my children and grand children!

    • Cliff did admit (as anyone should) “i make predictions according to the data I have…when I get more data/info my predictions are apt to change.”

      Sounds reasonable to me…

    • In that NASA discovered Planet X – Nemesis, inward bound in 1983. Info then suppressed by Govs. Cliff is in denial of REALITY. It caused Joshua’s Long Day – King Hezikiah’s Sun Dial Change & 3 Hours of Darkness at Christ’s death. Look up Gill Broussard and Marshall Masters. Is Cliff a Dim Wit or intimidated by CIA – ” Deep State ” or who ever. Christ speaks of Nemesis’s close approach in Luke 21: 26. Wake Up Cliff. We need the TRUTH not massaged Bull Shit.

    • …as they say, timing is everything. Cliff’s immediacy and attributions, stretched into decades do have obvious credibility.
      I like his word smithed mind visuals, great explanation mind pictures, uh, ‘mind candy.’,as previously mentioned and in slight variation, He uses a lot of physics and cosmology concepts and data references which would ideally require a stout pile of footnotes, were one looking into the subject for further clarity.
      There is presently, without doubt, big change now in view, timing remains the important measure, and that is the stock market, which is only mastered by placing one’s finger in the wind.( ; )

    • We all know our weather is artificial and controlled. Go to and check out the patents or and law suits. Volcanos are controlled. Dutchsense always checks for drilling points / pumping operation oil – gas fracking, when earthquakes happen. And sure enough there always is. Sure clif talks chemtrails but how about the total control of the weather/climate and haarp. The evils destroyed the ozone and remember Dr Fred Bell who said that “high flying aircraft destroys the ozone”
      5G –
      Vote for America First Patrick Little on June 5, 2018 in California Primary Election and
      KICK OUT Israel-First, Dual Citizen, 84 Year old Zionist-BILLIONAIRE/Traitor, Dianne Feinstein stroll down to Patrick Little you’ll get more interviews.

    • People who propagate Clif High’s stuff lack memory. They have completelyt forgotten how he unequivocally predicted in the time leading up to 2013 a cosmic changeover happening in 2013.

      • I don’t care that his predictions are often wrong (though he was right about Fukushima). I find him totally entertaining!

        • Hummmmmmmmm… Brain candy……….. If you say so my dear. Be careful, you know what too much candy can do. lol.

        • That is rather disconcerting to learn concerning what your criteria include when picking what stories to present to your readers. Never mind stories that are clearly on the lighter side, this one does not have those warning signals.

          In other words, I believe you are here failing your readers’ expectations (mine, certainly) and compromising your stature as a serious outlet.

      • If “brain candy” is a non-sexist form of “eye candy” does it mean really nice to think about?

        I find any alternative hypothesis really interesting and thought provoking but this does not mean I accept Cliff’s statements as gospel. Without doubt there are items of scientific fact but it all boils down to his very own words regarding the correct interpretation of these facts or observations. I think its best to question everything no matter who says what.

        Yep, lots of stuff to think about but I’m not sure that its candy. I agree it is very entertaining.

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