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As you awaken, dormant DNA is activated and your awareness increases. This is why you’re resonating with different fabrics, because each fiber has its own frequency. Organic cotton has a signature frequency of 110 megahertz.

A synthetic blend like polyester measures around 10 megahertz, around the same as a diseased person. Wearing polyester underwear has also been linked to low fertility. Then ask yourself why certain trends are pushed on us, but I digress.

Wool has an extremely high frequency at 5,000 megahertz. Linen also has a high frequency at 5,000 megahertz. Interesting enough, if they’re woven together with wool, they cancel each other out and it falls to zero.

In Deuteronomy 22.11, it also says, do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together. Dr. Philip Callahan was able to prove the existence of this energy using plant leaves attached to an oscilloscope. He discovered that flax cloth, as suggested in the books of Moses, acts as an antenna for this energy.

He found that when pure flax cloth was put over a wound or local pain, it greatly accelerated the healing process. Flax was cultivated in Egypt, then created into linen, and it was worn constantly by men of rank and exclusively by the priest. Wrappings for the mummies rock.

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  • Are there any well documented methods to measure the frequencies of the fabrics? They mentioned “Ag-Environ machine” but I couldn’t find any information about this machine.

  • Very, Very, interesting.

    In a Natural Form; Organic Life.

    Now fabrics are being sold with WiFi accessaries blended or intergrated within.

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