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    I was alerted about this video by a subscriber whose brother drives a limousine in Las Vegas. He’s spoken to several other drivers and bellmen at the Bellagio, the Flamingo and other hotels surrounding Manadalay Bay. All reported that their lobbies were shot up last Sunday night. This indicates that more than one gunman was involved in the horrifying events that evening.

    My subscriber wrote, “The hotels were on lockdown and shattered glass was all over the floors. A friend of his posted a video of the Bellagio lobby and people sitting in corridors because they were not allowed to leave…this was a coordinated effort.”

    She was referring to the cellphone video above. It was taken from inside the Las Vegas Bellagio hotel and livestreamed by René Downs to her Facebook account at 1:52AM on Monday, October 2nd, a couple of hours after the Las Vegas shooting. By Wednesday night, over 1M people had viewed this on Facebook. René’s comment on this video post is: “This was NOT all done by 1 shooter. Watch til end. News and LVPD are not reporting this correctly.”

    In the video, René describes the Bellagio as being on “lockdown”, with nobody allowed in or out of the hotel, due to the gunshots in the lobby which shattered glass, followed by “mass chaos” and a “stampede” while she was seated with her husband at a table in the Petrossian Bar.

    In the video, René complains that she has attempted to report these events to the police and news outlets and is nonplussed as to why her reports are being ignored. She verifies with a member of the hotel staff that what the news is reporting is not correct.

    René made a follow-up video later that morning, showing where she was seated and voicing her disgust about the lack of honest reporting about the events of that evening. (The audio controls are in the bottom left corner of the screen, to fade up the sound).

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    • #1-This did happen! I wish people would stop calling it a hoax. My brother and his wife were staying at the Bellagio and were in their room about to go to bed (they too had an early flight back to NY the next morning). That’s when they heard gunshots outside. Being it was outside they didn’t think the lobby was unsafe, they really had no reason to. So they went downstairs and said it was absolute chaos and something you would expect to see in a movie not in reality in front of you. They were stunned and scared. My brother called our mother and told her what was going on and she said the sound in the background was unbelievable. He said people were on their phones crying, others were taking pictures or videotaping. They stayed huddled in a corner somewhere and were talking to 2 other couples about the gun shots which they also heard and they all agreed it was outside but close, not distant shots or echoes. My brother is a hunter and knows a lot about guns so he would know if it were close, far or an echo. One of the people they were next to got a call from a friend at the Luxor who said there was gunshots there as well but didn’t know what was going on for sure. They were in their room at the time as well. They went to the lobby and others were saying there were gunshots at other hotels as well. They had a lockdown too. That’s when they were told about MB and the concert. So, the next morning they came down and said the atmosphere had an eerie feeling to it. Other than a some guests talking about the concert, it was as if it never happened. He said it was the strangest thing . They were running late so they quickly settled their bill and off they went. Side note: They were charged for that night. Being they were running late and in a hurry, they didn’t bother asking about waiving it. I told him they really should call and have their card credited. No one should have had to pay for that night. Anyways, for those who say this was one big hoax, it absolutely wasn’t! Renee, I’m glad you and your husband are ok. It must have been so scary. My brother keeps talking about it. He just can’t wrap his head around the lies on tv about 1 shooter and the claims saying nothing went down at other hotels. There was plenty of media there to cover the festival so someone from the media saw or knows SOMETHING! Unfortunately, they can’t report whatever they want to. They are told what they can and can’t report. Isn’t it odd though how the live news footage going on that night was specifically saying numerous shooters, reports of shots at different hotels, etc… NOW, it’s all changed. They are saying 1 shooter and 1 hotel only. #coverup

      Thanks for sharing your video Renee! Stay safe and God bless. ?♥️

    • What’s maddening about this is that in her first video, she says there is broken glass, as would be expected. Today, she walks into the same lobby, and doesn’t comment about the fact the broken glass was cleaned up so fast.

      Did she actually see broken glass?

      • She was there when the glass was broken, per the second video. This is Las Vegas. The Bellagio has been under siege by gunfire in the past. They have replacement glass to replace the broken glass ready to fly in.

        • Which means this shooting probably had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at Mandalay Bay and is just a coincidence. Why would the “second shooter” who is tying to get away at this point fire a meaningless random shot at the door of Bellagio?

      • Yes. We did see all the broken glass. I actually stepped all over it but when we went back down to film it after changing into gym clothes and tennis shoes, incase we had to run, they had us all blocked off so we could not get back into the lobby or on casino floor. I was trying to show that by the time we had gotten to the security and spoke with them. We could see all the crews cleaning behind them up towards the lobby as well. Take good care.

      • Yes. We did see all the broken glass. At the time we heard gunfire and the mass chaos of people coming through the doors the stanchions, partitions, and the glass signs,, everything was being run over, not around, but over, because of the gunfire approaching. When we went back down to see what was happening, i.e.:1st video, I tried to get the cleaning crews in the shot when speaking with the security but I could not. By the next morning everything was clean. Not a speck of dust to be found. Protocol from Hotel was immediately put into place.
        Take good care and be safe.

    • The woman who tried to warn the concert attendees had, to my way of thinking, overheard a conversation. She was a hero! And was badly treated for her efforts, having been shown the door, as it were. But ya’ gotta’ wonder about the conversation she must have overheard. I’ll bet she’s too terrified now to come forward and you really can’t blame her.

      • Ha! Great point. She’s been painted as a villainess.

        I just received this interesting piece of feedback from a subscriber in Las Vegas:

        “My Uber driver said last night said that there were 3 shooters in the Mandalay area. He ran into 3 dead bodies by the Luxor Hotel, he said on Facebook a guy was doing a livestream talking about how they saw a shooter from a car, they went over to the spot the shooter…grabbed the shell casings…Facebook shut him down and the FBI came to his house to collect the shell casings as evidence…there has been no mention of it in the media.”

      • I was thinking the same thing. She may have been staying at Mandalay and overhead something between Paddock and someone else. I think there was def more than 1 person in that room that night. Who knows, maybe she tried to tell security or the police but they probably wrote her off as crazy or drunk so it got dropped. Then she figures, let me tell the crowd…. everyone again thinks she’s crazy or drunk and ignores her. I have other ideas too but it’s too much to get into. Either way, i wish they would track this girl down or she would make an anonymous call to law enforcement and tell them if she heard something.

    • Wanted to see the front doors, too. You know as soon as it happened the word from the authorities was “containment”. If this woman called the authorities/news as she says and received no response(s) or assistance it would appear to mean they were already aware. Are the LV police shading the responsible parties? This would not be new. Corruption in police depts. in the USA is not uncommon.

      A lock-down would be necessary to avoid more deaths at the hands of whomever/whatever was killing the visitors. That part makes safety sense.

      One lone shooter? The question every American and LV visitor from afar needs to ask themselves now is why the MSM fills the airwaves by repeatedly reporting a lie? WHO are they protecting/promoting? Who do they work for, really? What is the agenda behind the same old lie we’ve heard for decades? Who is really responsible for this horrific act of war against our people? Well, I can say without a snip of hesitation that it’s not one 66-yr-old dead man.

    • i was at the bellagio also it did happen and nobody will do anything about telling america something very evil is being set up i believe that we are looking at even possibly private contractors or maybe dirty government agencies themselves.they want communism in this country and they are attacking everything from every angle

      • Then please tell America, call into Rush’s or someother national radio program or FOX news program, instead of this obscure web page. Thank u

          • If it’s not that obscure, then why r there only a few conversations in the 5 days it’s been posted? No other news organizations r reporting about it? I’m sure some young hot shot reporter would love to be the person to take this story national.

            • Yes, and those “hot young reporters” are not allowed to report any truth against the MSM narrative, whatever that is on this day. YouTube, a MSM colluder, was reported in the Wall Street Journal (you want MSM authority) here:

              “…YouTube has now tweaked its algorithm to protect you from questioning the official narrative, while regurgitating the mainstream media as an “authoritative source,” The Wall Street Journal reported.”

              “YouTube doesn’t disclose how it determines which sources are authoritative,” YouTube wrote in a statement.”

              You need to do some research.

    • Where is the damage? This happened less than 24 hours ago in the vid, yet no bullet holes? Not one image captured of any proof of bullets smashing through glass. Everything you’ve posted on this subject so far has been spot-on Alexandra, but I dunno… this one seems a bit off.

      • Great job! Thanks so much!

        I’m quite sure you were fortunate to get as much video as possible because they would also confiscated phone.

            • When were they confiscating phones? Also if u look at Rene Downs facebook page and responses, at one point she writes at 9:49pm Monday “When we heard the gunshots at the Bellagio. Not bullets coming in. Sorry I’m just clarifying. ” her exacy quote, which contradicts what she says at beginning of 2nd video where she says we were sitting here facing the front doors when the shooting started coming thru and shattering the front doors? Which is it, did the bullets come thru the doors or not?

        • Thank you. This was all done for safety for others. I have numerous messages, private, from others that can not be public right now for their livelihoods. I have given my word.

      • …interesting due to the speculation and obvious ‘other shooters’ contradiction to the media reports…Mz. Downs quick aside that the media ‘usually does a good job’ has a sniff of ‘say whut?’ to it though.

        • I thought the same. On reflection, people who are able to record such volatile information for public viewing may, in today’s FANG surveillance environment, think that the video may get pulled or even that they might be targeted if they don’t bow to the king without clothes.

        • We have many friends in the media. They were already texting out to us,,, I was not going to ridicule them on their jobs and how they do it. This was about safety. That’s it. Telling people to still be aware that things may still be going on around us and to stay alert. Take good care.

      • They always have replacement glass to replace the broken glass at the ready. It’s the Bellagio. It has been shot up more than once.

        • Right, there was a second shooter who was so mad all he did was shoot glass. They covered up the broken glass because the police staged the whole thing and were so embarrassed that they hired a CIA operative to be a second shooter but he just ended up shooting the glass. No victims, hundreds of thousands of tourists outside with cell phones but no footage, just one crazy lady and her overanxious scaredy cat husband Steven who heard there was a shooter (which traveled all the way from Mandalay Bay quick) and they jumped on the ground for no reason.

      • Think : Hollywood production ! False flag clean up teams. The propaganda has been seeded in the masses and any contrary story will be rejected by cognitive dissonance and continued delusion. Keep asking questions, it is the only way to find the truth when it is being deliberately hidden.

      • I’m so sorry you feel this way. We did the best we could to show that people may still not be safe. By the time we felt “safe enough” to venture out from our rooms they had it all blocked off. I tried to get film of it with them cleaning up but I could not zoom in on it ,,, all you have is my and my husband’s word. We saw them cleaning, I stepped on broken glass,,, I saw the masses running in chaos storming through the doors when we heard gunfire,.. the Hotel has protocol,,, obviously it was put into effect immediately.
        Take care and stay safe and alert.

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