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Lee Smith has some biting comments about the Durham Report that was released on Tuesday, saying that former Attorney General Bill Barr not only failed to hold people accountable for the misdeeds of the 2016 Election but that under his direction, he oversaw the interference in the 2020 Election.

Lee says, “The nerve of Barr, after the Election to come out afterwards and say, ‘There’s no evidence. Trump is crazy. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t know what any of these people are talking about!’ It happened on his watch!”

Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani agree that Bill Barr is the “beating heart” of the theft of the 2020 Election.

Lee continues, “It appears that what happened is that Brennan probably went back afterwards to cover his tracks, because they found this referral memo from the CIA to the FBI that made note of this Clinton plan.

“That would have exposed the whole thing and it would have shown that Brennan, Comey, Obama, Biden, Lynch – the whole lot of them knew. Of course they did all know what was going on. They knew it was a Clinton Campaign plan and most significantly – we forget this all the time – we talk about the Clinton Campaign. Remember, these are Barack Obama’s spy chiefs. Not just one. All of them. None of this happens without Barack Obama signing off on this.

“So it’s important to keep Obama, as well as Biden in the middle of this. It’s not just Hillary Clinton.”

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  • Ancient history already two disasters ago and beating a dead horse will not bringing it back to life, it will requires magic tricks and evidence that has been sent to the FBI bonepile graveyard. Move on and shoot first next time, playing ketchup while standing in front of the fan everytime they dump one is SOP for the GOP. If you can’t see it coming listen for the grunt. The trump fan club needs a bigger hat with a shield.

  • Barr was a foul ball pick for AG all along.

    Those of us in fly over country knew it when Dufas Trump was thinking about appointing him. Like as always, we tried in vain to warn him, but whether any of our warnings got through to him, I know not. They were certainly published, but what was Trump reading, the NYT and the Wapo?

    What I do know is Trump’s pattern of appointments was a total disaster for him and the nation because he surrounded himself with political enemies. We even discussed it, some thinking he was brilliant keeping his enemies close by to keep an eye on them.

    Well we see how well that worked, it didn’t!

    Trump was the most politically inept president in my lifetime and I intend to never vote for him again because he has proved himself to be a double minded show boater.

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