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Dr David Martin is back with Seth Holehouse of Man in America with the uplifting message that genuine humanity is flourishing against the compost of the old systems that are now like a caged, rabid animal that’s on its last gasp.

Of the latest pathetic re-up of the COVID Hoax, David says:

“This is a behavior modification exercise. This is not about a pandemic, there is no health emergency, there is no health emergency to be declared.

“Allegedly, the new variant, which we’re supposed to be told is now circulating in 26% of the population, the ‘Eris variant’ is actually not a variant. It was actually not only planned, but if you look for the clinical trials for the Multivalent injection being developed by Novovax, BioNTech and Moderna, what you’ll see is that in all three of those, the alleged variant, which is the new ‘variant of concern’ was known about before the variant of concern even existed, because it actually entered clinical trials before it was in the population.

“The fact of the matter is – remember and I’ve said this many times – there was never a COVID pandemic, there never was a SARS-CoV-2 ‘novel virus’, there was never any of those things, this was a behavior modification exercise to fulfill the objective of the financial interests that were being served – and let’s remember, that the quote – and I keep saying this quote – because no one is is still admitting that the criminals acknowledged their own crime:

Until a pandemic is at an emergency threshold, the public doesn’t understand the need for Medical Countermeasures, such as a pan-coronavirus or pan-influenza vaccine. We need the media to create the hype, we need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process.

“That’s a quote from Peter Daszak, that’s a quote that was made at proceedings at the National Academy of Sciences, published in 2015. This is the admission of terrorism and what the Biden administration is engaging in is Domestic Terrorism 2.0 and the reason why is because the Biden administration could have never won an election in an open conversation.

“No one would have elected him as president, no one would have elected the Democratic ticket if people were not glued to the televisions under lockdowns.

“The administration of Trump that allowed for those things to happen was administered by who? Anthony Fauci and Alex Azar, Treasonous-Individuals-in-Chief whose sole purpose was to get people out of public conversation, out of the debates, out of the just random interactions that people have to talk about matters of state.

“Get people addicted to the TV, get them in front of MSNBC (a criminal co-conspirator), NBC (a criminal co-conspirator), CNN (a criminal co-conspirator) – get them in front of the propaganda machine – and Lo! And Behold! You can actually overthrow a government, which is exactly what they want to do in Round 2.

“And it turns out, Democrats will win in a state-controlled faux election that has people masked, has people at polls standing 6 feet apart and has the election process done on digital platforms, which will not and cannot be audited for any authentic performance.

“So, guess what? It’s the game plan. And remember, nobody’s sick right now. People are actually dying of the effects of the hyper-acceleration of cancers from the pseudouridine, that was in the shots. People are dying of myocarditis but nobody’s sick right now.

“So, remember, this is domestic terrorism, it is a clear, treasonous act by the head of state, which is the reason why, in the Constitution, we had provisions that said, that, ‘when the government is no longer in service to the people, we have, within our rights to replace the government.'”

He continues, “The bummer is, if you get a shot – you were coerced into doing it – and you still got the thing that they said this was going to protect you from, it’s kinda hard to buy off on the lie the next time around. What does that mean?

“It means that the draconian lockdown pressures, the suppression of freedom of speech, the suppression of freedom of movement has to be scaled-up and not surprisingly, one of the first places they’re going to do it, is in transportation.

“TSA is going to be the frontline, because it turns out, the Department of Homeland Security touches more humans at TSA than at any other place and so, TSA is going to be the frontline of Terror Battle 2.0 and the fact of the matter is, while it is unfortunate to be sure, the United States is going to be standing much more alone this time, because the rest of the world – in fact, the World Health Organization, outright has said, this is not an emergency, this is actually a variant, they say, of concern – but it’s not an emergency.

“So, ironically, this is clear evidence that the United States used this in the first instance to disrupt the electoral process and they’re going to use it again and the Biden administration can’t win on its own. They can’t win a fair fight. The Democrats can’t win a fair fight. So what do they do? Change the playing field.”

David says that the World Economic Forum, operating through the UN and the World Health Organization won’t be able to get their Pandemic Treaty passed unless the Democrats win the 2024 Election, saying, “The Democrats have to win for the United States to cede its sovereignty.” 

He goes onto say that 30% of the population will slavishly submit to the most extreme and fascistic commands, 30% of the population are those who go along to get along and 30% of the population have said, “Hell, NO!” from Day One. The middle third is the swing vote and they will determine the world’s fate.

He says that the CDC lies about vaxxination compliance, saying it never got up to 80% when is probably more like 68%.

He says the one third of the population that said, “Hell NO!” is still not awake. He says we should be increasing pressure on the school boards, on public officials, on elected officials, and say: “We DARE you to bring back a mandate. We Dare you to bring back a mandate, because we are not going to be the agencies of domestic terrorism and we are not going to watch it happen, not on our watch.”

But the criminals won’t stop and he says he wouldn’t be surprised if the Globalists stage a fake alien invasion in October. PROJECT FIRESIGN was one such script, allegedly concocted by advisors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, according to the seven-page document titled “Salvage Program” leaked by the Anonymous hacker group in October 2016.

PROJECT FIRESIGN involves deploying advanced Directed Energy Weapons that disrupt areas of the human brain, in tandem with military-grade hologram projection technology to produce a fake but very realistic-seeming alien invasion.

Crazy as it sounds, the strategy was to scare people away from the polls on 2016 and to keep them from voting for Trump. The document reads:

“These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINEthat attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need-for-accommodation…

“The ability to produce these effects across 23% of the continental United States is the objective of FIRESIGN and field tests in the Levant have proven successful.

“The aftermath of FIRESIGN will be the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur. The induced trauma of FIRESIGN will provide ample cover to government and NGOs who will be ‘providing aid’ (psychotropics to induce docility) and counseling services which will ensure further domestication.”

When I first read this in 2016, it seemed too outlandish to be believable and I thought it was a hoax. After everything we’ve gone through with the Globalists’ medical fascism since 2021, it may as well be real.

David continues, “I think we would do ourselves a massive favor if we sat back for a moment and contemplated the fact that we are reacting to the activities of a quivering, reflex-only, no cognitive function corpse. Now, that doesn’t mean that corpse can’t cause damage. It doesn’t mean that it can’t flail about – but it does mean it is not to be feared…

“I am really, really surprised at how many people who tell me that they have faith in some kind of giant, cosmic order, still cower in fear at AI or of the New World Order or whatever else. Who cares? It’s dead!

“It has been declared dead, already. It actually knows it’s dead and it’s doing its last gasp to try to save itself and guess what? It’s dead!

“And we would do ourselves a great favor by going, ‘Look at it flail. Look at it thrash about. Look at it do its nonsense. Look at it still trying to run. Look at it still trying to do the weird things it’s going to do. But it’s dead!”

He says the only tool they have is fear and if you get rid of that, none of it matters. Seth concurs and muses that many of the people who set this genocidal plan in motion are already dead and that what we’re seeing is just the inertia behind it before it lost its life.

David continues, “I like to remind people of their own language sometimes, because I think many people of faith forget that we actually were told that these kinds of things happen and the reason why the Old Testament is filled with the minor prophets is because this happened over and over and over again. We’ve had Anthony Fauci 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and all you’ve got to do is read the Book of Judges and you realize this has been around for a long time.

“But the problem is, we’re still not learning. We’re still giving into fear and we’re still giving into the notion that we’re this tiny, little population of helpless people who, all we are is just the last rag-tag band of people standing for freedom. No, we’re not…

“If you know the thing that’s coming at you with terror is a thing you don’t have to fear, then its power goes away, the minute you stop fearing it. So don’t fear it. There is absolutely nothing to fear, other than the inadequacy and the selfishness and the greed that you have within yourself, because the only thing that they can ever take from you are the illusions and perceptions that you’ve decided stand in the way of your essence.

“You don’t need to go on a cruise. You don’t need a job you already hate. You don’t need to fly on an airplane to take you to a place you don’t need to go. You don’t need any of the things they’ll use to coerce you.”

David tells Seth that his 21-minute address to European Union Parliament has now been downloaded over 4 billion times, becoming the most downloaded video in history and he says he will be back before EU Parliament on September 13th.

David says, “We need to be together, now. We need to actually turn off the entirety of this digital addiction that people have gotten into…and keep getting together, because that’s where the magic happens.”

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  • David you are absolutely correct – they are already dead!!! I completely agree!!! You coroborate exactly what I believe and if you are interested look up Kimberly Ann Goguen! She has said this for quite a while and she is Ground Commander of the Planet! Thanks for never disappointing when I listen to you! I have followed you for many years and am a huge supporter!

  • Except for the die harder crowd lots of people have at least one good eye opened by Dr. Fauci’s death march the tactics will have to be harsher and the threat will have to be more noveler than before to sell the BS vaxx suicide sauce. The dead rhino spear chucker had some rhino sized balls and we should all grow a pair and join him or become stomped the f*uck out waiting in the sauce line for our turn to chuck.

  • Weird!

    When I followed links imbedded in one of FKTV’s viewer’s comments I got the same video by FKTV, but instead of 17 commenters I counted 94 commenters!?!

    What the????

    While most are positive, a couple were negative to which I can only say, keep an open but critical mind. He is what he says he is.

    I know what it means to be a Mennonite, because I have studied all the world class Anabaptist sects which includes Mennonites which I doubt if he still practices. I may be wrong because there have been breakaway sects in recent years. But their core value system has been closer to that of the infant church than most other sects.

    Obviously Martin is not of the old order Mennonite.

  • As I make my way around in the world, I’m not finding the rhino is dead. Compromised, yes, but fully able to start and enforce a new pandemic and shutdown. Fully able to steal another election. Fully able to jail and decommission a former president. Fully able to continue a genocide. Why? Because people will go along simply because they believe they have to. I see it at medical offices. They’re already planning to go along. Again. I don’t really like whistling-past-the-graveyard movie images. That rhino is far from dead. I totally agree that all we have to do is refuse. That was all we EVER had to do. But we have yet to do it.
    I plan to refuse treatment…again…if I’m required to mask. I did it last time. Nobody followed. I was simply given the choice to leave or security would be called. That will happen again and again I will leave. But will anybody else??? Never forget that the Jewish people got on the trains. There could have been no holocaust if they had, as one, refused. We’re right at the place Ben Franklin described where we all hang together or we all will hang separately. For God’s sake, what will it take to put some backbone back in America?

    • Hello Margaret + Treis

      You mention the “holocaust” in a way as if it was a historical fact, this motivated my reply.
      In regard to your websites name I have some forbidden knowledge for you.
      But be aware it can be very disturbing and might collapse you’re entire view of the world at least of the WWII for sure.

      So, here we go there was no holocaust as we have been told. It’s a succesful historical fiction!
      Not me saying that but a jewish rabby who was there at the time. He claims!
      A handful more then 3 Millions of them were living in europe at WWII
      and the nazis had their grip on about 1.1 millions… where do the 6 million
      deads come from?
      First time mentioned on the jewish world congress in 1933!
      By the way the same year “Judea” declared war on germany. 6 years prior to the begin of WWII
      Let that sink in for a moment.
      Oh and look for statements of General Patton at the end of WWII
      he had interesting things to say.
      I believe that’s why he has had a deadly accident the very same same year after his statements.
      A good source too is the world almanach from 1948 where according to it 500.000 more jews were living then before WWII.
      Also I recommend to check the red cross numbers on the jewish fatalities.
      Still not convinced?
      Ok, what about a jewish rabby who’s admitting the hoax? Want a video or two?
      Like I have mentioned before I can prove all of it.
      Do you know that 17 million germans have died and do you know that 12 millions of em have died after the war.
      The former german politition Wolfgang Schaeuble has publicly admitted on TV that 6 million germans have just vanished without a trace. Their just gone!
      Well, I have an idea of where to find at least the remains of many of them, buried alive inside the so called Rheinwiesenlager which where the POW camps along the river Rhein.
      We are still not allowed diggin and examine those former camps. I have a pretty clear idea of what we would find there!
      A magic trick has been performed by the allies, their just relabled the german POW’s into UEF’s which stands for unarmed enemy forces as POW’s are protected by the geneve conventions whereas UEF’s are not!
      What I claim here can be evidenced by public sources obviously I did it!

      Kind regards
      Gel Mibson

  • The 300 is my fave movie of all time. I even know what it’s about. Everytime it gets to the part where Gerard Butler is standing naked in the doorway I drop to my knees and say Thank You Jesus!! I’ve watched it probably 20 times and I rarely re-watch any movie.

  • The only beast I’m concerned with is the Bar Association/Police and Military.
    They still appear to be in control over these entities. We can defeat the propaganda but until we take control of these entities, they still have this power. How do we gain control, or convince them otherwise?

  • “genuine humanity is flourishing against the compost of the old systems that are now like a caged, rabid animal that’s on its last gasp”

    Yeah, I liked his rah rah speech, but where exactly are we fluorishing? People will begin to let their guard down with this statement. Nothing is further from the truth. There could be martial law tomorrow and there is nothing you would be able to do about it. Across the world, there may be a very small handful (countable on both hands) of leaders that are acknowledging the fraud and corruptness within our governing entities.

    You just witnessed what was unleashed on Lahaina Maui. That is the power these madmen have to deal with you.

    IMO, I suggest you prepare for the fight of your life. Words will not get anything done in this matter. The powers that be will never relinquish control at this point. You must understand the psychotic mindset of these individuals who seek global control of all things. They are insane and ruthless. At this point, they control most everything and have many unknown weapons at their disposal.

    They want you dead. Isn’t that apparent from the past three years???!!!

    • Thank you. That’s the danger of rah-rah. Every one says, “Ahhhhh….problem solved, now I don’t have to do anything.” Even though David also says stand up and fight, the damage was already done by his saying the rhino is dead. That is NOT a dead rhino.

  • Simple Fact: I didn’t participate in the last Plandemic and never contracted “COVID-18” to prove it. “Follow the Science” research proved that all of their countered measures were useless.
    What has changed between now and then besides the calendar date? Nothing.
    I’ll “JUST SAY NO!” to Crooked Joe Biden and his next COVID-Scam Plandemic. Pathetic bastards.

  • Idk if I trust Dr David Martin!!
    He’s one of them! ..
    It’s been pointed out in many articles I’ve read!..
    ..and what I mean by ‘them’ is one of the deceivers!..
    he may say ‘some’ truths but he mixes them up with lies!..
    so he’s not to be trusted!

    • It’d be great if you could share the links to these posts about him. I don’t have enough information to confirm or deny your statement.

    • His words are darn tempting and I do listen to him though
      Yep, I know what you mean.
      And I trust nobody, at this moment.

  • No doubt, they will have to use a real ‘man-modified viral attack’ in order to make their case for the next round of lock-downs, Mask mandates, DEADLY INJECTIOINS, social distancing, travel restrictions, fines, imprisonment, public floggings or worse = hangings in order to get us to ‘BEHAVE’ next time.

    We didn’t get caught last time they cried “Covid” and “get vaccinated”! We’re ready for the next con!

    The NEXT Covid Vax Sales Campaign is being implemented to re-establish the need for jabs. To reverse the flagging Pfizer, Moderna, etc., profits that are now occurring since so many people have sussed what was really been going on since 2020 with Covid and the useless but DEADLY depopulating injections they call “Vaccines”.

    NO LIABILITY is just one of many Clues that remind you that you were ‘had’. “Safe & Effective” was another!

    The magical disappearance of the Flu in 2020 demonstrates the farce and coercion that SELLS depopulating injections (Vax?)

    Join the dots – it’s not that difficult!

    Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer

    • “Safe and Effective!”…
      …but “NO LIABILITY”.

      Oh, and all those disposable masks?
      ( How many BILLIONS in three years??)

      Not a bio hazard…
      …just combine with the normal waste stream,
      Not a risk.

  • “there was never a COVID pandemic, there never was a SARS-CoV-2 ‘novel virus’, there was never any of those things,”
    – CORRECT!

    • You’re right, but there didn’t have to be any of that…all that was necessary was the appearance of it and everything else followed….the vax, the death, the economic pillage of small business, the imprisonment in our own homes and now another illusion to birth it all over again. 30 years ago I thought my brother was an idiot when he told me ‘it’s all illusion’, but he was right and I was abysmally wrong. The illusion is in what they do, the world they say exists, however, the damage that follows is never illusion.

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