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    Before there was a Flat Earth, there was an Expanding Earth – as far as YouTube is concerned.

    At first blush, the Expanding Earth Hypothesis or “Expando-Earth,” as Clif High calls it, does seem pretty wacky but it arguably makes more sense than Plate Tectonics which, let’s face it is pretty crazy, with its wild and woolly subduction zones.

    Back in 2009, when I first saw an animation of the expanding Earth on YouTube, my reaction was, “Yes, the continents do all fit together – but still, whoever came up with this idea must be smoking that wacky tabacky!”

    That person who first published about it in 1975 was Tasmanian geologist Samuel Carey, who was well-respected, even if his hypothesis was not.

    Lately, with the many reports of ocean water vanishing from the coasts of southern Brazil, Tampa, Bahamas and now the eastern coast of India, to a degree unprecedented in the lifetimes of the locals, my curiosity was piqued as to what may be causing this.

    I caught a tweet from Clif High, in which he noted that the water reduction episodes have been occurring between the Tropics and the Equator and that the “sea floor falling” would be expected in an expansion event. Then I recalled that he’s a proponent of Expando-Earth so I decided to give it another look.

    I discovered that mainstream geologists do agree that rocks as old as 4 billion years are found on land yet nothing older than 200 million years is ever found when taking core samples of the bedrock beneath the sea, which is handily explained by the Expanding Earth – and less elegantly explained away by subduction.

    Celebrated comic book artist, Neal Adams is the man who made Expando-Earth viral on YouTube in 2007, when he posted parts of his documentary on the subject, seen here. Adams believes the Earth’s expansion occurs through a process of pair production, which is the creation of an elementary particle and its antiparticle from a neutral boson.

    As Adams says, “Why does the scientific community desperately cling to and promote the idea that the ocean bottom is sliding under the continents and into a magma which is twice as dense as solid granite, a totally unsupportable and scientifically unsound idea [subduction]? Because they’d have to observe and admit that the Earth is growing and that…is a very big deal. That would change everything in science, from the smallest particle to the whole universe – 100 years of scientific theory, out the window. That’s a lot to give up.”

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    • It is a nice story, but where all the water came from ??? Is 77 or 78% of our planet’s surface is covered by water ? Many times thicker than the hight of our mountains ? That is considerable amount , I guess. The expansion or the ” wondering ” of the dry land theory would fit right in with flat Earth model also, that would at least explain the presence of water.

        • Water is a name for a certain kind of stuff. Hydrogen is the first stuff of the periodic table. Hydrogen and oxygen makes water. (H2O)
          Scientists named the stuff which appeared by the beginning of our universe as hydrogen. Out of hydrogen appeared water.
          So in fact water comes from the beginning of universe, is therefore present all over universe.
          The entire human body is made by almost 99% of hydrogen, yes even the brain, where thoughts exist by hydrogen.
          Because of the oxygen, this hydrogen became water, which is for ca. 70% a part of the human body.
          Hydrogen can relate the most with other stuffs, where many varieties are found as they are present inside the periodic table.
          Feelings, emotions, sensations are made of a stuff called hydrogen relating………

      • I accept a flat universe as an universe of points, where the universe is a volume of points.
        Inisde this universe waves of points are in motion.
        The earth seems to be flat, when I just look at my feet. Moreover when I look more ahead, there is a curve of bending as time/space bending.
        When it is meant that flat earth is an earth of points, in this case I agree, Where this earth now moves as a spinning wave inside the empty space around the sun.

      • One explanation is that all of our water comes from cometary impacts. I know. Crazy. But mainstream and maybe less so, in light of this next one, that I wrote about 8 weeks ago, that has to do with a chemical reaction theorized to occur in the upper layers of the atmosphere:

        “It’s been proven that solar hydrogen can liberate oxygen trapped in space rocks and still have the energy to make water in space. The particles would first form hydroxyls, then water molecules would clump together, cool and fall to Earth. Since oxygen is already plentiful in the Earth’s ionosphere it would not need to first be liberated from rock.

        “The hypothesis states that some of Earth’s water had to have arrived to the planet in this way. Also, a weaker magnetosphere means more hydrogen influx from the Sun and possibly more production of star water. Could this mechanism be responsible for the many historical accounts of great rains and “Great Floods”?

        “This video suggests that it could take just one big Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from a major solar flare, coupled with our weakened magnetosphere and the resulting influx of oxygen at higher altitudes to set the stage for
        everything to change in an instant, with the creation of an Atmospheric River “ARkStorm”, such as is theorized to have occurred in California, Oregon and Nevada between November 1861 and January 1862.”


        • Alexandra,

          When the sun is in a process of fusion, energies get burned and a reduction of the magnetic power is the result!?

          This process has its impact on earth, where more oxygen appears.

          By more atomic oxygen, the mind can become a conscious mind and even can reach consciousness, where human time becomes transformed into universal time (godly time, which is a human timelesness).

          When hydrogen is present evrywhere, it is present also inside comets.

          The universal impact of hydrogen and also oxygen, as nitrogen and carbon etc. has an impatc of what a human being is. Has therefore also an impact on aliens of any kind.

    • WOW! You just expanded my world! Things make a lot more sense now, it truly is an expanding universe, and Earth is included. Once again you have provided more Forbidden Knowledge* Thank You, Alexandra, my head is still spinning about all of the implications about the past, future, people, energy… The pressure is being released through expansion. So simple, yet, so hidden from view. Maybe I’ll shut up now, I think I have removed enough doubt. Thanks again.

      • When universal light/matter is expanding, into what does it ex-pand?
        Inside universe there are so many black holes, which take all inside!
        This is the opposite part of expanding.

        It seems that almost any body think by the way of pression or even ex-pression, where now even this word ex-pression shows that pression is over?
        Just one question, is love happening by attraction or not.

    • Concerning a religious god of believing, a new vision of science and spiritual evolution which could come together by the singularity of feeling, here a video I found today.

      Our universe is a cloud of nano information of spiritual matter.
      By the impact of attraction and contraction organisms organise themselves, with all the known laws.

    • someone on utube cant remember who said the earth was a brown dwarf i think when the dinosaurs roamed. gravity and mass were way less. this allowed creatures in gigantic size to live when you think about there hearts pumping blood 2 storys up.
      and muscle movements for a 5 story building to run around.

      • Makes sense, I guess. I’ve also heard that the magnetic fields were different; they’ve been weakening since the end of the last Ice Age, leading to the mass extinction of the megafauna and we are still in the middle of that same 6th Extinction to this day.

      • I believe you are thinking of the Electric Universe model. See thunderboltsproject channel Utube (especially weekly Space News vids),,

        WHEN O WHEN are we going to see Alexandra do EU interviews? The material is plentiful, scientific, and a Copernican PLUS level of paradigm change.

        In earth’s earlier history, mankind lived under a brown dwarf star, whose name was Saturn. Worldwide the myths state this. Over a period of thousands of years this smaller system (Saturn, Venus, Mars, Earth) came to be captured in our present solar system under the much hotter star Sol. Sol overcharged Saturn, slowly ending the Golden Age, Venus and Mars were as threatening comets for a while, and Saturn was moved down the star ladder to Gas Giant. Mankind IN HISTORICAL TIMES went through repeated catastrophes and civilization collapse ( end of the Bronze Age was the finish.)

        The cosmos is driven by electrical forces billions of times more powerful than puny puny gravity, a leftover model from the clockwork God of empty Newtonian space. Those vast filamentary structures that connect even galaxies in a web are arteries of flowing plasma. Stars are formed like beads on a chain where the flows “pinch.”

        In a smaller manner, planets are extruded or “burped” from stars when the stars get electrically over-charged.

        Since all are connected by this plasma flow stars and planets can enlarge or condense as the charge increases / decreases. Gravity as relates to mass and the dinosaurs is a matter of how electrically charged the planet is.

        The EU model can compliment Clif High or Adams.

        The EU model of the cosmos has been repeatedly shown to be more accurate than the Standard Model of imagined black holes, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, … The Empty Universe model along with the Scarcity War Machine creeps at the helm is collapsing all around. Cosmos is abundance, energy is everywhere to be had. But this doesn’t seem to sit well with fraudsters, banksters, top dog rulers, and sociopaths who can’t seem to find happiness or satisfaction unless someone else is under their boot.

        • At first, all forces got a certain name.
          So there are electric forces and gravitational forces named this way.
          I perceive any attraction force or contraction force as gravitational, more over it is a name! What about, when these forces also are named as electrical??

          In this case there is a force for singularity, which is even electrical!
          Singularity seems to come from the origin of being single or of being one.
          Is god singular or is god a gender by bipolarity?

    • I recognise two universal paths, where one path is of inflation by splitting and one path of singularity by fusion.
      This fusion happens INSIDE any organism, where the fusing organisms expands into a flat universe of no-waves. A flat universe base on points.
      This fusion happens inside our sun and therefore it is possible also for the earth and for all:
      this is possible also for human beings.
      By attracting and contracting of the human aura, the new human being to come base on singularity by feeling as the new alien.
      It is the “alien” present inside and as dark energy of no-waves.

    • Very plausible idea. I wonder how this theory fits when you consider the moon’s relationship with the earth. If at the time of the dinosaurs the earth not being much bigger than the moon, what evidence there might be of its effect?

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