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    Greg Reese has made this phenomenal 5-minute documentary about the stunning parallels between Jonestown and today’s COVID cult and its convergence with BLM/Antifa and he suggests that Jonestown might have been an MKULTRA project and a beta test for the voluntary mass-suicide that we are witnessing today.

    Although the Chief Medical Examiner in Guyana reported that nearly 90% of the 918 deaths were homicides, the Fake News called it a “mass suicide” and to this day, Jonestown is known by most as the place where people “Drank the Kool-Aid”. In fact, most of the dead were injected with cyanide.

    The massacre at Jonestown was one of the largest losses of American civilian life in a deliberate act until September 11, 2001. The sheer scale of the event, the inconsistencies in the reported deaths, in addition to classified documents about the Peoples’ Temple under seal to this day have led some to suspect that the was CIA involved. Of course, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence “investigated” the event and announced that there was “no evidence” of the CIA’s involvement at Jonestown.



    Up until recently, the CIA’s long, close relationship with the late Jim Jones has always been a mystery. From the very beginning of his ministry, Dan Mitrione was always close in he shadows. Mitrione was an expert in torture and counter-insurgency techniques for the CIA, who taught many of the same methods used by Jim Jones.

    In 1978, one year after the CIA’s MKULTRA was exposed to the public, nearly 1,000 people died in Jonestown. The Chief Medical Examiner reported that nearly 90% were homicides and yet, the American media called it a “mass suicide”. Jonestown became known as the place where people “Drank the Kool-Aid.”

    Jonestown seems to be a CIA beta test for the COVID vaccine agenda being rolled out today. Jim Jones applied many known mind control techniques: separating people from their families, creating a lingo to distort the truth, demonized the questioning of authority.

    But what really stood out was his constant warnings that the government was going to try and kill them all. He said that they would not let them. He had his followers practice suicide drills and called it “Revolutionary Suicide.”

    The main ideology of Jonestown was that America is a racist nation and capitalism is evil and they sought to create a utopia of equality and fairness. We know all about this ideology in 2021.

    The slow destruction of the family unit can be traced back a century, to Planned Parenthood, to the 1964 War on Poverty, to gay marriage, all the way to our current trend of transsexual child abuse. This has created generations of lost souls, ripe to be exploited by the charlatans and sociopaths who wield the power of pop culture and Mainstream Media.

    The cult is given their own lingo to distort the truth. They are “woke”. And to be woke requires absolute conformity. If you question the authority, you are silenced. You are labeled a “racist” without any evidence. Or a “science denier” without any scientific explanation, whatsoever. And above all, you are taught that human civilization is killing the planet. You are taught tat the only way to save the Earth is to de-populate. You are taught that humanity is a virus.

    And so, when Bill Gates, the frontman pushing this narrative for the past decade steps out and offers the “Final Solution”, it’s no surprise to the see the cult lining up to get their shot.

    The crimes against humanity we are witnessing are almost indescribable. Every institution created to support human civilization is now being used to destroy it. And every person who put their faith in the system has now been betrayed.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I totally agree, it’s been going on for years. Indoctrinated people have no hope as they are deaf & blind!

    • This is funny. I didn’t think too much further than just the thought that arose and about a month ago Jonestown popped up in my head for some reason. No “is it similar”, “what really happened”, “does this tie together” or anything, just the name and incident popped up in my head.

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