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I’m not clear where this was taped but I can recognize a former associate of mine, Jim Price and it’s apparent that Juan O Savin has phoned-in and he advises listeners to “Get some extra provisions to get through at least a few weeks of the drama”, when bank machines and grocery stores might not operate for a few weeks.

He says, “America is not shutting down, by any stretch. But it is going to be pretty dire at some of those stretches, in there. He suggests: “Move some of your financial stuff into something tangible that will be worth something on the other side.”

And once the shaking is done, we, the survivors will shoulder up, rebuild and reengineer America’s blueprint for today.


Juan O Savin: The problem is that we’re going to come up in a period where it’s obvious that, if we have the election, if we proceed forward with the election on time, the people that are currently in power would, as they come out of power, not be able to protect their positions or the people around them, legally.

And many of them are going to go to prison for the rest of their natural life. And their families are going to suffer the consequence of seeing their fortunes eaten away, frozen, and captured.

And that’s a very hard thing for people that have known power and have not had pushback to take. The people, there are literally, many of them, clinically insane. We’re about to see some kind of a massive crisis in the country.

You cannot elect insane people, lunatics, run the country and not have some dire consequence. There is not a soft landing coming. And we all need to brace for impact with what’s coming – prayerfully.

And I hope we come out of this in one piece – which we will. But it’s about to get epic. And this is the moment for prayer.

We, this crowd, are the ones who God has put here, at exactly this moment to pray our way through, to help those around us, as we go through the most difficult period in American history.

It is a Satanic spirit. And one of the attributes of Hell, it is a place where reason doesn’t exist. There is no reason there. And so we’re trying to bring reason to a situation in this world, in our country, where reason has been abandoned. You won’t be able to logically work your way out of this problem.

And you can’t lose yourself, as we come to solutions in trying to work with some of these people. They’re going to have to literally be cuffed, spitting and screaming, and removed from power. So as we get closer to the Election, I believe that they’re going to try to stop the election.

It won’t be the military, it won’t be the governors and the Trump people. It’s going to be this crowd that’s currently in power in D.C., because they will not leave that position without some kind of fight or destruction, to try to block the way.

What I’ve tried to help people to understand is the imminent nature of the situation that we’re about to be thrust into and to get them into a mental position to stay viable to the other side.

A lot of the people that you have around you will be so disoriented, so thrown off-kilter, that they will do things that wipe them out financially, emotionally. They won’t be able to see light on the other side and hold it together.

By the grace of God, we are going to get through this. But when governments come unraveled, there’s a moment, where it’s just like being in a firefight. You don’t stick your head up in a firefight. You’re going to get it blown off.

Some of the things that are in play right now are so big, so global, that it’s actually more than futile. It is stupid. It’s dangerous. It’s insane to stick your head up in the middle of this firefight.

I want everybody here to be viable on the other side. So what are you going to do? You really do have to, hard as it might be, set aside a little bit so you’ve got some extra provisions to get through at least a few weeks of the drama. America is not shutting down, by any stretch. But it is going to be pretty dire at some of those stretches, in there.

You need to have a little bit set aside when your credit card and the bank machine and the gas station and the grocery store don’t work right for a couple of weeks. You must put a little bit aside, even if it’s a little bit painful. And if you have the means, not just for yourself, but for other family members or a neighbor that isn’t able to care for themselves.

You do so prayerfully. Things will get back to sane, but not instantly. So you just want to keep your head down, have a few resources to count on, move some of your financial stuff into something tangible that will be worth something on the other side, and have a mentality to survive the shaking.

Just like when the Earth has an earthquake, you’re not going over to the grocery store to pick up groceries. You’re not even going to pick up your kids at school. You’ll be worried about them the second the quaking stops.

But in the midst of it, the tsunami, it’s every man for himself. Everything that can be shaken about America will be shaken. And then on the far side, we’re the ones, this audience, who will, prayerfully help everybody, make sure everybody’s okay, and get your wits about you, and then be ready, because it will be a military operation to bring stability back within the country when all the other politics and other things that can be shaken are broken up pretty severely.

What you should do exactly? You better be praying. And I don’t know for each and every person, but if you’re praying and asking for divine direction, God is faithful. He wants you to ask him for help. And he’s more than glad to give it as we go into this.

And then we’re going to shoulder up. We are the ones, this crowd, this group, we’re the ones that will lead the way in wisely beginning the process of reorienting the country and finding the original blueprints for America, and reengineering them, applying them to today, and getting back on an even keel.

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  • did the brown hats cave again already . if you are waiting for the cabal to change their minds about setting the slaves free then fugettaboutit they would rather change your mind and rather permanently . so surrender is our best option at this point the fireworks are over time to get real . this NWO priest has so much knee time he has worn the topside off his boots before his souls even got a chance to see the light . just more barking at shadows during the new moon rising .

      • being in the light fight will cost you your fake friends and family but know this although I have no standing here on mother earth amongst the demon infested false light crowd I won my place to tell others in service to GOD that we have won this time and I hope you have found your way to the light . I’m not a gambler especially with matters of the heart I trust GOD the scientist not a bunch of magicians cheating at cards to steal your energy.

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