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Actor Terrance Howard has a whole other side that he just revealed on the Joe Rogan Show. It turns out that Howard, went to school for chemical engineering and applied materials, though he did not complete his engineering degree.

He discusses here the imporatant mathematical and frequency relationships between the elements and he talks about how the Periodic Table of Elements should be re-arranged according to their frequency and octaves and how he’s had visions about this since alternative table he was a small child.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • it was rethunk already and then hidden so that the layers of truth can be shuffled and played like liars poker and preserve the profits for the few at the end of the process . hydrogen is a big problem with smaller elements needing fractional quantities to exist and then they fall off the chart and start jumping in and out of existence like some spooky stuff working at a distance like remote viewing . all it proves is we don’t have a clue how a conscious universe works so we smash atoms in huge machines to vent our frustration and make up shit like superposition , string theory and graviton waves to prove we do have a handle on particle fiziks . all we touch we destroy how can you musk proof the earth to defend against the next great junk science discovery that the environment may not survive like using nuclear power to boil water . look at all the earth resources we wasted before we finally figure out that we live in a sea of endless free energy put here by design to keep us supplied so we don’t have to field strip the planet making charcoal to incinerate the animals in a locust like fashion . we can actually make all the stuff we need like star trek did with the replicators and safely dispose of the broken stuff by molecular separation instead of mega dumps and pollution . we need an idiot proof future so we don’t strangle the life out of our home planet . there are plenty of barren planets around us to go collect rare minerals from . our technologically advanced neighbors will help us once the broken lizard demonic asshole elites find someplace else to destroy or meet their maker on the way . we should all be cured of our stupidity before we do some permanent damage to our genes and have to come back from the future to find the asshole (musk,gates,oppenheimer ) who set us on the road to destruction or do we wait for the next great reset. and get reseeded in the aftermath of our constant need to reboot civilization from our many failures .

  • Note that many of the stuff is “theoretical”, “often” doesn’t mean it’s factual.
    Based on their theories, they draw pics and assume.
    Therefore some people (including myself) now question many things including with “nuclear” theory, especially after realizing we’ve been scammed by main stream wolves wearing white lab coats.
    Therefore, encourage people to continue on questioning things even often, other sheep may ridicule you – or at least that’s how I manage myself not to be affected by C19 scam.

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