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    Consciousness is an immensely perplexing phenomenon with myriad explanations and effects, according to religions and science.

    Consciousness is considered to be the ground of all being in some philosophies so a new report claiming that an ancient virus which entered our genome is responsible for human consciousness may come as an affront to some. However, this finding could be understood a number of ways. Not all of the suppositions implied in this report need to be accepted for the basic discovery of a means by which the human organism gained access a greater field of consciousness to be of value.

    The Arc gene is vital to our brains’ functioning. When it is removed, synapses die off and mutations to this gene have been linked to neurological disorders. The Arc gene is thought to be essential to how our nerves transmit information and it is essential to longterm memory formation. It may be accountable for our ability to reason and respond the way we do.

    New research indicates a line of genetic code in the Arc gene originated within viral cells that entered our genome during the course of a viral infection. These were incorporated into the Arc gene half a billion years ago, when our ancestors would have still been a mouse-like 4-legged species, according to evolutionary biologists. (That last bit will be the kicker for many reading this!)

    That last bit will be the kicker for many reading this! The fact is, we don’t know for sure how humans came to be. We can have faith in religious texts or in scientific ones – but faith is not knowledge. This study is about genomics and you can’t blame these guys for trying to get to the root of it all.

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    • so, …the ANCIENT VIRUS came first,…then CONSCIOUSNESS.
      the EGG………then…the CHICKEN.
      REALITY does NOT HAPPEN when CONSCIOUSNESS is not observing..
      think consciousness is around… observing ,….then KAH-BOOM the ancient virus came to being…?
      consciousness is non-local . it is universal …… consciousness is way bigger than the ancient virus that created it, like the egg came first, then the chicken..?


      if your answer is YESSSS………….then you might have a good point here.
      otherwise, i’ll consider it a funny joke.

      thanks for all the fish…!

    • At first there is a need to define consciousness.
      I perceive a bipolar consciousness, which base on the biological sense organs, which act material/spiritual. Here observers of any kind act.
      I perceive a singular consciousness, which base on pure spirituality, which act as the inner feel organism. This feel organism is present inside the emptiness present INSIDE the material biological body. Here the one and only perceiver act.

      This is the self………. as self consciousness.

      The question is: of what “nature” is thinking, feeling and sensing?
      Is this nature a biological nature?
      Or is this a spiritual nature, invading biology?

    • I have a problem with “evolution”, things just don’t add up correctly. Try checking out a video from Lloyd Pye, Everything You Know is Wrong. Witch shows how our chromosomes were modified. If consciousness came from a virus, then why, when we die why does the body get lighter? Like something leaving the body. You can take the ARC out of the human, but did the human get taken out of the ARC. LOL!

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