Twenty percent of the US’ electrical power is generated by its 99 operational nuclear power plants. That’s basically 99 Fukushima disasters waiting to happen, if something were to knock out the electrical grid with no backup power to cool the reactors. These plants were constructed during the Cold War, when “Worst Case Scenarios” were the default way to conceptualize everything, so this little problem would have been hard to miss. The current nuclear energy model using uranium appears to be genocidal by design.

There are some 65,000 tons of nuclear waste now in temporary storage throughout the US, with no policy for managing the ever-increasing amount of highly-toxic nuclear waste. Spent fuel is more radioactive than unspent.

Thorium is three times more abundant in nature than uranium. It does not require enrichment, it produces more energy per ton and there is zero danger of a meltdown. There is more energy available in the Earth’s thorium deposits than in the world’s fossil fuels and uranium energy model, combined. Thorium produces 1,000 times less waste than uranium and the waste, itself is ten thousand times less toxic.

Thorium ore contains no fissile isotopes, whereas uranium produces plutonium, a key component of nuclear warheads. Physicist Victor J Stenger and many others believe that “Thorium was not pursued [for nuclear energy] because it lacked weapons applications.”

This video by Alltime Conspiracies does a great job of summarizing the situation.

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  • Well, that was interesting, but did you know that browns gas destroys radioactivity ? But no one seems to think that is important either. Browns gas is made by splitting water, witch is easy to do.

  • More evil intent from the NWO!!! Nothing will refrain this group of God haters until they reach their desired depopulation goals. Oh there is one refrain, The Lord Himself!


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