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    Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins confronts Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the current state of the US-Mexico border.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I was emotionally stirred…and my head exploded…when I realized I was still in the theater.
      I’m calmer now, as I grok that bird singing while dawn is still dark.

    • Mao called it decades ago – Paper Tigers!

      US Congress are toothless tigers, a debating society, a liars club where the biggest liars are king of the hill.

      G-d bless Rep Higgins for telling the truth, but it’s falling on deaf ears in the deep state managed news media where good is evil and evil is good. Nothing will come of the truth there, it no longer manifests in acts of justice because the fourth estate of federal government has become the property of the corporations that pay the freight!

      You and I are mere warts on the US map, soon to be easily replaced by an invasion of other warts, more compliant and less trouble for corporate masters than us.

      Any borderless nation cannot be considered to be a sovereign nation. Thats what untouchable global prince George Soros intends to do with his expanding “Open Society”!

      There is nothing new under the sun, what has been before will be again – when any people have forgotten the past and failed to learn from it. The darkened hearts of modern wanna be Pharaohs are no different than ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s hearts, and modern ignorant masses are just as herd-able as Egyptian slaves.

      Its accomplished through the visual media which bypasses cognitive safeguards to stimulate baser impulses – like moving into better living quarters, not of your own making. Neighbor’s homes because they are better than yours. Never mind who owns them, just tell em to move over, you are moving in. Soros knows this, so do the corporations that own the visual media.

      So get a good grip, like it or not, we are caught up in the Open Society vortex!

    • The commie mayorkas broke 10 laws. Where is the indictment from the RED team just gonna tongue lash him then let him slip away like Fauci , more playing border follies games of catch and release on the master of homeland security ,how ironic..

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