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Area 51 physicist, Bob Lazar recalls the “extremely classified document dealing with religion” that was about 2 inches thick.

When pressed for the details, Bob says that the aliens regard humans as “containers” and that the whole purpose of religions was to create rules and regulations to “not damage the containers”.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • possession happens to a body after one agrees to “sell their soul” or the psyche is MK ultra split into alters or multiple personalities to enable programmed form of possession . possession by what is the question demon , alien , AI hive mind implant . normally we have no defense to protect ourselves against walk-in spirit possessions perhaps a defect or part of the modifications that were performed on us to break our will . the soul does not get penetrated by the dark it is made of pure source essence and light and is untouchable except by GOD . silver cord soul separation returns you to source but you may get caught in the soul trap door that was installed in our sun to keep you stuck here on prison planet earth as a battery for the dark entities to feed on . the uninhabited body would normally die after 3 days unless something takes over the body but then you become one of them and must feed like them on others spiritually. so don’t be a sucker .

  • People do crazy shit based on their strong belief just like how they did crazy sacrifices to the “Jealous” God (Yaldaboath).
    Perhaps, Moses claiming to have seen the being is about the same as a polygamous LDS claiming to have seen similar figure.
    It’s most about “belief”, If you believe in it, the belief (perhaps) gives it enough power to manifest (or just save the power for doing useful things instead of trying to point finger elsewhere).

  • this statement is not what christian religion is saying, and it does not fit into what is actually going on in this world… The global covid genocide is all about GENETIC MODIFICATIONS of HUMANITY, about poisoning it and annihilating… So if Lazar’s (what a name…) was true, does anyone ever feel like a container or rather still as a HUMAN with dignity and power??? It is about ‘aliens’ called ZIONISTS, the OLD known pharisees, who despise HUMANS, the goys, the useless eaters, everything what Yuval Noah Harari states about us, ‘animals’, and now ‘containers’, for the harvesting of their souls, I guess????… ‘ This part fits with what is going on, the ELITES, completely in-humane creatures, with NON-human behavior, are trying to take over this planet indeed.
    The ‘aliens’ are like him, waiting for their new ‘leader’, Bibel describes this creature as anti-christ.
    Forbidden knowledge is full of misinformation on many levels, in particular when talking about human GENETICS, being pro-Trump is being PRO-PHARISEES…

  • What has this ole plow boy been sayin—for years? For decades?

    The Christian Bible, all of it, contains instructions for life now and instructions for ever-lasting-life. Our bodies are containers of our spirits! Yeah! It’s “religion” only in the same sense that cross species evolution (Darwin’s hypothesis) is religion, that cannot be empirically supported by physical evidence. Darwin himself warned that if his hypothesis cannot be found in the fossil record, then its false. After sifting through billions of tons of shells, bones and what have you, Darwins “evolutionary” cross species link has yet to be discovered, yet wicked governments perpetrate the illusion so that they may rule as gods over all others according to their instructions based upon their own private interpretations of authentic instructions.

    Look where this way of thinking and artificial, mechanical tinkering with genome has gotten us!

    Clearly religious mortals have reduced these divine instructions to “religions” by adding to and taking away from these instructions, decorating themselves and their habitats for look-see-and-imitate visual influence.

    As a self educated, open minded mortal church historian, I have the historic record at hand that supports my claims. Make of it what you will.

  • I wouldnt believe a word this guy has to say, nor give him one goddamn minute to spew his nonsense

  • Religion is completely Political.

    The Containers refered to, are Slaves, Owned by the Aristocracy, who Breeds them, Noahs Ark, is about Breeding Slaves.

    Arc or Ark means Laws, Rules to follow, only for the Slaves, not the owners.

    Arc of the Covernant, are the Laws to be followed by the Slaves. Not a container or gobblet.

    MA’AT Egyptian Goddess of Order, or Laws and Order, has 42 Laws to be followed by the slaves.

    The Ten Commandments came out of that, with Ten of her laws or rules to follow for the slaves, not the owners.

    1946 Roswell, the alien creatures, were humans experimented on by nazi geneticists.


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