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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “The aliens are among us” nonsense has been deliberately disseminated by the military and intelligence community.
    The proto-fascistic aspects of many of the contactee cults around the World.

    The political importance of the UFO phenomenon……

    A 1997 Gallup poll revealed that 42% of college graduates in the United States believed that the earth had been visited by extraterrestrials.

    The concept of salvation from above by a superior power or entity is a powerful element of the mythology, particularly strong appeal in a time of dire social and political crisis.

    These cults are infiltrated by the intelligence community, which devotes considerable attention to such groups. It is noteworthy that the system of government selected by our space bretheren is essentially a totalitarian and fascistic one……a way of bringing Fascism to Earth?

    The ET myth originates to a considerable extent from elements associated with the intelligence community, and prominent American fascists such as William Dudley Pelley.

    The link below, contains an audio icon, to read the article aloud:

  • The Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive site is currently down. It was up earlier this morning. Interesting.

  • It’s a CookBook….!

    Time itself, the 4th dimension, holds all the secrets…… or is it a Sow’s Ear, or a Womans Purse…well it is something along those lines anyway…. 🙂

    Funny, now that many people carry smart (dumb) phones….

    You would think that they would just take pictures and make videos of the Ufoes, and stop talking about them…..

  • master blaster paywall disclosure actor Dr. lizard lips Greer passes more limited hangout unverified info on acts of alien aggression against the wildlife on planet earth . meanwhile the aliens have lost their patience with us over the secrecy and coverup of the fact that they have been here crashing their shit for centuries and soon will have to start disclosure without us . Not all of them crash prone aliens are best buds so they use the zapper on each other . the sun light show is ramping up , the best show in town and best cover to” pull it” for the next UFO FF .

  • This Post is important and informative; not particularly for the Disclosure claim, by Steven Greer.

    Not to sound negative, but from a logical point of view.

    Steven Greer has been a part of the Lie, for so long, that he now belongs to the Lie.

    There is less freedom now then there was in the past, technology intermingled with psychology, saw to that.

    The parts of the chemtrails, (metals and chemicals), and frequency activities, have created the Ionized Atmospheres, which in turn are free energy for the anti-gravity engines used by some…..there are other uses for this ionization, communications, surveillance, weapons, weather etc.

    This process must be continuous, to maintain this weapon system…..

    Creating a Smithsonian type of Institution, though Virtual; brick and mortar is going the way of the dinosaur.
    This is about the Aeronautics – Military Complex.

    Paid for in most part by the Public, as everything is.

    This will be a Centralized Info Center on this topic, for the Public; important for the Public only….danger propaganda ahead.

    National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency……NRO……Military Intel’s, etc…..are for the Authorized.

    This is also related to the tighter control of the Internet….Verification and Surveillance, etc…..Consolidation and New Laws.

    This is also related to Gaia, new earth religion.

    Enough said, hopefully I made my point.
    Personallly I don’t buy into ET’s.

  • Dr. Greer mentioned that he has info about 122 U.F.O. crash sights? YIKES!!

    Do these E.T.s need an F.A.A.? i mean, I was given to understand that these U.F.O.s were constructed using ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY.

    One would think that they had some sort of QUALITY CONTROL system put into place, in an effort to put a halt to all these CRASHES.

    I am wondering, how many airliners have crashed in this same time frame?

    Bear in mind that JET LINERS do NOT have the ability to travel mega light years from STAR SYSTEM to STAR SYSTEM.

    Even if one takes into account ALL airplane crashes, it still seems to be a rather high number in comparison.

    If these crashes were a result of being SHOT DOWN, what in the HELL are we stupid humans doing, shooting at alien space craft?

    Is the person in charge trying to start a war with advanced beings from outer space? Again, I say, YIKES!!

    Something isn’t adding up. Please don’t invite me to take a ride.

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