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    • In my view, we are being manipulated in a Good Cop (RFK) / Bad Cop (Biden, Trump) routine.

      Kennedy lives in Malibu not Connecticut. He hangs out with Hollywood moguls. His wife is an actress. I judge people, especially politicians, by who they associate with.

      His rally to announce he is running for the presidency was attended mainly by Democrat union members. Were there any cross over Trump supporters there or even invited?

      Kennedy is a political actor.

      Democrats are pretending that they oppose Kennedy to feign he is an independent. But he appeals to the white collar professional class and he is a slick communicator. But he is nonetheless a Democrat shill.

    • I know ya folks wanna support them but I’m tellin ya that many of them are controlled oppositions.
      Stop looking for a savior, instead you be your own savior by use of common sense mingled with bits of research.

    • As soon as Kennedy announced I glommed onto as much as Kennedy as humanly possible.

      My assessment concluded that he is a very flawed human being from a very flawed family, so I have no savior illusions about him.

      What is consistent is his lifelong dedication to environmental and health issues. As such he has diagnosed and in many cases attacked the corporations that abuse the environment and people’s health. He has been viciously attacked by science worshippers who at the same time misrepresent science for convenience. It’s their religious belief that their opinions are never wrong and therefore everyone must believe in their god or else!

      Kennedy sees through their nonsense and has paid his dues by opposing them in the court house. As a result they and their bought and paid for toadies in the media and state house do their bidding to smear and discredit Kennedy with all the usual buzz words and name calling.

      There is much with which to disagree here, but his record is clear for all to see. He means to kill the corporate goose that lays the golden eggs which corrupt all our institutions. For this it’s just a matter of time until Trump attacks him on this and then watch the sparks fly.

    • The slobbering media fools are foaming over Bobby’s attempts to shutdown .gov’s new favorite method to exterminate us to solve the excess people problem . First he eviscerates Mr. Science himself the chief exterminator Fauci the Reaper. Second he calls out the crooked leaders of the failed government operation who signed on to have the dirty deed done to them resulting in major medical adverse effects for life . Third they can’t stop the momentum building coming from his growing support because the bar is so low and what has happened to them is unforgivable . The end game has been revealed the choice is us or them and the hangman gotta eat same as worms. We need a mad dog to clean up the swamp not a salesman or a janitor.

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