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In 2009, wrote a book about cycles of cataclysm that was based on the film, ‘2012: Science or Supertition’, that was spurred by the incredible works of Graham Hancock.

This The Why Files episode corroborates much of what I wrote but it’s exciting for me, because he also talks about the new archaeological and astronomical discoveries have since been made, that give us an even greater understanding of our predicament, as a species living on a planet that undergoes cyclical cataclysms.

These are clearly charted by the geological layers of the sea floor, as revealed by the seminal academic paper  by Richard Muller and Robert Rohde, ‘Cycles in Fossil Diversity,’ published in Nature magazine in 2005, which says that there is a strong cycle of mass extinctions that regularly occurs every 62 million years, which Muller suggests is probably due to the periodic passage of the solar system through molecular clouds or Galactic arms or an as-yet unknown structure (i.e., “Nemesis,” our Sun’s dark twin), which may periodically perturb the Oort cloud and trigger comet impacts on Earth.

If Muller is correct, that this 62-million-year cycle of mass-extinctions is caused by major impact events, and if the most recent impact of such magnitude occurred 65 million years ago, well…then we are indeed, overdue! Not one—three million years overdue!

But since we’re already in the middle of an extinction event, on par with that of the great Cretacious/Tertiary, on time for the 62 million-year cycle but without all the “bells and whistles” of a major cometary collision—can’t we argue that impacts are not the main cause of mass extinctions? For its part, NASA is less than reassuring in its assessment of the threat posed by extraterrestrial impact (this online post has since been removed):

With so many of even the larger NEOs [Near Earth Objects] remaining undiscovered, the most likely warning today would be zero—the first indication of a collision would be the flash of light and the shaking of the ground as it hit. In contrast, if the current surveys actually discover a NEO on a collision course, we would expect many decades of warning. Any NEO that is going to hit the Earth will swing near our planet many times before it hits, and it should be discovered by comprehensive sky searches like Spaceguard. In almost all cases, we will either have a long lead-time or none at all.  


by @TheWhyFiles

Göbekli Tepe and the Vulture Stone Prophecy

We are the descendants of an ancient civilization; one which mastered technology, mapped the cosmos, and understood our relationship with the natural world.

Our ancestors traveled the world and built enormous structures. They scaled their creations into cities.

They shared a common governance and similar religious beliefs.

Our ancestors lived, as we do today, as a global society.

Around 14,500 years ago, this global superpower started to collapse.

First came uncontrollable change, and then a cataclysm. In less than a week, everything and almost everyone was gone.

Those left behind built monuments. Monuments not as tributes to Gods or homage to kings. The monuments are a warning to future generations: to us. That warning is simple: danger is coming.

Our civilization has ended before. And it will end again.

This is one story Big Archaeology and world governments don’t want you to know. Once you hear it, you’ll never trust them again.

Because the danger that’s coming? There’s nothing they can do to stop it.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This story is laced with historical errors. It also fails to integrate all the known information known for at least 30 years.
    Start with the “scientific” myth that the Earth was covered with ice in the northern hemisphere when the archaeological evidence shows that portion of the planet was experiencing a temperate climate pre-Clovis era.

  • Alexandra –

    Help your readers, pls:

    “Apocalypse” /= “Armageddon”

    “Ante-Christ” /= “Anti-Christ”

    “Apocalypse” = the unveiling ( of things that were hidden)

    “Ante-Christ” = he who comes *before* Christ….”ante” = “before”, like ” ante-room”.

  • oh my …. I lost you , fktv, during early 2020. I suffered 4 computers, crapping out and moving three times. Oh boy….Glad to link to you from DJ Lizt round table JPF and AB Thank you!

  • Nice Presentation, you used the words Big Archaeology, so I know that you Get IT.

    Pharoahnic Eqypt, was the First Empire on the Planet…..they had boats and water, they traveled and influenced everything on the Planet, all Cultures and Peoples.

    Building out of Stone came from them.
    So did engineering, square and compass, math, old knowledge of sound….etc.and a billion or perhaps billions of slaves were worked to death.

    Pillar 43….the warning:

    7 is the number of the Pyramid

    4 == The Square (base of pyramid, meaning the People).

    3== The Compass (side of pyramid 60 degree angle, meaning the Rulers, The Circle).

    That is Masonry.

    Pillar 18…..Aquarius:

    666 = 18; 1+8 = 9 Original Templars, 9 Original Gods.

    Those who control the Past, Control the Present and those who Control the Present, Control the Future.

  • We know it’s true because talking goldfish don’t tell lies. Will admit disappointment there was no mention of the first coming of Donald Trump and Paula White as tribal Kingfish and witch doctor.

  • Gobekli Tepe: A 70 Year Old Lie Became a 12,000 Year Old Truth –

    Gobekli Tepe: Fingers of the Bird Cult – Gobekli Tepe was same culture as Catal Huyuk, all the tepes and huyuk sites, with Jericho and the similarities to Easter Island can not be ignored. 3800-2300 BCE. Most ancient roots for Paradise in Iranian and Greek means ‘walled enclosure.’ A garden. Or, as some decoders would say, a den that is guarded. The Sumerian E.DINs were places man was banished from. That history began in 3895 BCE with the Adam and Eve Genesis reset, a worldwide destruction that sent mankind back to Year One. The tepes, like Gobekli tepe, are located where the story began.

    A Total Dismantling of Hancock’s 9600 BCE Atlantis Dating –

    • Bosco Hurn,

      You opine as would those 4,000-year-age-of-Earth
      Christian CREATIONISTS.

      In any case, this observation got me
      in trouble with those “scientists “
      opining about a “Pole Shift” possibility :

      The Earth is passing below our galactic
      plane. And B E C A U S E we live in an
      electric/magnetic universe, both our
      SUN”s and GALAXY’s pole configura-
      tions impact our planet’s poles —
      C Y C L I C A L L Y ! — we may simply
      read the magnetic record, at depth, in
      geological sites, and learn of periodic
      changes effecting MASS Extinctions.

      Got toilet paper ?


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