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Late on Wednesday night, super lawyer, Lin Wood released the full transcripts of interviews conducted with a government whistleblower using the alias “Ryan Dark White”, with many hair-raising allegations about former Vice President Mike Pence, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and former Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who he says were all working together to overthrow President Trump from the very beginning of his administration.

The interviews were conducted in early January of this year. On January 18th, Lin Wood had posted video of these interviews, in 8 parts, which I strung together and uploaded to Rumble and published for my subscribers on Inauguration Day.

Some of the highlights of this full transcript include the following shocking revelations:

• Chief Justice John Roberts is gay and highly-controlled to keep that a secret. Roberts adopted his children illegally with the help of Jeffrey Epstein through a child sex trafficking network in the British Isles and he immediately proceeded to use his adopted children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

Mr White also says Roberts helped with some logistics in an FBI false flag operation to kill several Supreme Court Justices during Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with Globalists/Communists.

This plot was foiled when Mr White (aka @JohnHereToHelp on Twitter) was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate the operation. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit mass-murder fell back to a Plan B, to execute Justice Anton Scalia, who was considered Hillary’s “greatest threat”.

• Mike Pence is gay and likewise controlled. Prior to becoming Vice President, Pence had two steady lovers who were significantly younger but then he got framed into having sex with a 13-year-old on video. Pence’s wife is totally aware of this and helps him manage and schedule his trysts.

• Mike Pence hated Trump and he worked together with Rod Rosenstein, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as their mole in the White House. The idea was to get rid of Trump by using the 25th Amendment, then for Pence to become President and for Rod Rosenstein to become Vice President. In other words, Rod Rosenstein was not joking when he talked about wearing a wire to frame Trump. In fact, White says he did wear a wire more than once, attempting to do just that, to no avail.

• Judge Emmet Sullivan, the Federal Judge presiding over the case of General Mike Flynn is an anti-Black racist and a violent incestuous pedophile, who raped his own granddaughter for years until she was no longer a child and he lost interest. Sullivan once injured her so horribly that she was hospitalized and he made his son (the girl’s father) turn himself in for the crime in the state of Maryland.

As a Federal Judge, he was able to bury the case with the help of then-US Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Maryland Congressman, Elijah Cummings and Baltimore Mayor, Catherine Pugh. However, records of the case still exist in the Federal system. Mr White says it can be found on Pacer.

Sullivan’s son is also a very sick pedophile who also raped that same daughter for years and he was later busted again for trading images of child pornography.

• Judge Sullivan had 4 homes in a beach community in Delaware that he used for his trysts with female children and that he would lend out to Joe Biden, for his own pedophilic trysts.

Mr White describes Joe Biden as a “well-known pedophile” and he says that in many of those videos we’ve all seen of Biden sniffing children in front of their family members as they’re being sworn-into their government posts, those children have been promised to him for his role in the securing those positions for their parents. White said, Joe “can’t control himself because he’s anticipating his payoff. So, that’s why you see these sniffing videos.”

Moreover, Jill Biden knew about his perversions going into the marriage. Indeed, she was 15 and Joe was 30 when they began dating. White says the Biden grandchildren are all sexual abuse victims, as well.

• Space economist, Molly McCauley was murdered by the same crooked DEA henchmen associated with Rod Rosenstein’s “Dirty Tricks Squad” according to White, because it was she who figured out that they were using satellites to steal elections, using the Hammer supercomputer with Scorecard and Sunrise software. Rod Rosenstein was heavily involved with the Hammer program.

• What really happened to Seth Rich. I had suspected that White was the whistleblower who came forward on the 2-year anniversary of Seth Rich’s murder, in July of 2018, when Matt Couch and a Republican lobbyist, Mark Burkman set up a press conference to introduce him as a new witness in the Seth Rich murder case. At that time, he was called “Luke” and he phoned into the event, to protect his identity.

It was clear to me that this “Luke” from the 2018 Seth Rich press conference was the same person as “Ryan Dark White”, as well as the same person who is known on Twitter as “@JohnHeretoHelp” and this was confirmed in the transcript.

Despite his many different aliases, White has consistently described himself as an intelligence veteran, a terrorism consultant and expert witness for the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland but the July 2018 event was fraught with technical problems, which made it come off as very amateurish and it was widely derided by people on both the Left and the Right.

White’s account of the Seth Rich murder was very non-partisan at a time when everyone on the Right was convinced that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC.

White alleged that Rod Rosenstein was behind the murder. Seth’s DNC email breach would reveal Rosenstein’s operation with the DOJ’s (and the Republicans’) to tamper and alter the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration. And it would also reveal that they began spying on Hillary’s private server, almost as soon as it went live.

Back in 2018, it was hard to imagine this level of corruption and it went over most peoples’ heads but after everything we’ve seen, especially since the 2020 Election, it makes a lot more sense.

What we learn about the Seth Rich murder with Lin Wood’s release of the full transcript is that it wasn’t intended to be a murder and it really was a “botched robbery”, as claimed.

The MS-13 gang members who were hired and transported to DC from out-of-state by Rosenstein’s DEA henchmen, they were contracted to steal Seth Rich’s thumb drive containing the DNC server data and to replace it with another thumb drive that had all of the incriminating data pointing back to Rosenstein and the DOJ removed.

For years, we’ve heard rumors that Donna Brazile was at the hospital where Seth was taken and White confirms this in the full transcript. I specifically remember a Reddit post about a week after Seth’s death in 2016 from a male nurse working at the hospital where Seth had been taken, saying that Brazile showed up at the hospital that night and that Seth’s room was cordoned off and he was denied treatment.

White says that Donna Brazile and her girlfriend, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser were waiting at the hospital before Seth was even brought in, and they also had people at the crime scene, in order to recover the thumb drive, which everybody knew Seth always kept on his person.

Rod Rosenstein’s hitmen had to quickly replace Seth’s thumb drive with his sanitized version before the DNC people could get to it and it looks like in the tussle to do that, Seth was killed.

I was on Making Sense of the Madness last night with John Chambers and James Grundvig to discuss all of this and more.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The way I see it all now, Trump is the #1 problem now, because he isn’t fixing any of the problems, such as the Fed Reserve or the I R S , and Dr Fuzzy is our new Dr Mengele, promoting the JAB. Kinda crazy to say the least. I don’t think there are 5 people who really know, after 18 presidents,
    why none have gotten rid of the Fed Reserve in 113 years!

  • 3 real simple solution’s.
    1. Put “None of The Above” on the ballot choice and make it count”.
    2. Mandate all elections be publicly funded by a donation on a tax return and limited in expenditures.
    3. Require a one time term limit on all elected offices.

  • It’s obvious Wray is lying but what is also obvious to me is the Republicans who are lying . Cruz, Hawley should have just had one of them choose to speak fir the other. His were there questions really any different.

  • While I’m sure that there is still a LOT to surface in this hideous scandal, what we see is proof of the old saying “a nation of sheep must give rise to a government of wolves”.
    That insults wolves! What about wild Hyenas?

  • I’m a Trump Girl, he’s my President & I know he was cheated in the election. But what’s being said here is all 100% conjecture! I could say the SAME things about ANYONE! Where’s the proof?! Just SAYING Mike Pence is “gay and has 2 male lovers” doesn’t make it true! WHO were the lovers?! When? How? There’s zero proof, because none exists, because none of this is true! Not everybody is a pedophile! Not everybody is gay! Not everybody is a murderer. STOP LYING & SENSATIONALIZING! You’re filling people’s heads with garbage! It’s so incredibly dishonest & irresponsible… TRUTH, FACTS, & EVIDENCE. Without ANY of those 3, you’re just spewing lies.

    • These are the allegations of this whistleblower, who claims to have seen video of everything he describes here. This deposition is being used by the world’s foremost defamation lawyer, Lin Wood in his election fraud case/s against the State of Georgia.

    • In denial are we? Don’t forget,Mike Pence is a traitor! He did the worst thing he could do: conspire against Trump, more than once! That is far worse than anything else!

  • Isn’t Sullivan black himself?

    “Judge Emmet Sullivan, the Federal Judge presiding over the case of General Mike Flynn is an anti-Black racist and a violent incestuous pedophile, “

  • look guys…..stop with the evidence already…..we have enough……we need to get rid of our government period! we need to take our soverign rights as citizens of the U.S. and run our country and exercise our rights as owners of this land into our own hands…..we HAVE to get rid of these insects…that lie, cheat, steal, and rape ….WHY would we even keep them in the positions they are in????? we have to form per state and exercise our rights and have their illegal acts confronted and have them removed….we don’t want that in our state! c’mon guys……LETS DO THIS…we don’t need thieves running a government…to govern what? they even own our CARS..we get a title that is showing the govt is the owner….the original title of the car that is issued from the manufacturer is in the hands of the government….they own your car you pay registration, drivers license, car insurance, maintenance….and you don’t even own it…..WAKE UP…..they own your birth certificate….WAKE UP……they are stealing everything from us………….STOP WITH THE EVIDENCE….START OPPOSING THEM TO THEIR FACES….tell on your interviews that you OPPOSE WHAT THEY ARE

    • Very well said. It’s all a Masonic lie. One person, one vote. Especially in this age of the computer. Republicanism is a way to control people with their own hand picked hero. What a crock. They try and trick us with, “…that’s mob rule”. Guess what? Of course it is. The whole concerned mob of us to rule ourselves. Because any spokesperson can be bought off or “gotten to”. It’s now known that our founding fathers’ key figures, were all Agents of the Crown. And Alexander Hamilton, The First Bank of NY, with the Rothschild money, was the Johnny on the Spot with the funds for old George III, I mean George Washington, to fund our young nation with the First Bank of the US. There’s way more if you want to dig. You dig? Capt Joe.

  • Unbelievable information. I think we can all understand why President Trump is handling things the way he is. Explosive!

  • There you lie dead from the c o vid shot
    You thought it was safe, but it was not

    You bought the “science” the msm spun
    The swab gave morgellons, yet you weren’t done

    A mask limits oxygen you were supposed to breathe in
    You suffocated brain cells, I call that a sin

    You believed all the hype and self locked in your home
    Don’t see family or friends, be afraid to roam

    Keep washing your hands, you’re so full of germs
    There’s a new anal swab, please read all the terms

    When did gates become a doctor, he’s a eugenesist you know
    He wants us all dead, all lined up in a row

    The cabal feeds on fear, the create it in droves
    These cannibals cook you on top of their stoves

    They drink your adrenochrome, from children is best
    And pedophiles delight in killing the rest

    Klaus says own nothing and be happy he stated
    To him we are chattel, despised and hated

    Learn to think for yourself, do some research and think
    PCR tests don’t work, Kari Millis said so … with nary a blink

    The cdc is a private corporation
    federal reserve are rich bankers, not a part of the nation

    Politicians they lie, they mostly want power
    It’s hard to believe them, from their ivory tower

    It’s time to wake up, learn the truth from the lies
    If we don’t stand together then everyone dies

    Patriotic Poet

  • This is totally shocking to hear…OMG !!!! These EVIL individuals all need to be arrested – JUSTICE must be served for all of those that have suffered at their hand. The American people need to wake up and rise up against this disgusting and vile corruption.

  • Referencing Dr. Kent’s comment. It takes a lot to see in-between the cracks in order to actually believe that the level of corruption goes this deep. It is not an exaggeration; and. it is not funny! Right now there are children being abused. The better we understand why these people act the way they do; the better we can understand what we are up against as a nation.

  • I sure hope that this video (and any like it) “go viral” over the internet as quickly and massively as possible. I also hope that there are still a FEW good people in the Justice Department (fat chance!!!) who can act on this information in a way that will do some good.
    God Bless Lin Wood and his truly superhuman courage in bringing this to light. Let’s hope this is not in vain!

  • As the president of a bankrupt corporation, if he issues anything then he is breaking the law, issuing promises they cant keep, and issuing money, fuck it arrest him for FRAUD!!!

  • What a poor taste! That’s not funny! And Alexandria needs or rather deserves a Black Eye over her ill fated attempt at humor!

    • What ill-fated attempt at humor are you referring to?

      I’ve approved this comment so that people can see what kind of a person you are.

      • Alexandria, many of us are very grateful for your efforts along with so many other patriots. I’m both angry and sad to see what vile lies beneath. The revelations are gut wrenching. The corrupt swamp is the worst of human beings…power at ANY cost. It will be a glorious day when the corrupt are convicted. God help us.

    • You “Dr.” are saying far more about yourself than you are about any others with your crude comments. But thanks anyway, now we know what you are.

  • Amazing!! Great reporting on all these hideously corrupt people like Mike Pence, Rod Rosenstein, Donna Brazile, and the list go on. When there was talk about that mole in the White House, I thought Mike Pence–totally believe every word that Mr. White has to say. I live in L.A., was a politically active Democrat, and then one day these people wanted help with sex slavery in child protective services. I began seeing into that level of the Democratic Party–yuck… those people that I clapped for, standing ovations, never dreamed how bad they were… But also now in the Republican Party, probably all those mid-night visits to the Bush White House are true. Maybe even George being the grandson of Aleister Crowley. The only problem is I’m tired of being shocked. Absolutely pray for you, Grundvig, and everyone. We need a miracle!

  • I’m just catching up after a month away. Bravo to all of you! And yes my prayers to all of you!


    • No, the gov of Texas begged ERCOT to allow the plants to ramp up power but they denied him. He should have went public immediately. He’s a coward for not doing so. But he’s probably being blackmailed. But yes Biden is guilty as well because of the executive order reversing Trumps order to suspend the power plant rules. What a mess. Enron part 2! And it’s coming to a city near us all!!!

  • Mahalo nui loa to you all for your tremendous courage & service to humanity! Sending Prayers for your safety & well being! Aloha nui/Much love to all you WARRIORS & HERO’S!!

  • Suffering Mandela effect here. I seem to have woken up to the reality that Hillary Clinton had a first term as president. Need help and funding. Will startup fund rescue relief now. Thx.

  • I am tired of the format of this site!

    It is dated.

    It is obtuse!

    Alexandria needs to eliminate the pop ups and the blocks!

    • Donate to help her, she’s been deplatformed from every other more functional site. We want all the ease but forget this stuff costs.

      • Correct.

        Would people rather pay a subscription fee or endure the ads?

        If I get de-platformed by the ad companies, I will be forced to charge subscription and this may happen sooner than later.

    • Talk all you want about the popups and ads which is how she makes a living in the face of a lot of deplatforming and harassment. Bash the site and the content, fine. Your comment which is pending here for approval “What a poor taste! That’s not funny! And Alexandria needs or rather deserves a Black Eye over her ill fated attempt at humor” is not okay. If you want to talk about being violent with someone why don’t you try a man first eh “Dr” ? You’re a coward for that. I hope Mike Pence visits you in the night.

    • Then go somewhere else. Pretty simple. Since you know so much, perhaps you should start up a news site of your own.

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