The seeds of this video began when Mr Reagan set out to find out why John Durham hadn’t arrested anyone yet or even issued an interim report. He found what has become apparent to most in recent years: that the government is extremely corrupt.

Mr Reagan went on to do a deep dive and found that not only is the government corrupt but corruption *is* the government. He also found that Democrat politicians commit crimes of corruption on a state and local level about three times the rate of Republicans.

When you see what’s happening in the Democrat strongholds of California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio, you find that these places are cesspools of corruption – BECAUSE they are Democrat strongholds.

Mr Reagan proposes that this is because the Democrats treat corruption not as just a tool that they can use but rather, as standard operating procedure. In this video, he sets out to show how the Democrats are a crime network that operates like a mafia.

He says that many of the instances of corruption on the local level appear to all part of a system of corruption, whereby those who control the purse; the Democrats in DC want to have some control over those on the local level, that they’re helping get into office.

He says, “If the standard operating procedure of the Democrat Party includes using blackmail, then it would make sense that they’re doing this to leverage politicians at the state and local level, as well as those in DC. And one way of using both negative leverage blackmail and positive leverage – money [bribery]; both together at once, to set up fraud operations in every Democrat-controlled state legislature and city council.

“If the state and local Democrat politicians have a simple template for committing fraud, taking bribes, etc., then they can become wealthy through their political office. But at the same time, those who have facilitated this corruption; provided the template for the schemes…well, they now have evidence of those crimes they can now, at any time put pressure on these state legislatures, these city councils, these mayors, to do precisely what they want them to do.

“What perfects this plan is the cooperation of the FBI. If there are top FBI agents who are in on this scheme, then there will never be investigations. Everything works out smoothly, everything works out cleanly and the mainstream media, well, they’re not going to investigate any suspicious dealings of Democrat politicians. And so, there’s very little risk. No one ever gets caught. Everybody wins – everybody but the good citizens of the country, that is.

“With such schemes in place, we end up losing many of our civil rights. In cases of election meddling, we lose our right to vote. In cases of bribery, we lose tax dollars and honest businesses lose out on lucrative contracts. We want to encourage honest business in this country, not discourage it, but as the corruption becomes more widespread and the risk of exposure increases, we begin to lose our Freedom of Speech; nosy reporters are fired, YouTubers and social media sleuths are censored and demonetized – and eventually banned. At the end of the day, it’s the American People who are being exploited and used and victimized.

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