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Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras announced on her podcast Wednesday that the “hack” of the Colonial Pipeline, which is the biggest gasoline pipeline in the Eastern US was ordered by the Chinese and covertly carried out by the Joe Biden administration. Recall that Joe recently lifted Trump’s ban on China inside our energy grid.

Tore says China believes itself to be the rightful owner our energy supply and that the Green New Deal is just so much con artistry, punishing everyday people with carbon credits and forcing us to hand over our energy resources to China.

Meanwhile, CD Media reports that national security analysts are telling them the pipeline shutdown is most likely a US government-engineered operation. They also report that energy industry sources are telling them that Russia is not behind the attack, but that the fingerprints look like the attack came from the US intelligence community and it is not the so-called “DarkSide” ransomware that is being reported by the Fake News corporate media.

So that’s at least three separate sources, contradicting Joe Biden’s flaccid claims earlier in the week that the pipeline hack was done by “Russia!” Sleepy Joe, however walked those comments back on Thursday, clarifying that the Russian government was not behind the hack.

In addition, CD Media is reporting that the DOJ whistleblower who Lin Wood deposed, known on Twitter as @JohnHereToHelp tweeted long threads, connecting to previous threads about what he thinks is happening with the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack. A summary of JohnHereToHelp’s tweets is as follows:

Gas shortages lead to food shortages, lead to violence – violence unlike the amateur hour we’ve seen for the last year plus. It’s all about control for the Deep State.

He also notes that it must be a complete “coincidence” that the Cyber attack on the colonial pipeline has made the stock prices of “Crowdstrike” jump. He’s sure it’s also a coincidence that senior members of the FBI, DOJ and Crowdstrike shorted stocks affected by the colonial attack “PRIOR” to the attack and that it’s just another coincidence that huge money for “infrastructure” is being allocated to security firms, like Crowdstrike.

In posts he made Thursday, JohnHereToHelp speculates that the release of former Secret Service agent and cybersecurity / cryptocurrency expert, Shaun Bridges may have something to do with this Colonial Pipeline hack. He says Bridges was quietly released from prison last March. So quiet, that they didn’t even notify Sharyl Attkisson’s lawyers, who were suing him.

On March 18th, the court admitted there was surveillance of journalist, Sharyl Attkisson – but that it was legal (ordered by Rod Rosenstein) and nothing can be done, because they had immunity.

Shaun Bridges is a real character who shows up all over the place, including in the Seth Rich case. In 2017, he was convicted and imprisoned for stealing millions in Bitcoin from the US Government while he was investigating the Silk Road website for Rod Rosenstein’s task force in Baltimore.

JohnHereToHelp believes that Bridges has been working with the DOJ and Crowdstrike for over a year, presumably as part of a plea bargain. Crowdstrike is the only entity that ever “examined” the DNC servers and they’ve been among the fiercest promoters the “Trump-Russia Collusion” hoax.

Suddenly now, this very sophisticated hacking took place connected to Crowdstrike and their shares – which, by the way, Nancy Pelosi and her husband bought $1 million worth last September – have now gone up from $129 per share to over $140.

The Colonial Pipeline hack demanded a ransom of Bitcoin – the exact same thing that Bridges was in prison for manipulating. The exact same Bitcoin that Bridges was the foremost government expert on.

In his deposition to Lin Wood, JohnHereToHelp said that Bridges is in possession of horrifying videos of John Roberts, Mike Pence and others. Now, he’s saying that there are rumors that Bridges has been very busy since his secret release. And he has the leverage and a very damaging “thumb drive” to hold over this administration and that he was running the dark side of the DOJ during the election manipulation. (Was the $5 million Bridges’ version of a “book deal”?)

When asked about the ransom payment on Thursday, Joe Biden’s face dropped and he said, “No comment,” as he pirouetted guiltily away from the podium.

At 5PM Wednesday, Colonial Pipeline had announced that it would restart service and they bent over backwards to praise the Biden administration, saying, “We would also like to thank the White House for their leadership and collaboration…” For what, exactly? The reason they’re back online is because they paid a $5 million ransom to hackers in untraceable cryptocurrency.

Some wags on social media joked, “Does the Big Guy get 10% of that $5 million?”

As for Shaun Bridges, JohnHereToHelp says, “If you want someone to ‘absolutely destroy’ private e-currency, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. So ‘government approved’ (controlled) e-currency can take over, Shaun Bridges is the one person who can do it. Because he already has.”

So back to the effects of the pipeline hack: COVID had shut everything down but when their fear tactics weren’t working any longer and states started to reopen, he says they cut the fuel. He tells us to expect food shortages and rationing next, for more government control. Societal breakdown benefits them.

They want to destroy American society and rebuild it under Communism. He says this plan is called the “New Years Protocol”. As things continue to quickly degrade, there will be too much to deal with and Americans will be buried under too many problems to reverse the election fraud – which is exactly what they want.

He says he’s praying for the Patriots and he’s 100% behind them but he is critical of what he calls “this VERY dangerous strategy, where we allow these people to destroy the country, in the hopes that the majority will ‘wake up’ and that the courts will accept the evidence of fraud, and that lawmakers will do what’s right,” especially as there’s been no evidence of them doing anything of the kind over the past 5 years and relying on their “track record” is foolhardy, at best. They have clearly demonstrated they are motivated by hate and greed and they are plainly disloyal to the United States.

He says that the longer decisive action is delayed, the more likely the damage is permanent and recovery is impossible. Already, access has been given to foreign governments, and they are not as slow and unfocused as Joe. They are moving very fast to solidify their position.

The clock is ticking, time is finite and every moment of delay only increases doubt and people lose focus, due to their everyday survival needs. He urges the Patriots to “Move while we are still able to do so. May the Lord give you strength and guide your hand.”

He says we, as a people and the country are in an extremely dangerous position. We know who stole the election. Everyone knew it. There was no guessing, there was no maybe. He says the military is not in control but it is “monitoring the situation”. That’s what they told him.

He does say, however, that certain military actions, above a certain level, such as actions involving large numbers of troops, an act of war, a release of nuclear weapons, are all prohibited to the current occupant of the White House. He says the Dems were trying to regain military control and that’s what the argument a couple of months ago over the nuclear codes was all about.

He says the military has no plans to act or to remove this government in any way. They are acting as gatekeepers, and they intend to “preserve the nation until a real leader is chosen”. They see Biden as a usurper and strictly a politician and so as long as he only affects so-called “political positions”, they will not interfere.

To which I have to ask if the critical infrastructure of the nation’s gasoline supply qualifies as a “political position”?

He says only in the event of being attacked by a foreign nation would the military act. Because of this stance, our government is fractured and our nation is vulnerable.

He says the CIA is acting wholly on its own and as an agent of foreign powers. Tore Maras echoed this thought Wednesday, when she said that the Directorship of the CIA is 100% controlled by China – but she added a comment I didn’t understand. She said it’s controlled by Hong Kong.

I don’t know if she means HSBC bank – but we do know that in September 2019, According to public records from the US Patent and Trademark Office, in September of 2019, Dominion Voting Systems assigned security interests for 18 of its patents to “HSBC Bank Canada, as a collateral agent”.

JohnHereToHelp says Biden remorse is rampant and growing daily but the Deep State will use him as much as possible before the next phase of their plan moves into effect. They are desperate and we are fractured.

He says we can absolutely survive this but it will take faith, strength, common sense, and hard work, which is everything our country was built on. We must now find it within ourselves and carry on the work of our forefathers.

He says the Dems in their unquenchable quest for power and money, have fractured our country and unleashed a monster, China, over which they have already lost control. They are desperately scrambling for control and dollars because they know what’s coming is out of their control.

Unfortunately, China knows all of this and they are taking advantage of it. The truth of the real situation is spreading around the globe. And our enemies are not constrained by political correctness. They see a weakness, after all this time and they will not waste this opportunity.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Oh, OK. I remember her explaining that if you think the US has been infiltrated by the CCP, with now a Chinese agent for a president, then Taiwan is even more invaded than the US, which makes perfect sense.

      Yes, I love her!

  • In case people dont know that as one ages their noses and ears continue to grow and the lobes stetch and droop. So does gentalia…LOL Biden is closer to 80 years old rather than the pics when he was in his 60’s.

    • Lmai…thats a good one. I remember a lot of bloodhounds (low hanging genitalia) in a nudist camp, many many years ago.

  • The deep state/dems/rinos are zealously pursuing the Coward Piven Strategy. They are salivating over the prospect of our destruction, without understanding they will be the next to fall to the Global Cabal.

  • Biden probably has a pixie ear because he had a facelift…a very bad one from the looks of it. It’s a common occurrence.

  • I have an idea, next time something happens or could have happened or maybe it didn’t happen let’s make it easy for everyone, let’s blame it on China, always, all the time, under any circumstances, and if ever we run out of things to blame her for, let’s invent some, we can do it America, let’s make our bullying strong again!

  • I don’t believe China is in charge,only the hand maiden to the same ole TECHNOCRATIC bullies who’ve amassed all the riches,off the backs of working people,that have been implementing their plan fore a long time!!I agree it’s do or die at this point because too many know too much and time is running out for their conquests.I see things unraveling in their plan.p.s. Biden was 1st in my mind when this pipeline was hacked🇺🇸all heil AMERICA

  • This is sickening, and evil. How they get away releasing a criminal from jail to do their traitorous works is unbelievable. I just hope there are enough good men and women in America to stop this.

  • I find it hard to completely trust ANYONE who is “former” intelligence. Don’t her streams have musical interludes like some kind of retro Ed Sullivan Show? And why believe the hack and blackmail story? These people are no more truthful than those thieves raking in cash selling lumber. They just lie to acquire more.

    There have been “former” intelligence people who’ve had interesting content. I found Vyzygoth (Keith Hansen) thoroughly entertaining. He said he was former FBI but had a couple individuals on his streams that were less than reputable such as Barbara Hartwell and Courney Love’s dad Hank Harrison. I gathered Vyz thought a lot of problems originated with the Jesuits, but oddly he worked at a Catholic university. Even you, Alexandra, were on some of his shows along with Adam Gorightly. I enjoyed those.

    I’ll just say I’m more inclined to believe Miles Mathis’s take on the Colonial Pipeline farce, although even some of his content can get questionable.

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