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During many recent episodes of Making Sense of the Madness, my reports have been very dark and despairing about the Globalist pharmaceutical Coup d’État but as of this past week, I finally feel like there’s been a “disturbance in the Matrix” and it looks like things are finally turning up for those of us who care about freedom and human rights.

The main focus of my report was on Patrick Byrne’s amazing appearance on the ToreSays podcast Thursday to discuss the state of affairs in the US and the election audits.

Byrne says it’s now becoming clear to everyone in the US and the world that the bad guys are trying to cover their tracks and they’re desperate to do so, because several different kinds of lawsuits will become viable once the fraud is proven. For example, every law that Biden signs will become challengeable. Furthermore, Byrne says this proof of fraud is not months off, it’s weeks off.

He also says said Arizona is the first bubble percolating up and that there’s no way the fraudsters can win the information war. He says, “We’ll be at Arizona X 5 in a couple of months.”

There are several more audits in the pipeline, where he believes states will move to pull their Electoral Votes. As to whether this can be done retroactively will be up to the Supreme Court.

He says the Supreme Court will get nudged to do something. What he believes should happen is that they appoint a “Special Master” to rule on this and what he’d like to see is for them to call for a federally-run, paper-only special election in the 6 disputed counties, run by the National Guard of each state.

He guesses that after so much digital election fraud since 2004, what we may discover is that America is actually 10 points to the Right of where we’ve been brainwashed to believe we are – and at least 58 points to the Right of the Biden administration.

What I got from listening to him is that we’re basically in a race against the Biden administration deciding to go “Full Goon” in response to these revelations.

We’ve all heard Biden’s eerie warning earlier this week that the non-vaxxed people “will pay” and we’ve all seen how the Pentagon is firing commanders for criticizing Marxism in the military.

Byrne says the DoD’s investigation into “Extremism” is nothing more than a witch hunt to institute technocratic totalitarianism and he believes this summer is when they’re going to try to round people up for the FEMA camps, which is the “Full Goon” option that they are obviously considering.

He says their problem is that they’re relying on the police and military being with them, which he says they’re not, because they know this is an authoritarian coup.

He says that while the Goons have sprinkled the top of the military ranks, such as the current Secretary of Defense and most of the generals with people who agree with this authoritarian coup, the vast majority of the enlisted ranks will not go along with putting everyday American patriots into gulags.

He cited a poll in which 64% of ALL Americans believe fraud was involved in the 2020 Election. Is the Biden administration going to call 64% of us “Domestic Terrorists”?

It’s possible that one way these Goons will fight back is by starving us. This farmer’s son posted this disturbing video on TikTok, in which he claims farmers are being forced to destroy their crops; that the Federal Government is telling farmers they will pay them 1.5X the value of their produce to destroy their crops, otherwise, they will no longer subsidize them and they will economically destroy them through taxes. He says, “They are engineering a food shortage. We have 8 months to get our food supply together.”

But Patrick Byrne says the Goons are now on the downside of their information war. They know they’re losing and now, we’ve finally gotten off the floor. We may be bleeding but they didn’t expect us to fight back. It’s 6 months later and the election theft has failed to be normalized, it hasn’t gone away.

He says we’re in a real a crisis but that in every crisis, there’s an opportunity. And this is an opportunity for us to show how and why we truly are the “Exceptional Country” we have claimed to be and to show how we will Jiu-Jitsu our way out of this, without any violence.

Byrne says he sees how to win this and he’s created The America Project, a non-profit organization, along with General Mike Flynn and others and of which he’s financed the operating costs. He describes it as: “How we’re going to save America”, by pursuing the election fraud and challenging all of the bogus lawfare lobbed at them by the Goons. He likens it to having built a plane but now he needs the fuel, so I advise everybody reading this to go there and donate $5 and your part to overturn this authoritarian coup!

Byrne believes we will beat the fraud by Labor Day but that the Biden Regime might fight back by trying to put patriots into FEMA camps. The stakes are very high and we have to do everything in our power to peacefully overturn this treasonous administration.

For her part, Tore says the Globalists have totally lost, they just need to get real about it. The only thing that they have is the Mainstream Media and their fake stories and that they’re literally incapable of talking about anything that’s real.

She reiterates that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming and she asks, “Why are they delaying the inevitable? What hallelujah moment can they have? What can happen that can work in their favor, that makes them think they can get away with this? How can CNN ever come back? Nobody’s listening to them anymore. I’ve never seen a government so adamant to vaccinate people! They all know they can’t cancel truth!”

My answer to her is that the UFO disclosure coming this June might be “it”. This government-managed UFO disclosure has always been a Democrat project. We know that John Podesta was in charge of it, at one point and that during the 2016 Election, Hillary stumped about it on all the late night talk shows. Even Obama weighed in last week about UFOs, in response to the last 60 Minutes broadcast.

Wouldn’t you know that Christopher Mellon, the billionaire heir of the influential Pittsburgh bankster dynasty and the apparent Deep Stater in charge of this fake UFO Disclosure Op was a signatory of the open letter last month, calling on legislators to form a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the January 6th “insurrection” at the Capitol. So far, this call has resulted in the House’s vote on Wednesday to do just that, which is being mirrored by the DoD’s witch hunt of patriots in the military. It will interesting to see if the Senate votes this down or not.

By the way, this footage, which I first saw on January 6th has been making the rounds again, that shows Capitol Police gesturing towards the protestors and waving them in past the fencing towards the Capitol building. It’s one of many images and videos taken that day that completely discredit claims that this was a violent coup attempt requiring a “9/11-style commission”.

I ended my report with an update on the Colonial Pipeline hack. During Tore’s podcast Thursday, Patrick Byrne was asked by a viewer about the Colonial Pipeline and he said that $5M was letting them off way easy, which he feels was a probe to get them over their objection to paying ransom and that the next time, it would be for more. But I think Byrne was not really the right person to ask.

Patrick Bergy, who was the developer of the Shadownet psychological warfare software that was added to the Dominion and the Scorecard programs let something out in his podcast last night, when he said:

“I could show you how General Keith Alexander, General Jones, [the] Atlantic Council, [General Keith] Kellogg and others are behind the cyber attacks that has shut down our gas supplies.”

So that’s something to chew on…I need to look into that!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank You for your vitally important work and share of the truthful news, helping Americans break out from under the lies and deception. I’ve noticed Rumble seems to have been stripped of its video post pertaining to the truth about the Covid injections over the last few weeks. Looks like Bitchute is all we have now other than email. Please share with us if there are other platforms to find you and the truth.

  • “Byrne believes we will beat the fraud by Labor Day but that the Biden Regime might fight back by trying to put patriots into FEMA camps. The stakes are very high and we have to do everything in our power to peacefully overturn this treasonous administration”

    Bullets will be flying and a lot of death to the commies and cops if they actually try and put civilians into camps. They will try and take our guns first. That won’t go over well either

  • Conquest of the West by China started a long time ago. In the introduction to Gavin Menzies’ book “1434, The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance” an Chinese imperial order in 1430 stated: Everything is prosperous and renewed but the Foreign Countries distantly located beyond the sea, still had not heard and did not know. For this reason Grand Directors Zheng He, Wang Jinghong and others were specially sent, bearing the word, to GO AND INSTRUCT THEM INTO DEFERENCE AND SUBMISSION. . .

    Almost 600 years later the Chinese government continues to pursue that global strategy of subjugation, submission and economic conquest. And, according to Menzies, the Chinese were technologically advanced in every way as Europe foundered under religious constraints, endless wars and plagues throughout the Middle Ages. They have, for millennia, known themselves be far ahead of the game, so Americans, the new naive kids on the block, are now ripe for the taking. It’s well worth reading Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” which emphasizes under Elemental Tactics that all warfare is based on deception. So no surprise that China began rolling out COVID-19 kits in 2018, with the complete cooperation of world governments that have been following in lockstep ever since.

    Thank you all for the hard work and time involved in the digging for and dissemination of information that will help extract us from this communistic quagmire that very few even recognize. And it’s not just the Chinese; it’s now Westerners themselves, all onboard the vaccine train to oblivion, all by plan and deception.

  • For Pete’s sake take NAC, zinc, D3 + C.

    Thanks for all this info. Heard a a lot about this BS from Mikovitz, Tenpenny, Buttar, etc tayght the aware ppl. Needed your commentary to lighten the mood.

  • Young lady you are truly an inspiration, god bless you. Loved your report, great reporting. Rest up, get well, stay strong.

  • New California (Paul Preston) has three lawsuits against Newsom for fraudulent ballots that were used in CA in November. Who knows if this go anywhere, but at least they are taking Empowered Action. You can read the three lawsuits as follows:




    New California website:

    Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio and Articles:

  • I would love to believe that something will be done to remove the tapioca bowl of pudding that currently resides in the white house, however, the level of corruption is such that I see no one of authority standing up to this luciferian cabal. If anyone expects the supremes to step up, forget it – they are corrupt. What I believe will happen is that the various audits will indeed prove that Donald J Trump won reelection – HOWEVER – the supremes will have a news conference where they will say something to the effect of “we know that the democrats gained the office of the POTUS through illegal means, however we feel that the country could not survive the damage that would be inflicted upon it if we removed the sitting president and allowed Donald J Trump to once again occupy the white house”. End of story – End of America… Remember the coup of 1933? The barons of American industry plotted to kidnap FDR and take over the government, turning America into a larger version of Hitler’s Germany. Had it not been for Marine Corp general Smedley Butler they likely would have succeeded. When it was all over the president refused to prosecute the traitors fearing that the country (already struggling to recover from the great depression) could not handle it. These people were not even questioned! Oh and if you think this is a “conspiracy theory” please google the “McCormick/Dickstein committee” as they were the lawmakers tasked with investigating this when it happened. They generated over forty-five hundred pages, stating that it was real and that it would have happened if not for general Butler..

    • Oh here we go Again Terry, Always goes back to “Hitler’s Germany.” Any Truth in that than we could have been living in Paradise instead of a Morally Degraded America! I wish anyone would have kidnapped FDR, that way we could have avoiding WW2 & stop the Genocide of Russians & Genocide of Germans instead of becoming a part of it. Franklin Roosevelt will go down in history as one of the Worst Presidents in the last Century. He Stole Gold from the people, he arranged for the ‘False Flag’ on Pearl Harbor, which he is a murderer of 3 thousand of our own men that day. He Stole food supply to send to USSR to support Communism, he sent $1 Billion Dollars in Military Equipment to the Soviet Government to Support Bolshevik’s.

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