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The Arlington City UFO video, capturing a plane-like shadow during the 2024 Solar Eclipse, has ignited widespread fascination. Shared with a caption suggesting a UFO sighting, the footage depicts the shadow crossing the sun’s path as the eclipse reaches its peak. The mysterious disappearance of the shadow into the clouds has left viewers intrigued, leading to the video trending on various platforms.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Maybe the UFOs are noticing how much energy humans put out when there is a lot of us together, good batteries you know.

  • Thanks Alexandra! Always with the top UFO vids for me for over 20 years! Can’t thank you enough! Hmm, putting on a show for people probably. The visual magnetic field cloak probably couldn’t interpret the algorithm of light & magnetic field disruption from the solar eclipse. I felt & experienced a magnetic change within me observing from Ontario when the eclipse went overhead. Isn’t Arlington agency central? So there is no logical way that government didn’t see this. Though, it probably is a government ‘UAP’ with a off world government official ‘mooning’ us from the portcullis as usual.

    • Thanks Gina that was a good documentary. Too many have died by perusing zero point or any other alternative energy not to continue their work.

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