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General Michael Flynn joins guest hosts Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel to break down the most alarming parts of the new Declaration of North America. [<– READ IT!!!]

Gen Mike Flynn explains that the Declaration of North America, signed by Presidents Joe Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Justin Trudeau is broken down into 6 points that are, “So devastating to the United States of America, particularly the US, because the bottom line is that the US essentially is going to accept the brunt of it all…

“There’s going to be an ‘equitable’ sharing of the benefits, based on how I read this ‘competitiveness’ clause in this thing…the fourth point is really the one that you guys are honing in on today and that, Michael you’ve been reporting on so well and that’s migration and development.

“One of the phrases they use in there is ‘Labor Mobility’ – again, no description, no definition of what that means. What does ‘Labor Mobility’ mean? Does that mean let people from 160 nations on the planet just illegally enter the United States of America, with no ability to control or track – and especially the children that we know are coming across the Border and they’re being abused as they come across the Border and they’re being abused once they get here and we’re still looking for 85,000 of them in our own system?

“There’s another component of ‘Migration & Development’ that they talk about and they call it, ‘Labor and Humanitarian Programs’. So, I understand labor and I understand bringing migrants in to do some of the labor in many of the farming industries, that’s been going on for many years. It’s like the tide. There’s been an ebb and flow back out, where people come in, they do migrant, seasonal work and then, they go back home.

“But then they throw in this humanitarian issue…so, for every person on the planet, we’re going to illegally come into this country – and we all know that they’re all getting, when they come across, you get a packet of stuff, you get a list of NGOs that you can go to, you’re probably going to get on the US Government dole, of about $2,200 a month, when people who have worked their asses off for 30 years, 40 years, they’re going to be lucky to get, on average, about $1,400 a month for Social Security.

“So, if you worked your ass off for 30 years of your life and then, all you’re going to is collect Social Security, you’re going to collect about $1,400 a month and then, for ‘humanitarian’ reasons, we’re going to allow someone to come in here illegally and immediately start putting them on the US Government dole – not on Canada, not on Mexico, the US Government, to the tune of about $2,200 a month.

“That’s just within the fourth point. The fifth point…is about ‘Health’. And as everybody knows…we are now looking at another ‘health crisis’ – made-up, totally made-up – another made-up health crisis and they’re going to put us back in masks. I was just given an update by one of our military bases, where somebody told me that one of our military bases is now going back to masks and they actually put out a statement from one of the commanders, where if you’re in your office by yourself, you don’t have to wear a mask but any meetings you attend, any formation you’re at, you’re now going to be imposed back into a mask.

“Now, the military’s a little bit different of a place. I call it a ‘socialist-type’ environment and you’ve got to follow the orders but if the military’s going to start to do that, what we’re going to see is, we’re going to see that trickle down into society. And I mean, we’re going to see it pretty quickly. We’re already hearing this issue of masks coming back in, of ‘variants’ of COVID and to me, a lot of this stuff is just total bullshit – excuse my Irish and I don’t mean to go that way but, you know, it just is.

“We are going to be force-fed…I call it 5th Generation Warfare, so that’s the fifth point, ‘Health’. The sixth one is the one that really got me, I think most fired-up. And that had to do with ‘Regional Security’. So what does that mean? What does ‘Regional Security’ mean to Mexico, America and Canada?

“To me, it means we’re going to have shared responsibilities for security. Does that mean security from foreign powers? Does that mean security from the rise of drug programs, these drug cartels, that live and breathe and damned near own Mexico, does that mean that we are going to follow some of the things that Trudeau, Communist Trudeau government is imposing?

“Does that mean we are going to have to bear the cost – which is really what it means – this sixth point about ‘Regional Security’. This is why people need to read the Declaration. It is so staggering. And in it, they talk about this ‘Los Angeles Agreement’, which consisted of about 26 nations…from North America, Central America and South America but the bottom line is the US is going to take the brunt of the illegal invasion, we’re going to take the brunt of the cost and those costs are not just financial; it’s in our education system, it’s in our healthcare costs, it’s in rising crime…and it’s the cost of deaths on our streets. I call it ‘Killed in Action’.

“3,000 killed in action from fentanyl, because of the drug cartels that are controlling what’s south of our Border and that’s called the country of Mexico. It’s even hard to say ‘The Government of Mexico” and the Mexican government can get pissed-off at me if they want but they need to do far, far more.

“And, frankly, we’ve been dealing with this problem for a long, long time and they’ve never solved it and I think that there are ways to solve it but it will not be solved by this administration, in fact, they are going to continue to destroy this country, they’re going to continue to say that we need to ‘Build Back Better’, which in their definition of Build Back Better, it is, ‘Destroy everything first and then, build it back better in their [the Globalists’] image…

“Their intent is to destroy what currently exists, as sovereign nations and in the case of the United States of America, a democracy with a republican form of government, which we must protect at all costs – their idea is to destroy everything and one of the ways that they’re going to destroy it is through this Declaration of North America bullshit and allow millions and millions of illegals to come in here from all over the [world] – and we haven’t even talked about the Chinese infiltration.

“But we have to do something. We can’t just sit on our ass and complain. We’ve got to get involved, get up, stand up, speak up and I love the phrase, ‘Local action has a national impact.’

“Anyway, that’s my diatribe for the first half! (Laughs).”

Michael Yon notes that exactly the same thing is happening in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, which is really being picked apart, where the state is trying to disenfranchise the farmers and the fishermen and ‘Build Back Better’ with a “Tri-State City”.

Michael says DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is leading the US invasion, with a staging area at the Darien Gap that has doubled in size over the past year and currently full of Chinese migrants. No one knows where these millions of military-aged men are going or whether they’re being trained by the Cartels as an insurgent army against the US.

Gen Flynn says we have one shot left and that’s the 2024 Election.

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  • The 3 commie amigos circumventing the mob of idiots in CONgress to sell us out to the highest global commie bidder . Our wealth that wall street parasites covet can’t be redistributed until they first steal it from us or bleed you slowly with inflation and debt . Freeing up the resources will happen when you are dead or broke . Not sure about the being happy part of the WEF wet dream manifesto unless happiness is a warm gun but violence is only used as a last resort and only against the one doing the threatening . If the UN/WEFtards stop persecuting and bribing the third world they will not be forced to flee to the US for promises of free shit and less cartel violence . With all the tunnel systems finally emptied of the lizards we can fit many more people down there and you get to walk over them and never hear any sounds at all just like you never heard the screams of the children the Elite lizards were munching on . The new prison will be below deck reserved for the WEF crowd and minions all safe and effective and permanent sort of a WEF paradise.
    In reality this scare tactic crap is just more crap they have no chance to produce . All the big evil brains have vacated the biosphere and all they have left is AI shit for brains to prop up the next lousy idea they pull out of their AI infected asses. Fear monger GEN FLYNN is psyoping yall .

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