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  • When are we going to realise and revolt upon the very technocracy that all of the presidential candidates represent except one that I know of is Shiva Ayyadurai. Who would rather attack his opponents instead of describing his platform.

    I don’t trust RFK Jr. at all. He’s appealing to peacenick policy during war while not mentioning the very war that the governments are imposing on our daily lives through constantly sowing the seeds of daily division. Remind you of his uncles play book? Remember what happened there? I bet Pepperidge Farms remembers they lost most of their farm hands to war the last time.

    I’m not surprised how many times he name dropped his uncle father & others in this speech in order to invoke the shared trauma of those psy-ops to rally your emotions to his aid in his presidential foolery.

    At least he is pointing out a few select things, but has not addressed how or what he will do in his presidency but thinly veiled ideology that will flip flop as soon as he is elected. Just like every president including everyone’s favourite fan boy that I will not mention.

  • The NAZI’s who lost the war to Russia are still pissed over the humiliating ass whopping they got from farmers and common laborers both men and women . I don’t know which is worse on the battlefield a skilled man or an angry women . The warmongering elites are finished the dark system they built and controlled has collapsed and became useless in the now timeline ailing but replenished with GOD’s light which hasn’t shined this way for an age. We the 6th seeding of humanity on Earth, are the people who came to their senses after 250k years of alien conquest and capture. Now it’s time to live in the light and reach for the stars the war is over , we won thank GOD . Let’s end the crazy losers, then Bobby can get us home safe and sound.

  • The Left seems only to pretend they oppose RFK Jr. running for president to trick the confused to vote for him. We are being played in a Good Cop (RFK) / Bad Cop (Trump or Biden) game into believing that RFK is a leader not connected to either party. Judge candidate by who they associate with. RFK lives in Malibu, California, was matched with his movie star wife by a Hollywood producer, and hangs around with the Hollywood crowd. His announcement rally to run for president was stacked with Democrat union members. He is attractive to the Professional Class of teachers, academics, doctors, lawyers, entertainers and media, non-profit organization types, high tech, and Big Pharma, not the Working Class. What we are facing is not a race war or civil war but a Class War of the Professional Class to eliminate their jobs and industries and replace them. If the Working Class is disenfranchised, there is no democracy.

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