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New cellphone videos of the shooting in Las Vegas continue to be posted by concertgoers and other witnesses to the events in Las Vegas.

It’s clear from many eyewitness videos that there was more than one shooter at the scene, yet the Mainstream Media continues to maintain that a Lone Nut was responsible for shooting over 500 people and killing nearly 60.

This is a cellphone video that I condensed from the original, which clearly shows that shots were not just being fired at the concert audience from the Mandalay Bay hotel but also from what looks and sounds like the opposite direction, from the street.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The gov is not providing info such as verification of powder residue on Goddard and the ID of the multiple persons running out of the hotel lobby wearing security guard uniforms. I propose that Goddard was not the shooter at all. He is the fall guy, silenced so he has no story. His room may have been used and he may have been silenced before, during or after the shooting. One thing is for sure, we will NEVER know the true story, just like the Kennedy assassination.

  • Two things I get from this video–whoever turned on the house lights and left them on was an idiot. Second, I think the “second shooter” hypothesis is based on the different tonality of the gunshots, which in my opinion is more likely just two different sounds caused by the report of the weapon itself and the sonic crack of bullets passing nearby. The latter could give the impression of a second weapon from a different direction for someone unaware of the distinction.

  • As a firearm ‘enthusiast’ with military training, I can tell you that it COULD be one shooter, firing out two windows in two different directions, that would account for the noise difference of the shots. That being said, this was two shooters, because the different shot sounds are two close together to be taken as one shooter out 2 windows.

    This is another Cabal-orchestrated PsyOp, only this time, they used ex-psycho military (Seals/ Delta Force) to (allegedly) kill people. These poor mind-controlled soldiers were sucked in under patriotism (a BULLSHIT concept if ever there was one), then turned into assassins.

    We MUST overthrow the political and financial power pulling off these treasons.

  • Usually no mobile footage is ever posted on these shootings and that is the usual complaint. Here they have provided us with one, including ‘holy shit’ commentary. Wouldn’t trust it a yard. Why did so many of the cowboy hats remain standing throughout the ‘gunfire’? The crowd reaction seemed to be orchestrated by the cowboy hats on stage. Sounds a bit like Paris. Pure gold, False Flag.

  • More CIA control tactics, next they will try to change the second amendment, for he protection of the stupid.

  • Yes, the shots did come from a different direction, much closer to the filmer.

    So, our people have been set-up once again for death by the shadow government (SG) and their Deep State mechanism. The SG really, really wants to crush the 2nd Amendment by making a fearful public believe the lie they tell over and over. I’m not a gun owner or user. In fact, my lack of knowledge about weaponry creates a big vacuum in my overall education. However, I’m not stupid and a lone nut gunman (as described and conveniently dead–typical end to their worn out story) is too stupid for words. It’s the same ol’ story the MSM has run for their criminal buddies over the decades. These NWO criminals do not care who dies or even lives the rest of their life paralyzed as a result of their actions. Blinders on, agenda in full swing–control of the entire planet! America is a problem with that pesky right they have to hold weapons.

    I’m always amazed by how the public will believe the same old, sad, ridiculous lie again and again. Scads of police all over the country can’t find felony criminals in their own backyard on a daily basis yet they can identify a 66-yr-old man with nothing to gain by enacting such actions in 5 minutes? This scene has CIA, et al written all over it.

    In the words of “V” for Vendetta–“bollocks!” I say “double bollocks!”

    • Well said! I don’t ever believe the mainstreams narrative of what is going on around the world. It’s all lies!

  • Couple of thoughts…if the first series of shots were real, then reason would say blood and spatter and death would have panicked the crowd immediately around those hit, but they just stay hunkered down, with no apparent recognition of shot or wounded neighbors. Also, if those hundreds of rounds were full metal jacket military rounds, as has been purported, the parking lot must look like the moon…someone should get in there and document the many bullet dents, and also, no ricochet’s all over the area?
    Then ya have the repetitions of ‘we were being herded’, ‘shots from the grounds’, ‘more than one shooter in the Mandalay…smells funny, this event….oh, yeh, and Friday before this Sunday night craziness, DHS had ‘shooter drills’ in LV…eh, and whose freakin’ ‘bright’ idea was it to turn on the venue lights for better shooter viewing?

  • Jason Aldean and CH-Aldean I am guessing -this Illuminati puppet should be in prison. He released Lights Come Up on the 91st day of the year (April 1st), and go check out the lyrics, read the last lines. This festival was on the 91st day until the end of the year. Nice big pyramid over-seeing it all, what are the chances.

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