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    For more than 25 years, the Acting Council of Regency has exposed the illegal US military occupation of the Hawaiian Islands through academia, international courts, government officials, and public presentations. This documentary provides insights from university academics, attorneys, and state of Hawaii government officials; discussing the Council of Regency and its unwavering progress in exposing the prolonged U.S. occupation of the Hawaiian Islands.

    This is a short 57-minute version of the documentary that features Dr Keanu Sai, Kau’i Sai-Dudoit, Dexter Ke’eaumoku Ka’iama, ‘Umialilioa Sai, Dr Willy Kauai, Dr Niklaus Schweizer, Dr Puakea Nogelmeier, Kamuela Yim, Donovan Preza, Steve Laudig, former Hawaii County Council member Jennifer Ruggles and Maui County Council Members, Tamara Paltin, Kelly King, and Shane Sinenci.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Jawaiian, Please get your country back, and take the foreign inhabitants, Like Bezos et al. into some kind of separate, maybe underground retreat…

    • Quoting OkiRoki:
      “Arson is not Climate Change!!”

      I wish this brilliant bit of rhetoric from Sage Hana’s substack would get more circulation:

      Caveats: I’m unclear on …

      1) is Sage H. the author?
      2) why Steve Kirsch and Ed Dowd
      are included…
      (And why Mr. Larry Ellison is not.)


      The Dowd-Kennedy Doctrine –
      AUG 15, 2023


      “We the undersigned pledge to unequivocally support the native residents of Lahaina, Hawaii to retain ownership of their property rights and their rebuilt homes after the horrible fires which have ravaged their lives.

      We will do all that we can to ensure that the insult of permanent displacement is not added to the injury and tragedy that have befallen them.

      We call on a full federal investigation into the events that have transpired and implore our World Economic Forum, BlackRock, and investment partners to help expedite the process of making them whole.

      Signed, Edward Dowd ________

      Signed, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ________

      Signed, Oprah Winfrey _________

      Signed, Jeff Bezos _________

      Signed, Mark Zuckerberg _________

      Signed, Steve Kirsch __________ ”


      • Quo Warranto

        Alexandra –

        Per your 24AUG23 video ” MEDICAL TYRANNY DISARMED BY INVALID OATH OF OFFICE”  with Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel, joined by Todd Callender and Lisa McGee
        …someone needs to promptly examine the Oaths of Office  of:

        Governor of Hawaii
        Mayor of Lahina
        Police Chief/Medical Examiner/Coroner of Lahina

        Are they lawfully in their Offices??
        Or are they “acting” on behalf of a foreign entity?


        Quo Warranto:

        “Quo warranto is a common law remedy used to challenge a person’s right to hold a public or corporate office or to revoke a corporation’s charter.1 It is a prerogative writ that requires the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right, power, or franchise they claim to hold.2 The term “quo warranto” is still used today, even though it no longer appears in the statutes. When bringing a petition for writ of quo warranto, individual members of the public have standing as citizens and taxpayers.”

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