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by John Bowne

Hey Congress. I’ll give you 5 damn good reasons why the 46th President Joe Biden should be impeached. And I’ll make it easy. I won’t even bring up the fraudulent elections.

Number One, TREASON. the allegations that are closing in surrounding the Biden Crime Family global treason.

Number Two, MENTAL FITNESS and the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden does NOT have the mental fitness to be President and even he knows it.

Number three, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. Joe BIden has single handedly driven the nation to the brink of a collapse after shutting down our resources, depleting our oil reserves and bleeding our military dry. All in the name of a foreign globalist Agenda.

Number Four, HEINOUS FELONIES. Their may be compromising evidence that Joe Biden is a hardcore pedophile behind closed doors while overseeing a global sex trafficking operation.

And Five, NATIONAL SECURITY BREACH aside from allowing the Chinese to gather key information on our military installations via spy balloons. And putting us on the edge of nuclear devastation. Our borders have been invaded by who knows what, who knows where, and who knows how many. Slowly collapsing our interior.

Of course, Joe Biden is merely the current visage of a cabal caught with their pants down by the Durham Investigation. A treasonous bureaucratic media monstrosity that knowingly lied to the American people yet faces no repercussions. Impeachment of Joe BIden is the first step towards those repercussions.

Immediately, the thought of Impeachment brings up the nightmare of a Kamala Harris Presidency. But isn’t that the very reason she is there? Impeach Joe Biden now or suffer the consequences before more damage is done.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That dude was saying that white supremacy was the worst thing that the nation was facing. If that’s true, why need the military elsewhere? Why all the jets, ships, tanks, etc? Bring all that crap home, Homes. You can pretty much end all the Pentagon spending.
    And of course if some black people actually believe that line from Biden, they are FAR worse off than even imaginable.

  • Doesn’t hurt to impeach this cockroach; however, note that nothing about the system will change as most of the sheep just like to enjoy watching the shit show while being deceived by the show makers time after time.

  • No self respecting nation would allow these atrocities to go unpunished and because we are not savages they shall have life in prison with slave labor jobs to pay reparations to the people and to pay for their expenses . Rooms will be assigned according to their pronouns and can only be changed when sex reassignment surgery is completed. They will need to grow their own GMO food with recycled fluoridated water no health care provided except mandatory vaccinations and self administered end of life care . FOX news and Alex Jones will be the only media allowed. The library will be stocked with bibles only. To comport with the green agenda no personal use of electricity will be allowed for prisoners. The prison guards have been defunded . Visitors will be x-rayed, and deloused the fee for visitor services is accessed according to your ability to pay.
    under 18yr. old not admitted in the pedo wing.

    • Your comment made my day. Do you know that they are not like us, at all? That’s why we cannot use our reasoning to comprehend them. These are Talmudic, red string, red 👠, red sole, elitist, racist, humanofobes (my term), worshippers of light (Moloch, Baal, Satan, Lucifer, etc); Bolsheviks. Chabad Lubavitchers. Reptilian blood suckers. Destroyers of all good and pure.

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